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Hivita LiquiVita for Kids Review – perfect for our kids!

This Hivita LiquiVita for Kids review is in collaboration with Hivita.

One of my goals as a Mum has always been to make the health and well-being of two kids my utmost priority. I’m guessing it’s a goal shared by most parents!

I took my own health for granted for most of my life. Although I wasn’t particularly unhealthy, I could have definitely done more to look after myself. Since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, I’ve been taking small steps to improve my health over all and be a better role model for my children.

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Hivita LiquiVita for Kids Review - Love from Mim
Hivita LiquiVita for Kids

Hivita LiquiVita for Kids Review


I’ve also been finding out about ways that I can keep them healthy and happy too and I recently heard about Hivita LiquiVita for Kids.

I’d already heard great things about Aussie brand Hivita’s range but hadn’t yet tried any of their kids’ products.

I love that Hivita is committed to helping families, like mine, improve their wellness and vitality and they base their products on research and scientific evidence.

I have been taking their Bone & Thyroid one a day capsules to help my bone health after the effects of chemo and radiation.

Hivita Bone & Thyroid Capsules Review - Love from Mim


I felt very confident that I could introduce my daughter, who is nearly 4 years old, to Hivita LiquiVita for Kids.

My kids eat a well balanced diet but I’m very open to anything that can help ensure they get the vitamins and minerals they need. Neither of them have ever been picky eaters but they do have their moments, like most kids!

It gives me peace of mind that if there are any nutritional gaps in their diet, this supplement will cover it all. I love that the product isn’t a gummy – because I’ve tried those before and she didn’t like them. I think she felt duped that it looks like a lolly but tasted like crap! Plus I’ve heard a lot about how gummies just don’t cut it that well in what they claim to provide nutritionally.

Hivita LiquiVita for Kids Review - Love from Mim

Hivita LiquiVita is a complete, superior multivitamin, formulated with 30 active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs). It helps support healthy growth and development and immune function and has a natural pineapple and mango flavour – not artificial.

Hivita LiquiVita for Kids Review - Love from Mim

So many of my friends have picky eaters and as I said, mine do have their moments too. I think Hivita LiquiVita for Kids would give a lot of parents the peace of mind it gives us. In fact, this stuff is pretty much made for this purpose!

Parenthood is hard enough at times and I lie awake sometimes with the guilt of ‘am I doing enough’. I don’t think I’m the only one.

After the shocking reality when my own health was threatened recently, I’m determined to make sure that I’m always making better choices for all of us.

You can buy Hivita Liquivita for Kids in all good chemists and health food stores or online at (free shipping for all orders over $60.00).

You can purchase it here in Australia.

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Disclosure: this Hivita LiquiVita review is a collaborative post.


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