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3 Gifts For Grandchildren That They Will Treasure Forever

“3 Gifts for Grandchildren that they will treasure forever” is in collaboration with Top Trumps.

Every time a birthday or Christmas comes around, my kid’s Grandparents are on the phone weeks in advance asking what they should buy for the kids. They really want to buy something that their grandchildren will love forever, be useful and not be something they play with once and then discard.

Let’s face it too, most Grandparents want to spoil their Grandkids a bit!

There are a few things that they’ve bought over the years that the kids have just loved and play with so often. The kind of presents that will last for a long time, are good quality and spark joy in the hearts of the kids.

So here are my ideas for 3 gifts for Grandchildren that they will treasure forever:

1.  Games that get the family together

Some of my earliest memories are playing games with my parents and grandparents, gathering around the dining table and playing card games like Snap and Top Trumps and board games like Monopoly.

I enjoyed the whole experience from learning new skills, competing with my brother and enjoying some quality time with my family.

As I’ve had children of my own, I’ve loved watching my parents play the same games with my kids and I love getting the whole family together to carry on that tradition.

2.  Personalised Gifts

Whether it’s a name bracelet, a watch or a personalised teddy bear, I think kids love having a gift that is truly theirs and one they do not have to share with their sibling!

My name is quite rare and it was always so difficult when I was little for people to find gifts with my name on. These days with brilliant online stores like Etsy, it’s so easy to find a lovely gift that your Grandchild will love and have their name placed on it.

3.  Handmade Gifts

I was so lucky in that my Nan was a dressmaker and I remember her making me the most amazing tutu when I was my daughter’s age!

My Nan-in-Law is a fabulous knitter and crocheter and she sends the loveliest gifts for the kids like homemade blankets, clothing and even clothing for my daughter’s ‘baby’.

We just love that she has taken the time to make these gifts herself and they’re the kind of gorgeous, timeless gifts that the kids will love and keep forever.

I hope these gift ideas give you some inspiration for when you’re buying gifts for your Grandchildren or when your parents ask what they should buy.

What gifts did your Grandparents get for you that you still love?



  1. Rebecca
    / 11:34 pm

    When I was a child I got a toy bunny (called Pwgin) and I took her everywhere I went. To this day I still have it. x

    • Mim
      / 11:32 am

      Oh that’s just so lovely! :)

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