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Dreambaby StrollAway Review – Store Your Stroller With Ease!

I’ve teamed up with Dreambaby and we’re giving you the chance to win a Dreambaby StrollAway! There will be three winners.

With almost 20 years’ experience as a trusted child safety brand, Dreambaby┬« are also a market leader in innovation.

The Dreambaby StrollAway is a perfect example of this!

You can buy a Dreambaby StrollAway online here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

Dreambaby StrollAway - Love from Mim
The Dreambaby StrollAway!

Review of Dreambaby StrollAway

It’s a new and ingenious space-saving storage solution. You can hang up your baby’s stroller neatly over a door when it isn’t in use. So no more cluttering up the hallway, garage or leaving it outside!

For families short on space, this can make life so much easier. No more tripping over your stroller or risking your little ones trapping their fingers.

For narrower doors, a foam spacer is included. The Dreambaby StrollAway is heavy duty and can hold up to 22.5kg/50lbs – check the weight of your stroller.

You can buy a Dreambaby StrollAway online here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

For more info, visit the Dreambaby website here.

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I hope this short Dreambaby StrollAway review was helpful.



  1. Kylie T
    / 9:37 pm

    Dreambaby inspiration keeps bub safe and sound
    With creative practicality for travelling all around
    From wondrous car safety to out and about
    Ingenuity that families could not do without
    It captivates hearts and brightens every day
    Thank you for the many smiles you send our way!

  2. Toni C
    / 8:58 pm

    Always make sure your car seat is installed properly. I know it’s been said but it’s worth saying again. Also, a second tip is to check the brakes on your pram or stroller (and actually use them!) Two tips for the price of one ;-)

  3. melinda roche
    / 12:35 pm

    watch them like a hawk…

  4. Alexandra
    / 10:45 am

    I keep my 2 year old daughter on reins when she isn’t in her stroller. It only takes a split second for a child to enter the road which they have no comprehension of the danger. Being on reins give her freedom but gives me piece of mind.

  5. Dee @campingwithbub
    / 10:35 am

    I keep his restrained in a stroller. He’s such a little monkey and runs away as soon as he is free so until he’s a little bit older and can understand road safety and stranger danger we are keeping him safe and sound at our feet ?

  6. Budget Mums
    / 10:17 am

    Snacks! My son has always been a wanderer, but keeping him distracted with food (or toys, but mostly food) stopped him trying to escape or disappearing something caught his eye.

  7. mandachic84
    / 3:02 pm

    Research – always check transport and destination advice before leaving
    Review – write a list and check it twice
    Relax – most importantly….holidays are meant for enjoyment!

  8. Rachel K
    / 2:42 am

    Ensure they always wear shoes! Parasitic infections are a problem in some countries, and kids are especially prone because they tend to put their hands on their mouths and run around barefoot. Always wear thongs during a shower in a caravan park to avoid catching tinea etc. and also use plenty of hand sanitiser or sterile wipes.

  9. Em Mahr
    / 2:10 am

    When travelling in busy places like airports, I always pin my contact info to my child’s clothing. I also think it’s important to get car seat safety check completed once a year.

  10. Karina Lee
    / 11:16 pm

    When I am in a super crowded area, I will pick up my kids (who are only 1 and 3) and carry them around so they are safe and close with me. Even if it breaks my back!

  11. Erin Bond
    / 11:38 am

    When traveling you should always expect the unexpected. Kids wander off before you even realise whats happened, and being in a new place you should always have some kid of ID on your kids bodies so people know who they are, if they are old enough you should specify a meet up spot if anyone gets lost. Also keeping hold of you childs hand in busy areas is a must!
    it may seem a little over the top but i like to keep a backpack on my kids with an old mobile phone inside, this has gps capabilities so i can track where the phone is if necessary, and with my older kids they can use the phone to contact me if needed.

  12. Paula H
    / 8:21 am

    At 3 years old, he always hold my hand when we’re out and about. He is always sun-safe too with a wide brimmed hat and plenty of sunscreen.

  13. Blake haugen
    / 8:50 pm

    With a crawling baby, hes safer in his pusher and as close to me as possible. Strapped in and secure.

  14. JenJen
    / 1:06 pm

    If we’re going somewhere with big crowds i dress my son in really bright clothes so he stands out…because I’m the kind of parent that starts panicking as soon as i can’t see my kid.

  15. Dawn Taylor
    / 12:28 pm

    Make sure all car and booster seats are installed correctly, and never let being strapped into their car seat a negotiable subject, for a drive around the block, or hundreds of kilometres, you get strapped in.

  16. Samantha brown
    / 12:17 pm

    I always write my name and phone number on my children’s arms when in a busy environment like an airport or somthing, that way if we ever get seperate I hope some nice person would return my child.. thankfully it hasn’t happened yet.

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