5 Simple Energy Saving Tips for Families

There are three main reasons we want to teach our children energy saving tips. We’re keen to encourage them to:

  • be less wasteful
  • be more environmentally responsible
  • save money!

We know that the less energy we use, the lower our energy bills will be.

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Hands up though, we haven’t always been as environmentally conscious as we’re trying to be now. In fact, it was when we had children that our thoughts turned more to the planet we’ll be leaving for their future.

We want to leave less of an impact and to teach them how to do the same – to set them up for success to be better than we may have been in the past.

Teaching the kids to waste less is something that happens on the daily. From food in their lunchbox to too much toothpaste and toilet roll – we’re always encouraging them to use less, when appropriate of course.

They’re slowly learning that the ‘stuff’ they take for granted isn’t in an endless supply and it costs money.

Although at aged four and six, I’m still finding it a challenge to get them to understand the value of money – especially my youngest. So, if you have any tips or examples, please share.

But back to the ways to save energy at home. First up, let’s talk energy efficiency.

What is energy efficiency?

The Department of Environment and Energy says “Being energy efficient means using less energy to achieve the same outcomes. Energy productivity (doing more using the same or less energy) includes energy efficiency, along with other ways to reduce energy costs. These can include changing energy purchasing contracts, switching fuels and using renewable energy and battery storage.”

With this in mind, here are some ways we can avoid bill shock from the electricity companies and create a more energy efficient house.

While you’re making changes, explain to the kids what you’re doing and why. Over time, they’ll start to learn the impact that these small changes can have in your home and on the greater environment.

These are some everyday reminders of the energy saving actions most of us already do – but little lessons for our kids, as well as for us:

5 tips how to save electricity at home

Switch up the bulbs

We’re in the process of changing all bulbs in our house to energy saving light bulbs – and only have a handful to go, when they run out. The energy saving lights seem to last a lot longer too so need replacing much less often. Ka-ching!

As well as changing up the bulbs, we’re also encouraging our kids to turn the lights off when they leave a room or consider if they need the light on at all. It’s one of the easiest tips to save electricity to teach them.

My son isn’t big enough to switch the lights yet – which is a blessing most of the time.

Give the heater and air con a rest

During the summer months, we’re out and about more that we’re at home but on days where it’s too hot to go out, we’ll pop the air con on. Same in the cooler months but with the heat option instead.

Rather than stick the heating or air con on on a whim, we adjust the thermostat up or down and I think this saves us energy. We also use an energy saving heater a little when it’s really cold.

Unplug the unused

We all know this one, right? Unplugging the appliances that are not in use is a quick tip for how to save power easily. But it’s so common not to and we’re definitely guilty here.

However, we’re making a concerted effort to unplug all appliances that aren’t being used and to tell the kids why we’re doing it. They know not to go near the plugs themselves but they’re good at reminding me to turn off and unplug my phone charger when not in use!

Blind benefits

Most of the year, our big windows let in a heap of sunshine – so leaving the blinds open brings warmth, as well as light, into the house. This saves on having the heating on too much.

However, in the hot months, having the blinds open all day would mean cranking the air con up to counteract the temperature. So, we’ll draw the blinds, especially in rooms that aren’t being used often in the daytime, such as the kid’s bedrooms. This will keep out the heat when we don’t want it.

Wasting less water

We all know to turn the tap off when we’re brushing our teeth, but I still have to remind my kids about actually doing it almost daily.

But having the tap off saves on water and seems to encourage them to focus on the task at hand – or, the toothbrush!

Now, do any of you have energy saving hacks to reduce the amount of laundry that families need to do? Because I’ll take them all!

We seem to go through two washing loads per day most days and it’s a big drain, in all ways.

I mean, I know that little kids get dirty and I’m not about to make them rewear dirty clothes. When I do use the washing machine, I make sure it’s full (but not over full) to ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned. We also hang out washing as much as possible and use the dryer as little as we can get away with.

I like to dry clothes as flat as possible to save ironing them. Will we pretend this is a way to save energy on using the iron, rather than me just being a bit lazy? I despise ironing!

Energy Saving Tips for Families

If you have any more tips on how to save energy at home, I’d love to hear them. We’re always trying to find small changes that we can make to save money where we can.

I’m halfway through reading The Barefoot Investor and looking at all of my household bills to see where I can save. You might research energy prices and make savings too.

We did get solar panels installed a year or so ago to save on energy and we’re starting to feel the benefit now by saving on our bills. Click to discover the benefits of solar power.

Find out more about Amaysim, their no lock in contracts and compare electricity plans to see where you can save money.

Do you have any tips on how to save electricity at home or save on electric bill spending?

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I hope my energy saving tips have help you save money and energy on your electricity bill!


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