How to be a Mummy Blogger in 10 Easy Steps!

Want to know how to be a Mummy Blogger? I’m guessing you do, since you’re here.

Mummy Blogger, Daddy Blogger, Parent Blogger, Influencer…there are many more variations than that I’m sure. I know many hate some of these terms – I can’t say they bother me.

I find “Influencer” a little bit cringe sometimes because I know the real influencers, for mums, are other mums. But anyway, back to business.

Want to know how to be a Mummy Blogger? Love from Mim

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I’m asked countless times by readers, friends and new bloggers how to become a mummy blogger. You want to know how to start a mummy blog, how to work with brands and to find readers for your blog.

I can’t say I have all of the answers, but five years in as a mummy blogger, I do have some tips to share. I also have a couple of lovely mummy blogging buddies who I’ve called on to share their best tips on being a mummy blogger too.

If you want to know how to start a Mummy Blog, you’ll need to think about this first:

1. Why do you want be a mummy blogger?

Have a very clear vision as to why you want to set up your blog. Do you want to share your story or a journey? Perhaps you want to keep a pregnancy diary as I did. Or your opinion on baby products or parenting hacks. Or maybe you’re feeling a little isolated and just want to connect with other mums.

I find blogging the best therapy in so many ways: it gives me a place to write everything down and to record memories. It’s a place to share my experiences, loves, fears and regrets with like-minded mums. However for the first year or so, I didn’t share my blog with my friends and family. It’s because I didn’t have a real purpose to share it with the world. There’s a lot of talk in blogging circles about ‘finding your niche’ and ‘helping people’. It’s sound advice to get to grips with this. However for me, I still don’t have a very strong niche. I just like to share my thoughts on parenting stuff and mum-life and if people read and connect with it, then yay!

I’m getting what I want out of my blog though, an outlet to share the things, people and places I love. Plus now it’s also my full-time job too. So another yay!

Why do you want to start a blog?

2. How to set your limits

Decide early on what you will and won’t share on your blog. If necessary, discuss this with your partner, kids and family.

Will you share your family’s names? Will you share images of your kids online? What images will you never share?

You are making a decision now on what you will share online about your children. Be comfortable with what you decide to share about them because one day, you’ll have to explain that decision to them.

3. How to choose a name for your blog

Naming your blog can be one of the biggest challenges, not just for mummy bloggers. My blog was originally called Mama Mim – a name I changed when I rebranded a year or so ago. Yes, I’m still a mum, blogging about mum stuff, but it was a bit too cheesy for my liking by then.

Many bloggers I know regret adding the words ‘mum’, ‘mummy’, ‘mama’ etc into their blog name. Others say it’s the best decision ever because it instantly tells a potential reader what your blog is probably about.

Try to think of a name that you can imagine yourself still loving in ten years time. One that will grow with you and won’t potentially limit the direction of the blog in the future.

4. How to set up your blog

I’ve already written previously about how to start a blog which has some basic steps to getting started. You’ll need to choose a name, buy your domain name, choose a host and set up your blog. I would highly recommend WordPress and, since writing that previous post, I have switched my hosting to Siteground. The link to Siteground is an affiliate link – if you click it and sign up with them, I will get a little commission (so thank you if you do!).

SEO, if you’ve heard of it, is a minefield for new bloggers. Well actually for old bloggers like me too. I’ve completed some really useful and easy-to-follow courses on SEO that has seen my traffic from Google quapruple! The company is BloggersSEO and if you’re just starting out, or have no grip on SEO yet, I recommend the SEO Essentials online course here.

You can also take specific courses for HTTPS migration, Site Speed or to do your very own Site Audit.

5. How to stay true to your own voice when blogging

My best advice for knowing how to write your blog posts is to write them as if you are talking to your best friend. Be relaxed and at ease and true to your own voice. Don’t try to sound different to the person you are.

Feel free to inject humour, rants, bad grammar (within reason) and more – if that’s the person you are in real life. I write for a living and I have no formal training. In fact as the years have gone on and I’ve written more, my grammar has probably gotten worse and my vocabulary has shrank I’m sure (shrunk?). My best friends will tell you though that when you read a post from me, it’s exactly how I speak in real life. No airs and graces and way more than the odd mistake.

Stay consistently ‘you’. So whether you’re writing about your family, a political opinion or your favourite brand of baby wipes, keep the tone the same.

One of my blogging besties, Kate at The Less-Refined Mind, has this to add:

“There are so many bloggers around today, and our number is growing all the time. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to shine. And despite the crass cliché, your best way of doing so is to simply be yourself: nobody can replicate that.”

6. How to find blog content ideas – being consistent

One more thing to add on consistency: publish blog posts consistently too. It doesn’t need to be daily, weekly or monthly but do try to show up.

Firstly, it will keep your own momentum going so you don’t ditch your blog before it’s had a chance to flourish. Secondly, your readers, as they grow, will like to know when they can expect you. I post one to four times per week, every week. So there’s always at least one new post to read.

7. How to review products

Whilst this isn’t the top point, most of the questions I get are how to start reviewing products. Or how do mummy bloggers make money. Over the years I’ve reviewed hundreds of products that my family uses. Now, I’m asked daily to review more. A brand, or their PR, will contact me and ask if they can send me their product in return for me reviewing it on my blog. In the early days, I said yes to almost everything. So I would spend weeks testing out a product and hours writing about it on my blog. All in return for something that might have only cost $5. So think about the time and effort that goes in to reviews because my review posts take the absolute longest to put together. Testing, taking photos, editing photos…it takes a long time.

