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100 Habit Tracker Ideas + FREE Habit Tracker Printable!

Using my planner to track the things I want to do more consistently has really helped me stay on top of my goals! I hope these habit tracker ideas and free Habit Tracker Printable helps you track your goals too.

There are so many habit tracker ideas for every aspect of your life that will help you to be more productive and successful.

Some of the habits I track are personal and health-related – like adding something new to my ‘getting ready’ routine.

Some are work-related like remembering to promote my blog posts!

Then there are goals like drinking a certain amount of water each day that I’ve tracked for years. Grab my water tracker printable here.

Writing down your goals helps bring them to life and increase your commitment to fulfilling them.

You can find out much more about why you should be tracking your habits and how to use a habit tracker here.

So, whether you’re looking for planner or bullet journal ideas or just really keen to start a good habits list, I have you covered!

This is a goals and habits list and some ideas for things you might also want to start limiting too.

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100 Habits to Track in your Planner

Considering these ideas when looking for things to write in a journal. They make great bullet journal list ideas too.

This habit tracker list includes personal, family, work, health and creative goal tracking ideas:

  1. Exercise classes
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Completing 10,000 steps
  4. Yoga practice
  5. Medication
  6. Meditation
  7. Breathing exercises
  8. Self-care/Me-time – get some “me time” inspiration here!
  9. Mood
  10. Anxiety
  11. Not smoking
  12. Medical symptoms
  13. Brushing teeth
  14. Flossing teeth
  15. Walking your pet
  16. Showering/bathing
  17. Washing hair
  18. Sleep tracker – some ideas on how to relax before going to bed here
  19. Naps
  20. Bedtime
  21. Waking up time
  22. Your period
  23. Ovulation
  24. Trying to conceive
  25. Sex
  26. Meal planning – some free meal planner stickers here
  27. Breakfast
  28. Lunch
  29. Dinner
  30. Snacks
  31. Eating out
  32. Decreasing junk food
  33. Alcohol consumption – some free sober stickers here
  34. Macros
  35. Calories
  36. Sugar intake
  37. Drinking water – a free water tracker here
  38. Watering plants
  39. Using your planner – find out how to use a Planner here!
  40. Writing a journal
  41. Writing a gratitude list – Get your Free Printable Motivational Planner Stickers here and your free Weekly Gratitude Tracker Template here
  42. Posting social media
  43. Time on social media
  44. Replying to text messages
  45. Replying to emails
  46. Writing blog posts
  47. Scheduling blog posts
  48. Publishing blog posts
  49. Promoting blog posts
  50. Pinning blog posts
  51. Clearing your inbox
  52. Finishing To Do lists – find out how to prioritise your To Do list here
  53. Working hours
  54. Attending classes
  55. Reading
  56. Writing
  57. Hobbies
  58. Art
  59. Cleaning
  60. Decluttering – here are 13 quick things to declutter
  61. Chores
  62. Washing dishes
  63. Loading the dishwasher – here’s my dishwasher review!
  64. Laundry – Related: Stop Your Procrastination Habit With A Daily Power Hour!
  65. Emptying the bin
  66. Gardening
  67. Mowing lawns
  68. Prayer
  69. Bible study
  70. Attending church
  71. Projects
  72. Pregnancy supplements
  73. Baby bath time
  74. Baby Milestones (free tracker here!)
  75. Playing with kids
  76. Reading with kids
  77. Crafting with kids – a few craft ideas here
  78. Kids homework
  79. School lunches
  80. Listening to music
  81. Playing music
  82. Listening to a podcast
  83. Recording a podcast
  84. Random acts of kindness
  85. Volunteering
  86. Donations
  87. Bills
  88. Payments
  89. Spending money
  90. Saving money – grab 21 ways to save money here
  91. Shopping – a free grocery shopping list here
  92. Being outdoors
  93. Your homework
  94. Studying
  95. No TV
  96. No phone/devices
  97. Calling family
  98. Calling friends
  99. Seeing friends
  100. Date nights

Is there anything in this list of bullet journal tracker ideas that you’re already doing or now inspired to start tracking?

