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TPP #73 – How to Prioritize When You Have Too Many Things To Do

Welcome to Episode #73 of The Planner Podcast.

I had to share this simple and effective tip to stop feeling overwhelmed and start prioritizing to get things done!

A BIG thanks to my wonderful friend Kristine Richer at Kristine Rose Photography for this super helpful reset – I would love to know if it helps you too!

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Hi, this is Mim Jenkinson and you’re listening to The Planner Podcast. Hi love! Right, I was speaking with my friend Kristine this week because I have been feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been feeling like a lot of the time lately I’m saying I’m too busy, I’m too busy, I’ve got so much to do, I can’t clear my mind.

And haven’t been in this position for a while, I’d kind of prided myself on overcoming a lot of the overwhelm. But one thing I do know is that when I’m often saying I’m too busy, it’s because I’m actually just trying to do too much. It isn’t a habit necessarily of just saying I’m busy for the sake of it.

It’s more that, no, you are too busy. You’re doing too much. And most of the time, like 99 percent of the time it’s self inflicted. So I don’t know whether you relate to that, but I want to do. Everything I want to do everything I want to do it all now and I want to do it as quickly as possible because I just love acting upon my ideas and while that might be all well and good because I don’t procrastinate on a lot of things.

What it means is that I try and do everything right now and it just isn’t possible at all. And it’s exhausting. So I was having a chat with my friend, Kristine at Kristine Rose photography I’m going to pop her a link below if you are interested in Milky Way photography night sky photography. Kristine is your person.

She’s phenomenal. And she’s become my unofficial therapist. And she really helped me with something that I want to share with you in case you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or struggling to know what to do first or how to really prioritize your goals. And it’s so simple and yet it’s so effective and I’ve just forgotten this.

You’re going to laugh when I tell you, but I really hope it helps. And just how, how do you think as well, take a step back from all the things you’re trying to do and think, Oh, hang on. This is how I can make changes. So Kristine ran me through the goals that I had. So particularly in our conversation, we’re talking about the business goals, all the things that I want to achieve in my membership secret sticker society, all the ideas I have for my fabulous members and for my upcoming summit too.

And. I’m so excited to share more about that soon, but there’s quite a few other things that I was also juggling. So I had the membership, I had the summit, I had some course changes that I wanted to do. I have some people that I really want to hire. I have some all, I have a list of all the things. And here was me busy trying to be productive and action taking and acting on them all and feeling stressed and not moving forward with the things that I really wanted to.

So Kristine asked me two really important questions and they are what I want to share with you. So the first question is. Which are your most important goals right now in priority order? So maybe I could pick three goals. So I told her my three goals. And then she asked me to look at my list of all of the tasks and activities that I was trying to get done and really look at which ones would have the most impact in reaching those goals, because that unlocks how we prioritize what we’re working on.

When I looked at my to do list. It’s to do lists, honestly, cause I’ve now got them in multiple places. But when I looked at them, I saw that there were tasks on there that yes, I want to get done, but they don’t need to happen. And they certainly don’t need to happen right now. But when I looked at my lists with fresh eyes, it became so much clearer when I’d taken a step back of, okay, yes, I want to do that goal and that task.

But it isn’t actually going to have any impact on goals one, two, and three that I really want to achieve now, or it will have an impact, but not as much as this one. This is the one that’s going to have the biggest or fastest or best impact. And it helped me really reshuffle things. So you know what I did?

I actually got rid of a load of stuff off these to do lists because there were many of them and I haven’t wiped them off and erase them altogether, but I’ve moved them. So a lot of them have actually moved for a few months time. And that really feels really like relieving to me. It feels so much better to know that I’m just putting them on the shelf for now.

And I know exactly which shelf they’re on and when I’m going to get to that shelf. But now I can clear my mind and focus on the things that are going to have the most impact towards the main goals that I have. So, as I mentioned, it’s very simple, but I hope it helps you just to take a bit of a step back and really think about how you can look at all the things that you’re trying to get done and see through fresh eyes.

Which is the most important, how you can prioritize based on what is going to have the biggest impact towards your main goals. So thank you, Kristine. That was really helpful to me. And I hope that me sharing it has really helped you today to let me know what are your goals now? I would love to know. So I can cheer you on.

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