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8 Things I Do to Boost Energy in the Morning

Oh, how I wished I loved coffee sometimes – because I’m not a natural ‘morning person’. But there are a few things I do to boost my energy in the morning that work even better.

Do natural ‘morning people’ even exist though or have we just trained ourselves that way?

Over the years, and especially since I had kids, I’ve become more focused on having more energy in the mornings because there’s so much more to do.

Gone are the days of 9am wake ups and 2am bedtimes. The kids are awake from anywhere between 5-7am and even if I’m not up before them, they wake us!

I’m not a coffee person either because yuck. I don’t know how you all drink that stuff – it tastes like dirt (to me).

So, here goes – and I hope some of these little tricks help you with how to get energy in the morning!

Mim Jenkinson
Me – NOT drinking coffee!

8 things I do to have more energy in the morning

1. I no longer snooze

It took me a while (years) to get out of the habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning (every morning). Actually, it got to the point where I would purposefully set my alarm earlier than necessary to allow myself some ‘snooze time’!

Do you do that too?

If so, I recommend stopping. If you’re like me, you’ll keep hitting snooze until the very last moment that you need to get up, leaving you feeling rushed and stressed. No fun.

2. I get up when I wake up

What I mean is: when I wake up, even an hour before my alarm, if I feel fresh I get up.

For a while, I would stay in bed and try to get back to sleep but then end up feeling so groggy when my alarm woke me up the second time.

My kids tend to wake up before me most days now but if I wake before my alarm sounds, if I feel good, I’ll get up and get the day started.

3. I have a plan

I plan my week on a Friday afternoon so that I know, every single day, the following week what I need to do and get done.

It means I can go to bed way more relaxed, safe in the knowledge that when I wake up there’s no scrambling around. I know what I need to do and I can get started.

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4. I have fun stuff to do!

Part of those plans factor in the fun. For me, it’s my morning walk and it’s something that’s become a really positive habit in the past few months.

It’s a brisk, 30-minute walk outside in the fresh air that energises me, clears my mind and gives me a little ‘me-time’ after I’ve dropped the kids off. It’s such a positive way to start the day.

What fun stuff can you look forward to that will have you leaping out of bed?

5. I’m consistent

Gone are the days of early starts on weekdays and lazy lie-ins on weekends. Hello, KIDS!

The consistency of getting up at the same time every day has helped make it a habit though and it’s less of a struggle when the alarm sounds.

6. I hydrate

Oh coffee, I’m not talking about you. I mean, I do wish sometimes that I had the benefit of a morning caffeine hit but I can’t get past the bad taste of the stuff.

Instead, I reach for water or a smoothie. in fact, a tell-tale factor of being dehydrated for me is when I’m low on energy for no other reason. Water wakes me up.

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I also find adding energising kale, iron-rich spinach and hydrating watermelon to my morning juice or smoothie delish and energy-boosting.

7. I listen to uplifting stuff

Whether it’s my Spotify playlists or a favourite podcast show, I love to listen to something positive and uplifting when I’m getting ready and on my morning walk.

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8. I meditate

Oh lovelies, meditation changed. my. life. I have used both meditation and self-hypnosis on and off for years now but as soon as I made it a daily practice, it transformed my day.

Even if it’s only for ten minutes first thing, that’s my time to shut off and completely clear my mind and relax.

I’ve found that it’s helped ease everything from stress and anxiety to aches and pains. Plus, it helps me get more creative for work too.

Let me know if you want any suggestions for meditation or hypnosis tools?

So, there you have it – my hacks on how to feel energized in the morning without the aid of caffeine!

Do you have any tips on how to wake up in the morning with energy?

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I hope my tips on how to wake up with energy in the morning help you too!


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