E45 Hand Cream Review

E45 Hand Cream Review

We were lucky enough to review 3 lovely E45 hand cream range as well as their ‘traditional’ E45 cream.

Being the bossy organised person that I am, I tasked my mum and husband with joining me in the review as the three of us have our own different issues with dry skin on our hands.

E45 Hand Cream Review - lovefrommim.com E45 Hand Creams E45 Cream Dry Skin Hand Cream

E45 Hand Creams

I gave my mum the Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream as she doesn’t have much time in the day to look after herself.  By that I mean she is so busy running around looking after other people that she doesn’t give herself any time for just her.

I gave the hubby the Intense Recovery Hand Cream – he’s a carpenter who often works outside and as a result he suffer from very dry hands and sometimes cut skin.  His hands are in desperate need of some TLC (in my opinion).

I kept the Nourish & Restore Hand Cream for myself as it’s perfect for my desk at work or my handbag and I can apply it as and when I need it.  I don’t really suffer from dry skin on my hands but I am concerned with aging and want to keep them soft and supple.  As a mum, frequently changing nappies and washing my hands, I’m also concerned that they might get dry over time.

What did we think?

We’ve been using the hand creams for 2 weeks now and here is what we think so far:

Mum is delighted with the results – she’s been really consistent in using the cream just before bed and this seems to fit in with her schedule well.  She also likes that the cream is non-greasy and doesn’t have that uncomfortable sticky feeling.

Mr M hasn’t been as well behaved but has used it 2-3 times a week so far and already seeing benefits.  Obviously his aim isn’t get baby soft skin – not quite the right look or need for a carpenter!  He does think that the cream has helped some of the small cuts heal quicker though.  He is a convert to the use of hand cream.

Me – I’ve been using mine every other day so far and my hands feel lovely and soft.  I’ve also found it’s nice to give myself a mini hand massage as I’m starting to get a bit of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome.

We’re all going to keep going and do recommend you look into the creams, depending on what your ‘hand needs’ are.

E45 Cream

Additionally, we were sent a tub of E45 cream which I admit did sit in the cupboard for a little while until I decided to give it a go on my baby bump.  I’ve had terribly itchy skin for weeks now and I’ll try anything to ease it.  I’ve only tried it a couple of times last week and I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I really have felt a lot less itchy.  The cream is quite thick and takes a good few minutes to sink into the skin but once it has there is no greasiness.  I put it on at night as I’m always in a rush in the mornings but I’ll definitely keep it up and hope it also helps prevent those pesky stretch marks!

At first I wasn’t sure what to use it for but since asking around I’ve found my friends use it for their whole family’s dry skin needs, on babies too.  Miss M sometimes gets dry skin around her nose and cheeks when she has a cold so I’ll also bear it in mind for that.

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E45 Hand Cream Review - lovefrommim.com E45 Hand Creams E45 Cream Dry Skin Hand Cream

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