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12 Family First Aid Kit Essentials + Free Checklist!

Having a well-stocked family first aid kit at home gives me such peace of mind.

When my first child was born, we were gifted a baby first aid kit that had all the essentials she needed for health and safety. It was such a lovely gift idea that I wouldn’t have considered but as an anxious new parent, I loved it.

Now, my kids are aged three and five and love to run around and have fun. There have already been a few times when we’ve grabbed for plasters, antiseptic cream and Panadol! I’m sure you can imagine.

I’ve pulled out our children’s first aid kit and created a first aid kit checklist to help if you’re wondering what should be in a first aid kit for your family.

Our first aid box includes more first aid supplies than this list – we would class these as the absolute essentials though.

You should consult your GP to see if they have any recommendations based on your individual family’s needs.

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Family First Aid Kit Essentials - Love from Mim

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Our Family First Aid Products

1. Thermometer

An accurate thermometer is one of the most essential first aid kit items.

Both of my babies had jaundice and needed their temperature checking numerous times per day and night. Now that they’re bigger, if we suspect a fever, or just feel that something isn’t right, we’ll check their temperature first.

Omron Healthcare manufactures health equipment for home and medical use, health management software and health promotion services.

They take family healthcare seriously, offering a range of products to help us lead healthy lives.

We love the Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer as it only takes one second for the reading.

Omron Forehead Thermometer MC-720 - Love from Mim

Omron Forehead Thermometer MC-720 - Love from Mim

It’s also a non-contact thermometer, meaning we don’t have to wrestle wriggling kids plus we can take their temperature easily while they’re in bed without interrupting their sleep.

Omron Forehead Thermometer MC-720 - Love from Mim

It’s perfect for the whole family – infants, kids and adults. You can check body, room or surface temperature too! You can find out more about it here.

Or you can purchase it on Amazon Australia here, here in the US or here in the UK.

2. Plasters

If your kids are like mine, you’ll be restocking plasters frequently. What is the fascination for kids wanting to put a plaster on everything?

For cuts and “boo-boos”, plasters do the job until you might need to seek medical assistance. They also work wonders for keeping little kids happy!

We love the Nexcare range of plasters as they stick so well, they’re very thin and they are available in some lovely decorative designs for kids.

Nexcare Animal Print Waterproof Bandages Review - Love from Mim

3. Bandages

Triangular bandages are great for making a sling if needed.

Support bandages can be used for wrapping the body or as a support.

4. Sterile Dressings

Individually wrapped sterile dressings are another essential on our family first aid equipment list.

We have a variety of non-adherent dressings that are suitable for wounds and bleeding in different sizes.

5. Antiseptic Cream

For cuts, grazes, bites and stings, we often reach for the antiseptic cream first and make sure we don’t run out as the whole family uses this.

6. Saline Spray

We’re big fans of the Flo range and have both their Kids Saline Spray and Saline Plus spray in our kit.

Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray - Love from Mim

For a baby medicine kit, there is also Flo Baby Saline Spray.

For congested noses, I haven’t found a better product to use for any of us. It’s easy to spray at any angle and is preservative-free.

7. Gauze Swabs

These are necessary for wound cleaning before you apply a dressing. They come in a variety of sizes.

8. Emergency Accident Blanket

This can be used for accidents and shock and can control loss of body heat and to protect against extreme temperatures.

9. Tweezers

Since my daughter put a pea up her nose, aged two, tweezers have been essential for us. I highly recommend adding them to your toddler first aid kit.

Of course, tweezers have many other beneficial uses when it comes to first aid for kids and adults, not just the extraction of vegetables from nostrils!

10. Scissors

A small pair of sharp scissors can help with cutting bandages to size or cut through clothing.

11. Safety Pins

Safety pins can secure bandages or clothing, if needed.

12. First Aid Leaflet

Despite accessing a lot of information quickly online now, the leaflet in our first aid kit is so much easier to grab and access the section we need.

It has procedures for quick first aid treatment including:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Bites and stings
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Choking
  • Injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Seizures
  • Shock

Family First Aid Kit - Love from Mim

I hope this list helps you know what is in a home first aid kit for families.

First Aid Box Checklist

Our kit does contain a few more additional items and yours might vary – let me know? These are the absolute essentials that I would recommend having.

This is the kit we keep at home, but we also have a small car first aid with things like plasters and antiseptic cream.

When we go away, I’ll pack a travel first aid kit with items like our Omron thermometer, Panadol, plasters and other items that might be needed when we’re away.

You can find more recommendations for what to have in a first aid kit here.

I hope this first aid kit contents checklist has been helpful to you.

Do you have any other items in your kit that are essential?

Find first aid facts here.

Buy an Omron MC720 Forehead Thermometer online here in Australia, here in the US or here in the UK.

