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Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 Review | NEW Robot Floor Cleaner

I was sent this product in exchange for my honest Ecovacs DEEBOT 900 review.

In this Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 review, I’ll share how to set it up, what it actually does and my thoughts on if it does the job.

When the chance came up to test out the new Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900, I jumped at the chance.

Why? Because I really don’t like cleaning! I love having a clean and tidy home (although, kids!) but I’m no domestic goddess.

I’d read robot floor cleaner reviews over the years and the idea of something vacuuming my home for me was APPEALING!

Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 Review

Ecovacs DEEBOT Review

About the Ecovac DEEBOT 900

The DEEBOT Ecovacs vacuum 900 is their latest model which promises effective cleaning with one click of a button.

It has Smart Navi™ Mapping and Navigation Technology, can tackle hair, carpets or bare floors and is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

This Smart Navi Technology let you draw virtual boundaries or pinpoint specific areas, so the DEEBOT stays away from your kids’ toys etc.

I loved the idea of this home cleaning robot doing all of the hard work while I got on with other things. In the Deebot reviews I read, this seemed like the biggest pro people were raving about.

This DEEBOT robotic vacuum cleaner “cleans systematically with a unique mapping function, automatically going wherever you need it. With the ECOVACS Australia app, you can easily control whether certain areas need to be prioritized, or only certain rooms should be cleaned.”

Sounded good to me!

How to Use the DEEBOT 900

I took the DEEBOT vacuum cleaner out of the box and grabbed the Quick Start Guide.

Then in just six simple steps, it was turned on and charging.

The DEEBOT manual explains what each part does and it comes with:

  • DEEBOT robot vacuum
  • Docking Station
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Side Brushes
  • Main Brush Option (that’s pre-installed)
  • Direct Suction Option
  • Sponge Filter and High-efficiency Filter
  • Multi-function Cleaning Tool

Before you start it up, go road and remove any small objects or loose wires from the floor.

Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 Review

The DEEBOT Test!

After charging (four hours is recommended for a full charge), it was time for my new robot Deebot friend to get to work!

If you want to send it back to the docking station at any time, you can do so via the DEEBOT app.

How to Use the Ecovacs App

I downloaded the app from my iPhone App Store, opened it and registered.

To add your vacuuming robot, choose “Add a Robot” and find your make in the list. Then connect to your wi-fi and it walks you through the instructions to pair the DEEBOT with your phone.

I also had to download the Ecovacs Home app too.

You can then click “Start Cleaning”. The first clean maps your house – so it will know where to go in the future.

With a (slightly scary) announcement of “I am now cleaning!”, it was off. It kind of chased me for a bit, so I got out of its way and watched it in action from afar.

It systematically moves around the room to cover the whole floor. It can feel its way around corners and objects and raise itself up and down if needed.

The app tells me how much battery power is left, I can rename it and if for some reason I can’t find where it’s got to in the house, I can click “Find my DEEBOT” so it can say “I am here”. This really made me laugh!

You can set the vacuuming power to Standard or Max and Ecovacs recommends using the main brush option for deep cleaning and direct suction for daily cleaning. This is ideal for pet owners, they say.

Note: the DEEBOT 900 Ecovacs robotic vacuum cleaner cannot be used on wet surfaces.

Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 Review

Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 Review Conclusion

I’m really happy with how the machine is working – it does a really good job of keeping the floors clean. I also love how easy to use the app is.

Literally, I can be sat at my desk working and operate my vacuum which I find equally bizarre and awesome.

One of my fave features is being able to use the app to tell the DEEBOT to return to it’s charging dock – so clever! SO if I’m on the phone and don’t want it buzzing around me, I can either pause it’s clean or send it to bed. It actually is pretty quiet though.

Our house is all one level so it was easy for the DEEBOT to move around without the risk of it falling down any stairs.

The only slightly annoying thing is that our living room rug has tassels and they need to be folded underneath when this is in use so they don’t get caught. So it’s fair enough, and generally, I just don’t use it in the living room (because I’m too lazy to fold the tassels!). We just use the normal Hoover in there.

You can buy the DEEBOT 900 online here in Australia and here in the US.

I’ll let you know when Ecovacs Amazon lists it too.

Find out more about it here.

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I hope my Ecovacs Robotics DEEBOT 900 review has helped you! Have you read any other Deebot vacuum reviews?

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I was sent this product in exchange for my honest Ecovacs DEEBOT 900 review.


  1. Sarah Emm
    / 4:36 am

    Thanks for sharing!
    Also what are your thoughts about the noise level of robotic vacuum cleaners? I read that they are usually a lot louder than upright vacuums with similar wattage.

    • Mim
      / 3:24 pm

      Thanks Sarah/Ryan – no, I don’t find it any louder :)

  2. Kylie T
    / 3:59 pm

    Thanks for the informative review, a great read.

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