The list of things to track in your planner is endless but it’s a great place for a goal tracker and habit list and will really help to keep you accountable.

Habit Tracker Journal Stickers

You can also check out my shop here on Etsy as my range includes habit tracker stickers such as these:

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I love using stickers to help track my goals.

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You might use a planner, journal, diary, wall chart to track your habits – or with habit tracker stickers.

I also have a whole heap of different trackers including a daily habit tracker template, weekly habit tracker and monthly habit tracker in my Shop here.

Paper Planner Club - Weekly Habit Tracker
Click here to check out this gorgeous Weekly Habit Tracker!

You can pick the habit tracker template that works best for your goals – or you might use a combination of more than one. Working out what the best habit tracker for you is might take some testing of all of them.

Use my template to create your own personalized bullet journal habit tracker. If you share your own bullet journal tracker on Instagram or Facebook, make sure to tag me – I’m @lovefrommim

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Summary of Habit Tracker Ideas

I hope my journal list ideas have given you some inspiration on how using a personal goals tracker can help you stay organised and do more.

I know it might seem like writing everything down is going to end up taking you more time but it really doesn’t.

Having my planner and lists (SO many lists!) in front of me every day is that constant reminder I need. My memory used to be awesome but as I’ve gotten older and had kids, there’s just so much to remember now and I’m way more forgetful than I was.

I also love how writing my goals down on paper brings them to life. It’s the push I need to actually start getting them done.

My Shop includes a:

  • Daily Goal Tracker. A daily goals checklist and daily habit tracker printable that you could use for the whole month or one per day.
  • Weekly Habit Tracker printable broken down into the days of the week
  • Monthly Habit Tracker printable monthly goal tracker separated into each month for the full year ahead.


Do you use a habit tracker planner?

I would love you to comment below with your best goal tracker & habit list ideas too! Also, let me know if you start to use one of the habit tracker sheet printables in my Resource Library or Shop.

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These 100 Habit Tracker Ideas will inspire you on how to use a Habit Tracker and grab this free habit tracker printable. Track your habits with this daily habit tracker and create a weekly habit tracker or monthly habit tracker for your planner! #habits #habittracker #freeprintables #printableplanner #planning #plannergirls #stationery #bulletjournal #bujo

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay.

I hope you’ve been inspired by this list of 100 Habit hracker tdeas and my free Habit Tracker Printable range helps you.



  1. / 9:31 pm

    Re #41 – I just finished reading a novel (“Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index” by Julie Israel) where the main character, Juniper, is challenged by her older sister to write things she’s grateful for each day/the highlights of her day. Juniper does it, but her own way, which is to write down the highlights AND lowlights, and then give the day an overall “happiness rating”. I thought it was quite an interesting way of doing it, and might be a way into doing gratitude lists for those who, like Juniper, don’t consider themselves particularly optimistic! I’d like to be more intentional about writing down the things I’m thankful for, because when I stop to think about it, there are a lot. But when I sit down to feed bub, or sit down after he’s FINALLY gone to sleep in the evenings, it’s so much easier to pick up my phone and scroll through Facebook or websites…not in and of itself bad things, but not necessarily soul-feeding in a way that I know spending time in reflection and creativity would be. Ha, writing this out has made me want to give it a go!

    • / 9:12 am

      Oh I love the idea of a happiness rating – a bit scared that some days it might be low ha ha but it’s real life, isn’t it? Yes do it! x

      • / 9:59 pm

        Update: I’m a week in to keeping a daily gratitude list. Writing three things I’m thankful for, and the highlight(s) of my day. :-)
        I’ve got a while to go before it becomes a habit, but feeling pleased that I’ve started and haven’t missed a day yet!

        • / 9:26 am

          Oh well done!! I need to do this so so so much more – isn’t a great feeling and a really positive way to end the day :)

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