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10 Home Business Ideas for Mums you can Start Today!

Originally published on July 23rd 2018.

Whether you’re looking to earn a little extra income on the side, or make working from home your main earner, here are some home business ideas for mums that could work for you!

I’ve worked from home full-time for a few years now, and on a part-time basis for many more.

Working from home means that my days are much more flexible. I’m the boss – I dictate my hours.

Of course, there is also sometimes a blurred line bestween when work ends and normal life starts. That’s for another post!

You might be looking at work from home jobs for mums because you don’t want to return to work after maternity leave?

Or perhaps you want more flexibility and work at home jobs for mums might offer that?

Or maybe stay at home mum jobs appeal as you can be with your family and earn at the same time?

These work from home ideas might inspire you to even start your own work from home business for mums, if that’s a possibility for you. Mums in business at home do such a wide variety of jobs and here are ten suggestions:

Mim Jenkinson - Love from Mim

This post on business ideas for stay at home mums includes affiliate links.

Working from Home Job Ideas for Mums

1. Sell Your Own Physical Product

Do you hand-make your own jewellery, clothing, art or home decor? If you have a talent for making something that other people might want to buy, platforms like eBay, Etsy and Shopify are a great way to sell online.

2. Sell Your Own Digital Product

Have you written an eBook? Or do you have skills in graphic design?

There are a million and one digital products that are sold each day online. No postage costs, no trips to the post office, just sell on your own website or one of the platforms above.

Perhaps you have a talent for photography and can sell your images online to stock sites or businesses?

3. Become a Blogger!

Starting your own blog isn’t difficult, but bear in mind there is a little expense and time needed to get things get up. It can be one of the most flexible jobs for mums who love to write.

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You can earn an income from blogging by selling sponsored content and advertising.

Bear in mind that the blogging world is competitive and you will need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. What are you passionate about? How can you help others?

Ready to get started making money with blogging?

I LOVE this course from Kristin Hanes who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging! If you’re looking for side hustles for stay at home mom or if you just want to work from home, check this out.

Niche Sites Made Easy Blogging Course by Kristin Hanes
Niche Sites Made Easy Blogging Course from Kristin Hanes


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4. Become a Freelance Writer

Qualifications in writing or journalism are not always essential when it comes to writing paid content for others.

A flair for creative or business writing is key though – plus the ability to write to a brief.

These days, more and more organisations are setting up their own Blog section on their website but they might not have the time or resources to write the content. Perhaps your expertise in a certain field makes you the perfect writer for them?

This is one of the most popular and rewarding jobs at home for mums in my circle of friends.

5. Sell a “Mobile” Service

Can you offer someone a service that makes their life easier? Qualified hairdressers have been visiting people’s homes for years to cut their hair.

Perhaps you can do the same if you have skills in hair styling, make-up artistry or more.

If you’re looking for job ideas for stay at home mums and want to get out and about sometimes, this could be for you. Although sometimes it won’t be appropriate to take your child along with you and you might want to consider one of the other stay at home jobs for mums options if your child is at home.

6. Do a Time-Saving Job for Others

Might someone you know pay you to babysit or do their ironing? Or perhaps you can advertise those kind of services on local community bulletin boards.

These jobs for stay at home mums or dads might really help someone else and give you the freedom to stay at home.

7. Use Your Qualifications

Are you a qualified Lawyer, Accountant, Chef or Florist? Can you use your experience and qualifications to offer people advice while you’re working from home?

For mums returning to work after mat leave, sometimes it’s hard to negotiate flexible working hours.

Think about if you can use your skill set to set up your own home working business. If you’ve worked in HR or Recruitment, can you consult or even write resumes for people?

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you have strong skills in administration, typing and Microsoft Office? What about more niche programs like Canva or Photoshop?

More and more businesses and individual entrepreneurs are outsourcing work to VAs now. They’re looking for reliable and organised administrators who can take over the jobs that they no longer have time to do.

This might include data entry, typing, proposals and presentations, social media management or designing graphics.

Being a VA can be one of the best jobs for mums who want the flexibility to work from anywhere.

9. Social Media Management

A Social Media Manager is one of the best home job ideas for working mums who are social media savvy.

From small bloggers to big businesses, these days, having a strong presence on social media is a must. But with the high number of channels and the demand to be across them all, it’s a very time-consuming task.

Social media management isn’t as simple as adding a few posts per week either. You will need to get to grips with different scheduling times and options, finding relevant content that will grow a business’ audience and stay up to date with constant algorithm changes.

However, social media management is fun and is one of the most popular small business ideas from home in recent times.

Mim Jenkinson - Love from Mim

10. Review Products Online

If you’re a mum in Australia, you can register for Tell Me Baby’s Rewards Program and earn up to $750 in vouchers for Target, Kmart or Coles!

Review your favourite baby products, earn points and exchange them for vouchers – simple.

Summary of Home Business Ideas for Mums

If you’re looking for work from home business ideas or mum jobs that you can do at home, I hope these suggestions give you some inspiration.

Think about your passions and talents and how you might use those to start your own freelance work from home business.

What else can you do to earn money from home?

If you’re a mum returning to work after maternity leave, ask your employer if it’s possible to do your job from home. Or perhaps there are other work from home job ideas at your company that will suit you?

These days, there are so many more opportunities for work for stay at home mums, whether it’s setting up your own business or working for someone else.

Work from home mums jobs can offer you the chance to spend more time with your family and less time commuting to work.

Bear in mind that some work from home business opportunities will ask you for a lot of investment upfront – which is one reason I hesitate to recommend MLM businesses. I’m not dead against them all, but I would urge you to look into what investment you need to make before getting involved.

That said, when you’re starting any business an investment is required upfront in some form of time and money.

I do have a number of friends who have an MLM as their stay at home mum business – many are earning a fabulous salary. Many more are earning peanuts if that. While I’m all for mothers working from home and building their mumpreneur empire, all risks need to be considered.

Do you have any business ideas for mums who want to work from home? Or can you recommend any part-time work for mums to begin working from home?

Ready to get started making money with blogging?

I LOVE this course from Kristin Hanes who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging and it could be fun business idea for stay at home mom!

Niche Sites Made Easy Blogging Course by Kristin Hanes
Niche Sites Made Easy Blogging Course from Kristin Hanes



Would you like to set up your own successful business from home and get more quality time to spend with your family? Here are Home Business Ideas for Mums - get inspired and ideas to set up your own mumpreneur business from home! #workfromhome #workingfromhome #homebusinessideas #jobsformoms #workfromhomemom

Disclosure: this post on small business ideas for mums contains affiliate links meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay. Can you recommend any home business ideas for mums?

Originally published on July 23rd 2018.



  1. Sarah Matheson
    / 9:49 am

    I love the list Mim!

    I’d also add going onto Linkedin or searching on Twitter for “freelance” or “remote” jobs. Depending on skill set you can people needing help with logo design, blog or book editing, blog formatting or helping test mobile apps! Last month Kickstarter was offering $50 if you recorded a 45-min video going through their new mobile app.

  2. Lindsay
    / 10:32 pm

    Thankyou for the ideas! I am actively searching for the ideal stay at home part time job.

    I’ve done a few creative writing gigs and some small administrative jobs at home, but would love something part time that could bring a couple of hundred $$ in a week.

    I guess it’s about putting yourself out there and networking first and foremost?

    • / 8:52 am

      Definitely :) I’ve found networking is what has brought it most of my opportunities – sometimes unexpectedly! x

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