How to be more Organised

Hi, I’m Mim! I’m a work from home, busy Mum to two small children. I’m also more than a little obsessed with planning and I’m always looking for how to be more organised and productive.

How to be more Organised - Love from Mim

Love from Mim began as a place to share all of the things that my family and I love. Along the way, I share my ideas on ways to be more productive as well as how to plan your day and how to plan your week and how to be an organised Mum.

Staying organised has always been a passion of mine and since I got into planning ahead recently, my productivity has soared.

Becoming a Mum, and having two little ones running around, threw a spanner in the works! I’ve since found some great tips and hacks on how to be more organised when you’re a busy Mum though and I love sharing these ideas and learning from my readers what works for them.

How to be more organised when you’re not an organised person

How to be more Organised - Love from Mim

I believe that everyone can be more organised, even the most disorganised person. There’s a method of planning that will work for everyone. You can all learn how to prioritise your To Do List to be more efficient and get more done.

My husband for example, well he’s probably the most disorganised person I know! I try to help him to stop getting distracted and get things done too – so far, it’s working!

What else can you expect?

Well I still love to share a little about the things that me and my family loves – whether it’s a day out, a fabulous new product, some parenting advice and so much more.

I hope you’ll love the tips and hacks I share on how to be more organised and I’m so excited that you’re joining the community. We’re all going to find ways to be more productive, happy and stress-free in our lives!

You can Start Here to find out a little more of what to expect from my blog.

I’d love for you to share your tips on how to become more organised too.

Love from Mim x

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How to be more Organised - Love from Mim