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Buy an Omron MC720 Forehead Thermometer online here in Australia, here in the US or here in the UK.


Find out what the Family First Aid Kit essentials are that you must add to your first aid kit. Essential products to keep your family safe and well plus a free printable family first aid checklist! - Love from Mim #familyfirstaid #firstaidkit #familyhealth #familyfirstaidkit

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  1. Catherine gibson
    / 1:34 pm

    My top tip for staying healthy is staying active all year round. Don’t let the cold weather get you down and keep you cooped up – get out in the cold, let your kids jump in puddles, play with the autumn leaves and explore misty mornings.

  2. Deborah Bolam
    / 12:12 pm

    We eat a balanced diet lucky the kids love raw vegetables especially carrots and celery We really believe a good diet and plenty of fresh air is benificial to our health

  3. Katrina
    / 2:21 pm

    Biggest tip is good hand hygiene. Wash your hands with warm water and normal soap. Biggest way to prevent illness

  4. Danielle Palmer
    / 1:35 pm

    We try to eat lots of fresh fruit and veg (some are craftily hidden in sauces/mash in dinner!), outdoor time together & a bit of down time to rest when we do start to feel a bit unwell.

  5. Danielle
    / 1:03 pm

    Practise good hygiene and healthy eatting , keeping refreshed , spending time outside with the chooks and fruit and veg garden and of course have a first aid kit or things you’ll need if something happens , I’ve just given birth to my first baby a baby boy and I would love to win !! I would have peice of mind then :)

  6. Nikki Middleton
    / 2:00 am

    Keeping a good balance between work, study and life in general. Having family time and personal time. Always communicating and supporting one another to focus on our mental health!

    Keeping a balanced diet with exercise, eating seasonal fruit and veg and drink plenty of water while keeping up to date with checkups for physical health!

  7. joey y
    / 8:51 pm

    Always washing hands and eating healthy

    • / 10:49 am

      H:ealthy bodies need attention
      E:at Organic or wash in vinegar
      A:lways wash hands or use sanitiser
      L:ove each other makes the heart healthy
      T:each healthy eating at a young age
      Y:oung at heart keeps you active

  8. Sophia
    / 8:45 pm

    Keep your family well hydrated and always make sure the fridge is full of fruit.

  9. Alexandra
    / 8:26 pm

    MAking sure we eat plenty of fruit & veggies & we get out in the fresh air as much as possible

  10. Lauren Bond
    / 6:29 pm

    Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet to get all the nutrients we need

  11. Ellie
    / 6:12 pm

    I love to make smoothies and fill them with hidden vegies in a bid to try & boost the kids immune system.

  12. Anna Lam
    / 5:49 pm

    We all take probiotics and ensure everyone eats all their fruits and veges and practice good hygiene.

  13. Jessica Gorman
    / 9:52 pm

    What a good question! There’s all the usual suspects – fruits and vegetables, a good night’s sleep, a healthy diet, lots of activities and sports, sunscreen and hats, the odd multivitamin if I remember… but also I try to encourage my kids’ mental health by encouraging them and building them up, developing a growth mindset, being mindful, modelling courage and resilence. I try to think what I want for my kids when they become adults and then set about developing that now.

  14. / 9:05 am

    Getting my boys to play outside, soak up the sunshine and burn up some energy to promote a good nights sleep is always a winner in our house. I wish I could say eating broccoli and Brussel sprouts but that is just wishful thinking in our house! ?

  15. Belinda Jennings
    / 9:00 am

    Getting outside in the sunshine for active play, especially in the winter to soak up the sun, burn some energy and encourage a good night’s sleep is a winner in our house! Wish I could say eating broccoli and Brussel sprouts but that’s just wishful thinking at my place! ?

  16. Christine
    / 11:18 pm

    Great read :) I’ve been looking at updating my first aid kit at home. Mine is very old and worn out. You never know when it will come in handy

  17. Merc
    / 9:38 pm

    My top tip is to hide plenty of secret vegies in fritters, smoothies and even a mash. Find something your kids love and add a couple of healthy things to add variety into their diet.

  18. / 7:31 pm

    My best tip is to get outside as much as you can! Fresh air and being active helps to keep all the yucky germs at bay.

  19. Ooh yes I would love this. We get quite a bit of illness with master C being asthmatic so not having to wake him for temp checks would be nice.

    My top tip for keeping the family healthy… water!!! I’ve been a huge advocate of water for both of us as so many people dont drink as much when it’s cold, but it’s just as important.

  20. Gayle Vos
    / 5:04 pm

    I keep my family healthy by eating well and exercising.

  21. Sarahmary
    / 4:32 pm

    Making the most out of preventing sickness in the first place. We eat a wide variety of veg, herbs and spices to naturally eliminate sickness and keep us feeling energized and healthy.

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