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How to Use a Habit Tracker + Free Printable Habit Tracker!

Finding out why and how to use a habit tracker has helped me stay on top of so many of my life goals and habits.

Using my paper planner, I’ve developed a habit of tracking things daily, weekly and monthly.

In this post, I’m going to share with you why you need to use a habit tracker, how to track habits and when to track them!

I also have designed a free Habit Tracker printable that will get you started – more below.

If you’re struggling with how to set goals, using a productive habit tracker consistently will make tracking your habits a habit you will stick to.

I’ll help you come up with a list of the changes or actions you want to make and track and how to do it.

Whether you want to set up a bullet journal habit tracker, create a daily goals checklist or just looking for habit tracker ideas, I have you covered. Grab a Free Daily Habit Tracker here.

Or, you can grab this one from my Shop and start using it right away:

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Paper Planner Club - Habit Trackers Bundle
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Why you should use a Habit Tracker

Tracking your goals or habits, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, helps you to:

  • make them real
  • keep them in the forefront of your mind
  • track your progress
  • make adjustments if needed
  • better manage your time
  • be more productive
  • stop procrastinating
  • stop guessing and know exactly where you’re up to!

You can set up a planner or bullet journal tracker, a daily habit trackerweekly habit tracker or monthly habit tracker to stay on top of what you want to achieve.

I love breaking my goals down into smaller, more easily achieved chunks and using a habit tracker planner to track my goals makes it even easier.

For example, I want to drink more water, so I set up my day to drink at least eight glasses. I use a Water Tracker to tick every time I drink a glass of water. I can see at a glance how much I’ve drunk through the day and how many glasses I need to still drink.

It keeps me motivated and I feel good checking off a list – don’t you?

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Your goals might be related to finances and you can set up a money goal tracker to keep help stay up to date with bills, payments and more.

Or perhaps you want to improve your health? A daily activity tracker, healthy habit tracker or daily routine tracker for meals are all popular habits to track.

A monthly goal tracker works great on your goals throughout the month too.

You can grab my extensive list of best habit tracker ideas and bullet journal tracker ideas here. This goal tracker & habit list has ideas for every aspect of your life including Personal, Health, Family and Work.

The list also includes bad habit breaker ideas too. Sometimes you might want to keep a check on how you’re doing stopping certain things such as smoking, drinking or spending too much time on social media!

And if you’re looking for a habit tracker template, keep reading for how you can get my free printable goal tracker template!

Where to Track your Habits

It’s important to find a place to keep your goal tracker and habit list.

I like to use my Erin Condren LifePlanner to track mine. You can easily create your own habit tracker journal from a blank notebook too.

Erin Condren LifePlanner Review
My Erin Condren LifePlanner

Your Free Printable Habit Tracker

You might use a planner, journal, diary, wall chart or you can grab my free printable Habit Tracker here:

This free goal tracker is super easy to use and will get you started with goal setting and tracking for the month in no time.

Simply write in the left column the habits you want to track and check them off as you go.

You can also use my template to create your own personalized bullet journal habit tracker to track your goals. If you share your own bullet journal tracker on Instagram or Facebook, make sure to tag me – I’m @lovefrommim.

I love seeing all of the different and creative ways people draw bullet journal habit trackers!

You can also check out my shop here and on Etsy as my range includes habit tracker stickers such as these:

Paper Planner Club - Habit Tracker Half Box Stickers
Click here to check out these pretty habit tracker stickers!

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The best goal planners are the ones that work for you and it’s all about personal preference. A personal goals tracker that works for one person might not work for you. So experiment to see what gets you the best results.

When you’ve decided on how to keep track of goals and where to track your habits, it’s time to decide when you will track them.

When to Use a Habit Tracker

Do you know what habits you want to track?

You can grab my huge list of Habit Tracker Ideas in this post – it’s a packed good habits list that will definitely inspire you!

It has ideas for a daily task tracker or daily goal planner or weekly and monthly habits that you and your family might want to keep a log of.

So, whether you’re looking for planner or bullet journal ideas or just really keen to start habit tracker list, I have you covered!

After you’ve decided what you want to track, you then should work out when you’ll log them.

For me, I like to track immediately – because otherwise, I might forget to!

So whether it’s drinking a glass of water or logging my working hours, I’ll mark on my daily goal tracker immediately when I do the task.

Water Tracker stickers in a Planner

An online goal tracker just doesn’t work as well for me most of the time because I would forget to log on! Having a visual goal tracker on my desk means reminds me to use it and see where I’m up to.

You might do the same, or grab update your habit planner at a certain time each day, week and so on.

The most important thing is to create a habit of tracking habits! Make sure it’s consistent and the routine will become second nature in time.

Summary of How to Use a Habit Tracker

Defining your goals and breaking them down into how you will achieve them can work so well for your personal, family and work life.

Finding an easy place to track your habits is a must and being consistent with tracking will help you to make it a part of your regular routine.

It’s also a great idea to back on your completed habit trackers from time to time. See if your habits are working for you, check that you’re on track for your final goals.

You might also be able to spot if something is, or isn’t, working for you and make adjustments to your behaviour.

Grab my free Habit Tracker sheet above!

I hope my productive habits and daily goals tracker ideas help you to form good habits for daily life too!

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I hope my tips on how to use a Habit Tracker have helped you set and reach your goals!


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