Fun ways to use wood to decorate a child’s bedroom

“Fun ways to use wood to decorate a child’s bedroom” is a sponsored post.

Having moved into the new house just a few months ago, most of our weekends are still spent decorating. We’ve been having so much fun so far picking out furniture items and choosing colour schemes.

One thing we are keen to do though is add personal touches to each room. Especially the kids’ rooms—we want to make them as special as possible!

Looking for fun ways to use wood to decorate your child's bedroom? These 5 ideas will give you some inspiration on how to DIY with timber to add special personal touches to your home.

Given that my husband is a carpenter, you can imagine how keen he is to get to work on making some bespoke decorative pieces for them. In fact, the list of projects he’s going to be taking on is getting longer by the day! It’s going to be a lovely opportunity for him to use his experience to create something fun, a contrast to his usual practical pieces.

His second home is Bunnings and he takes the kids along with him. Since we’ve moved into the new home it’s become more apparent how his knowledge of timber will help us make the right choices when we’re decorating.

Of course the kids love the Bunnings trip because of the activity centre they have there! They can burn off a little steam and learn some new DIY crafts. If you haven’t taken your kids there yet, I highly recommend it. Find out more here.

I thought I’d share with you some of the fun ways we’re planning to use wood to decorate the kids’ bedrooms. I know so many of you love to DIY too—plus, once this is in writing, Mr M has to deliver, yes?

Fun ways to use wood to decorate a child’s bedroom

1. Wooden toys

Wooden toys are not only beautiful in look and feel but they’re often timeless, too. They make me reminisce about my own childhood, before the days of tablets and smartphones. I’m certainly not completely anti-technology but as my kids are just two and four, we love how simple toys spark their little imaginations.

I recently bought an expensive wooden tic-tac-toe game to decorate our living room. The kids have been enthralled by it since and then after seeing this DIY version online, I wish we’d made one instead! It’s on the list now though to make them their own version. This is something I will do myself—it looks so easy.

2. Toy Box

I would love to DIY a wooden toy box for the kids to store their toys in their bedrooms neatly but that also looks beautiful.

A wooden toy box would withstand damage on the outside and protect the toys inside. Plus we can personalise them for each child. My son is animal-obsessed so would love brightly coloured animals painted on this. It’s a good job my husband is also an artist as I might struggle with that part!

Looking for fun ways to use wood to decorate your child's bedroom? These 5 ideas will give you some inspiration on how to DIY with timber to add special personal touches to your home.

The kids love to spend time outdoors and I really like how having wooden pieces inside the house brings a little bit of the outdoors in.

3. A wooden desk

My daughter will be starting school next year and I think she would love a little desk of her own. I work from home and she loves to sit at my desk and swing around on my office chair.

A little desk in her bedroom that gives her a place to do her colouring in or practice handwriting will be so special for her.

Her bedroom isn’t that big but the great thing about building our own little desk is that we can make it the perfect size for the room.

4. A Cubby House

Whilst not an item for a child’s bedroom, I have always wanted to have a cubby house for the kids to play in outside. When we go to their friend’s house, it’s the first place they both run to.

Now I just need to encourage Mr M to get a plan together to start making all of the above!

He won’t do it alone though as I love to DIY too. Plus, designing and making some of these pieces will be such a lovely thing to do as a family.

Have you decorated any of your kids’ rooms with wood?

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Disclosure: this post is in collaboration with Planet Ark’s Make It Wood campaign which supports the use of sustainably sourced, certified wood based on the benefits to the environment and our health and wellbeing that it provides.



  1. May
    24th June 2017 / 7:42 pm

    My dad is a carpenter/contractor and he is visiting with my mom from the US to Australia for a month in Sept when we have baby #2. Like you, we recently moved into our forever home and I think my dad is keen to put his touches on it. I would love to have little reminders of his and my mom’s visit after they have left. It would be amazing if he could build a cubby house for my son or paint a couple of accent walls. I know I’d like them to help us plant some citrus trees. Then it’ll forever be a reminder of them.

    • Mim
      25th June 2017 / 12:21 pm

      Oh that’s so exciting, I bet you can’t wait for their visit! Isn’t it lovely to add personal touches – they will be treasured so much more than anything you buy from a store x

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