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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review

In this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link review, I’ll share why we decided to get one, how it works and the results we’ve had during our initial four-week trial.

Sponsored by Dyson.

Review of Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link

What is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link?

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim
The Dyson Pure Hot and Cold Link is so easy to move between rooms.

Well, we all know about Dyson’s range of floor cleaners and now they’ve turned their technology to clean the air inside our homes with Dyson air filter technology.

The Dyson Pure Cool + Hot Link is a multi-tasking Dyson purifier fan and heater in one. It captures gases and 99.95% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants in the air and has a matching smartphone app to help control the air quality inside homes.

You can buy a Dyson Hot and Cool Link online here, here on Amazon Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

Why did we get a Dyson fan?

When the chance came up to put this unit to the test I was over the moon for two reasons.

Firstly, my son has suffered from eczema since birth and it’s something we just haven’t been able to resolve. We wanted to see if cleaning up the air in our home had an impact on his skin. It’s Certified asthma and allergy friendly by Airmid and whilst it isn’t a medical device, we wanted to see if using it helped.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim
During the Dyson Pure Cool review, we tested it in my son’s bedroom to help with his eczema.

Secondly, I love how portable this unit is – we can move it around the house so easily to use in the bedrooms, living room, to reduce kitchen smells when I’m cooking or to warm up my freezing cold office!

We didn’t know whether the air quality in our house was good or bad – I didn’t suspect it was bad. We have a clean and tidy home but who knows what’s in the air?

The Dyson Pure Cool Link allowed us to put that to the test and then continue to monitor the results every day during the four-week trial.

How to set it up

Set up was very simple – a case of removing the unit from the box, plugging it in and downloading the Dyson Link App. The Dyson Link App is available for both iOS and Android. To use it:

  1. Download the Dyson Link App
  2. Select “Add a Product”
  3. Follow the easy on-screen instructions – have the password handy which is on the front of the operating manual.
  4. Turn on your machine and get started!

Connecting through Wi-Fi was easy and literally took just a few seconds before the unit was turned on. It was a particularly cold day and I appreciated the warmth of the fan setting.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim

How to use it

After you’ve downloaded the app, you can use that app to operate the unit or the mini handheld remote. The remote, very handily, is magnetic and sticks to the top of the unit to keep it in reach.

We have used the unit occasionally as a Fan and when in fan mode, the button lights up blue. The weather is cooling down right now in NSW, so we’ve barely had to use the fan option. Plus, I cannot stand the cold.

When in Heat mode, the light is red. It’s so easy to increase or decrease both the temperature or the airflow to suit our needs.

On the days I have the Dyson fan heater on in my office, I set my preferred temperature on Auto which means the machine turns on and off automatically to keep the room at my chosen temperature. My office is next to the garage and gets so cold and this Dyson air purifier helps me too.

I’ve used the unit during the night recently as have been suffering from a cold and I wanted to see if it helped make me feel less congested.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim

I’m an incredibly light sleeper (like most mums!) and wondered if the noise of the fan would make getting to sleep difficult but it’s very subtle and I think a little white noise helps me.

The amplifier (that bit where the air comes out of!) tilts which means if you have the unit on the ground, or up high, you can direct the airflow up or down. We also turn Oscillating on to evenly distribute the airflow around the room.

I’m at home most days as I work from home, but if you’re out and about you can access the app and adjust settings easily.

You can buy a Dyson Hot + Cool Link online here, here on Amazon Australiahere in the US and here in the UK.

The results of our 4-week trial

While it’s only been four weeks, I’ve been able to see some noticeable differences in my son’s eczema.

It hasn’t cleared up entirely, but it’s reduced so much on his legs and arms. I’m so thrilled with the difference as it broke my heart to see him in so much discomfort.

Has it cleared up because of the Dyson? I couldn’t say that for sure – however, we will continue to use the unit in my son’s room and hope that soon his eczema is completely gone.

You can find out more about eczema causes and treatment here.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim
I’ve been tracking the changes in the air quality every day using the Dyson Link App.

The biggest plus point for me is that the unit is such a multi-tasker. For a high price tag, you want a product that earns its keep and this one does for us. I’d read so many positive Dyson heater reviews so I expected to be impressed and I am.

We can move it from room to room and the sleek design means it “fits in” with our décor and doesn’t get in the way.

I love that we can use the Dyson air purifier as a fan, heater and air purifier all in one too and so far, it doesn’t seem to have negatively affected our electricity bill. I will keep monitoring this as four weeks may not be a long enough time period to assess.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Review - Love from Mim
We move our Dyson Pure Hot and Cool in all rooms in the house.

Some more info on this product:

The Dyson Hot + Cool Link Operating Manual

I didn’t have to consult this booklet at all during the four-week trial as it was so simple to set up and use. However, I did find having the unit’s password attached to the front of this manual helpful – good call, Dyson.

How to Register for the Dyson Two Year Guarantee

One thing I love about this product is that Dyson made it easy for me to register the product as mine to validate the guarantee.

How many times do you purchase a product and never get around to completing the guarantee form because finding the serial number is a hassle. Maybe I’m lazy, but having the serial number pre-printed on the form, plus a prepaid envelope, make my life a lot easier.

Registering your Dyson product is super easy – you can do it online, on your smartphone, by phone or by mail.

If you want to find out more about the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier, check out their website here. I hope this Dyson air purifer review has been helpful.

You can buy a Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link online here, here on Amazon Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

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I hope this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link review has helped you. Let me know if you have the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link too?



  1. Great review, I sooo very much want one of these! Mainly for the heating quality! I would love a follow up in another 4 weeks where you compare your power bill before the Dyson and while using it (or however long it will take you to be using it for a full power bill cycle!) :)

    • Mim
      / 4:15 pm

      Thanks lovely! I will report back – I think in 2 months so I’ve used it for a whole quarter. The heat function is amazing! x

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