Feature Flip #09 Cuddle Fairy

Feature Flip #09 Cuddle Fairy

Welcome back to Feature Flip!  Feature Flip is dedicated to showcasing some great features run by my fellow bloggers.

This week I’m turning the tables on the Becky at one of my favourite blogs, Cuddle Fairy!

Feature Flip #09 Cuddle Fairy - lovefrommim.com Blogger Series Blogger Interview Happiness Series

Becky runs a lovely series called the Happiness Series where she interviews other bloggers and asks them the same questions all on the theme of happiness and what makes them happy.

It’s such an uplifting and positive interview and I recently took part myself here. I loved taking the time to think about what really makes me happy and I felt even happier having acknowledged those things!

Feature Flip #09 Cuddle Fairy - lovefrommim.com Blogger Series Blogger Interview

Now I’m turning the tables on Becky and asking her her own questions! Here is what makes Becky happy:

1.  Name three things in life that make you happy. And, please tell us a little about each one.

My family – My three kids are everything to me & my husband isn’t bad either lol! We are truly blessed with our extended family both on my side & on my husband’s side. They are an amazing bunch. I’m very lucky.

My house – I love going out & about & going on holidays but there’s nothing like being at home. We have a house in the country with room for the kids to run & play.

My blog – I started blogging a year ago & it has been such a wonderful addition to my life. I really enjoy the social media side of it & writing. This is really fun to answer my own questions by the way!

2.  What’s something you do to find your happiness when you’ve lost it?

I need to be by myself & work through things in my mind. This often happens in the shower – as I’m rarely alone otherwise. I try to rationalize whatever has made me unhappy & then relax & move forward with a plan & peaceful state of mind.

3.  What cheers you up after a long, difficult day?

TV & a drink of something nice with my husband.

4.  Does your job make you happy? If you are a SAH parent, does that make you happy?

I’m a stay at home mum & love being at home with my kids. Some days it is really tough & I wonder about working outside the home. But I always come back to the same conclusion of wanting to be here with my kids. They really do make me happy.

5.  Share a happy memory with us.

Last summer I brought the kids to stay with my family in the US. We were there for three weeks. I got to bring them to places I went when I was little. I had no idea how much I was missing doing that until I got to do it! We went to an amusement park which I adored as a child. There’s something really fun about reliving your favorite childhood memories through the eyes of your own children.

6.  Do you think money can bring happiness?

It’s not the PC answer but yes I do think it can. I think that having enough money to be comfortable & live without worrying about the next paycheck would make a big difference to someone’s happiness. Having more money to buy fun things & go on holidays would make another big difference. I think anything beyond that is materialistic happiness which I think is a different type of happiness. I wouldn’t mind having it by the way. ;)

7.  Is your happiness influenced by the things you do or the way you think?

Definitely. I think happiness is a state of mind. Focusing on gratitude is a big help for me in being happy.

8.  Which would make you the happiest – a sun holiday, new car or a new job opportunity?

This is tough as I’d love one of each! I’d probably have to go for new car as we could really do with one.

9.  Which wine makes you happier – red or white?

I love both – I’ll go with red today.

10. Share a quote that makes you smile.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a clock, asking it to be my kids’ bedtime. That one always cracks me up!

A BIG thank you to Becky for taking part in Feature Flip. I LOVE that quote – that’s so funny and oh so accurate for me too sometimes!

You can find out more about Becky’s Happiness Post series here and follow her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Do you run a series that you’d like to take part in yourself?  Email me your idea to mim AT lovefrommim DOT com

What quote makes you smile?

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  1. Lizzie Grover
    / 6:28 am

    One of my fav bloggers, absolutely lovely. Beckys’ home sounds much like ours and it’s a lifestyle I absolutely adore. I completely agree too, money isn’t EVERYTHING but it can certainly make us happy and also life easier. And who doesn’t love an easy life! Also, I like that phrase to especially on bad days, but I initially read it completely wrong… I missed out the ‘l’ in clock! #thelist

    • / 12:38 pm

      Ha ha that’s funny! Ooh I definitely think money helps a bit too :) x

  2. This is a great idea and really fun to read. I’m totally with Becky on number 6. yes please :)

  3. / 3:41 am

    This is such a great idea for a series! I’ve been really enjoying reading these happiness interviews over on Cuddle Fairy, so it was great to read Becky’s answers to her own questions! x #TheList

    • / 10:26 am

      Oh thank you! Becky’s series is wonderful isn’t it! x

  4. Kelly Pattullo
    / 5:49 pm

    I love this series, what a lovely idea. It made me smile reading your answers.

    • / 6:02 pm

      So glad you like it! x

    • / 10:26 am

      Isn’t it a brilliant series! x

  5. / 4:35 pm

    Thanks so much for having me take part in your feature flip – this was so much fun!! x

    • / 5:06 pm

      My absolute pleasure – I love your series, it’s so positive and…happy! x

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