Saying Goodbye to Day Care & the Kindness of Strangers

The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”, originating from African cultures, has often had me perplexed.

I suppose my first instinct has always been to feel defensive at it’s meaning.

Does it take a village to raise a child? Your child?

What about the parents who don’t have a village?

Or the parents whose village is a bit crap?

Some aren’t lucky enough to have a supportive family local to them or friends willing to jump in and lend a hand. Many parents I know have never even been able to have an hour to themselves since becoming a parent because there was no-one who could have minded their child for even that long.

Day care isn’t financially viable for some parents and others simply choose not to put their little ones in the care of others.

For our family, though, day care was the best choice. We started small and built the hours up for each child.

This post isn’t about listing the benefits of day care or why we made the decision to use this option though.

My Daughter’s Last Day at Day Care

Today marks the last day of my daughter attending day care ever – because next week she starts school. I never expected to feel as sad as I do today.

Of course it’s influenced majorly by the nerves and bundle of emotions I have about her starting school. She seems fine, I’m an embarrassing mess. I believe this is the norm?

Her day care though, well they’re pretty much like family to us.

When I was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, the kids had just started at this day care centre. We explained in advance that I was going to be undergoing treatment as we didn’t know how it might affect this children. We just wanted to forewarn them that there might be some disruption.

The Kindness of Strangers

We didn’t ask them for anything, any special treatment of the kids or any help. You know what they did?

They looked after our babies with care and love.

They sent well wishes to me and asked if we needed any support.

They told us not to worry if we couldn’t pay our bills on time.

They offered babysitting services during my appointments.

They even sent dinner in case I wasn’t up to preparing it.

They did all this for us, having only known us for a matter of weeks.

And that’s how the relationship has continued. They don’t just have the best interests of our children at heart but of our whole family.

They’ve helped our family through an incredibly difficult time and been huge influences on the fact that, so far at least, our children seem to be unaffected by what happened.

They’re are a key part of our village and it’s will such sadness that we have to say goodbye to them.

This post isn’t in any way a sales pitch to send your child to day care. I suppose it’s just an ode to ours :)

I wanted to go in today, on my daughters last day, to thank everyone in person. But I just couldn’t – I’m having a good old blub just writing this.

I have such happy, beautiful memories of the kids time at day care. Christmas concerts, crafts, graduation day, Mini singing jingle bells and Miss having the lead part at the play!

I’ll never be able to listen to “Lean on Me” again without ending up a blubbering mess!

So I want to take this time to say thank you. To thank you so much for looking after my babies, giving them stability, education, love and kindness over the past two years.

Thank you for going above and beyond what you have needed to do for all of us.

Thank you for being a big part of our village.

Love from Mim x x x

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