However I love sharing the stuff we love – it’s what my blog is about. If you want to start reviewing products, you don’t need to wait until a brand or PR approaches you. Look around and see what products you and your family already use, have tested and love. Review those! Then when you publish the review, share it on social media and tag the brand – they might well read your post and share it with their audience. It’s also a lovely way to start that first conversation with that brand. If they love the style of your review, your honestly in sharing your opinion (pros and cons) or your images, they might well want to collaborate with you on more reviews in the future.

8. What can you blog about?

Well firstly, it’s your blog and you can blog about anything you choose!

But if you’re stuck for topic ideas, think about what you’re passionate about. What are your mum friends interested in? What parenting questions do they have that you can potentially answer on your blog?

What can you share about yourself or your family? A family holiday, a day out, your best ways to help your child with something. The list is endless but it needs to be something you’re genuinely interested in and passionate about. There’s no fun in writing about subjects that don’t interest you, so don’t do it.

9. How to get to know the blogging community

One of the all time best things about being a blogger, is the blogging community you can become a part of. I’m lucky to be a part of both the Australian and UK parenting blogging community and I find the support and advice on all things parenting, let alone blogging, is amazing.

Google the most popular blogs to get a feel for who resonates with you.

So get to know the bloggers you aspire to be like. Subscribe to their blogs, read and comment on their blog and social media posts. Share their stuff. IF you like their stuff – be genuine. But get on their radar and make friends.

Ask questions, I’m sure they will be only too happy to help. I wish I’d asked more in the early months instead of assuming that a big blogger wouldn’t want to help me.

Mummy Bloggers get a pretty bad rap sometimes but I personally love the community I’m in. I’ve met some amazingly talented women, with unique voices and their own story to tell. I’ve also had the chance to meet up with many Aussie Mummy bloggers at a couple of blogging events here: Kidsbusiness and ProBlogger. Kids Business is great at connecting parenting blogs Australia and brands.

10. Why you shouldn’t be a Mummy Blogger

Of course, blogging isn’t for everyone. Many start a blog and quickly realise that they don’t have the passion or the time for it and stop. My friend Karen, at Tales of a Twin Mum, has some advice on this, especially when it comes to turning your blog into a business:

“You need to love doing what you’re doing because that will keep you moving forward even when you feel overwhelmed. You can earn money blogging, but that doesn’t come quickly. There is a lot of hard work to go through first and it could take months or years before you see any return on your effort. Don’t get into blogging because you see it as an easy business idea, go into it because you love writing and creating and you have a core passion of wanting to improve your readers’ lives in some way.”

Some of my Favourite Mum Blogs

If you’re looking for inspiration on whose blog to follow, here are some of the best Australian mummy bloggers and beyond. Well, they’re bloggers, who are also mums. So maybe don’t call them a Mummy Blogger!

If you’re not sick of the term “mummy blogger” by now and still want to be one – then get started! Give it a go, take the plunge – it might be just the outlet you need.

Which are your best Australian mum blogs?

Are you a brand? Get in touch with me to chat about how I can help your Australian mummy blogger outreach campaigns!

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First published on October 6th 2017.

Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay. I hope my little tips on how to be a mummy blogger helped you – good luck!



  1. / 10:58 am

    Great tips. My blog started as a weight loss blog, but I had to stop when I didn’t lose any weight! Luckily, the blog name I chose is still relevant to the focus of my re-branded blog.

    • Mim
      / 11:16 am

      I love your blog name! x x

  2. / 6:09 am

    Just what I needed to read tonight! Thank you!! You just reminded me why I started, I’m meant to love this (blogging) and I do, I just have to be a little braver and believe in my voice.

    • Mim
      / 12:30 pm

      :) Sometimes we need to go back to basics don’t we so we can break through a block! x

  3. mackenzieglanville
    / 9:59 am

    some really great advice for new or aspiring bloggers. Hope you are doing well x

    • Mim
      / 2:38 pm

      Thank you lovely and yes, I’m doing so well :) Hope you’re good too! x x

  4. Maxabella
    / 11:12 pm

    That was a great read, Mim. Thank you for including my poor, neglected blog on your list. x

    • Mim
      / 9:05 am

      Oh my pleasure and thank you lovely! x

  5. Ness
    / 3:20 pm

    Aren’t you lovely! I was so surprised to see my blog there because I never think of myself as being a . professional blogger and definitely not a mummy or parenting blogger in the sense that I don’t feel like I should give anyone parenting advice given that I have no idea what I’m doing. Just making it all up as I go! Having said that, my boys are pretty good boys (unbiased!), so I must be doing something right…

    I’m not a huge fan of having the words mummy, mama etc in a blog title, but only because I have a terrible memory so then I get confused about which mummy blog belongs to which blogger, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I’ve never made a cent from blogging but it’s still worth it because it’s connected me with great people like yourself. I think what you say about writing the way you are is so true. I hate to think how many grammatical errors and faux pas I make!

    And yes, double YAY to doing something you love and making it your job. Go, you!

    • Mim
      / 3:38 pm

      Hee hee yes you’re not a mummy blogger, you’re an awesome everything blogger! Very glad to have met you indeed :) x x

  6. Kylie T
    / 9:18 pm

    It sounds like an inspiring and wonderful journey.

  7. MummyConfessions
    / 10:59 am

    Some great helps for those who want to get into blogging! I’m so glad I’ve had you and other Mummy bloggers to help me find my feet in the blogging world! ❤️

    • Mim
      / 11:02 am

      Always my pleasure lovely lady and thank you! It’s such a fab community to be a part of x

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