How to Use a Planner for Beginners – Your FREE Planner Course!

I’m so excited to announce my new online course to help make your life easier – How to use a Planner for Beginners!

I’ve been a “planner girl” myself for as long as I can remember. What started with an obsession for making lists┬ábecame a hobby which progressed to a business creating and selling planner stickers.

Planning has become quite trendy recently – with more and more people choosing paper planners over online ones.

I love everything about planning and the benefits of planning are endless – but it can be a bit overwhelming to know how to start planning.

I can help you! And I want to help – I want to share my passion for planning with you.

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How to use a Planner for Beginners - Love from Mim

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I’ve designed a series of ten modules on how to use a planner and I’m giving you the first three modules free!! You’re not signing up for the rest of the course by signing up for these three free modules – they’re just my gift to you because I can’t help but share my passion for planning! I know you’ll find them super informative and helpful too.

How to use a Planner for Beginners - Free Online Planner Course! Love from Mim Find out what is the best planner, how to decorate a planner and total planner 101!

How to use a Planner for Beginners

First up, why do I use a Planner?

Every Sunday morning, I plan for the week to come using my Erin Condren LifePlanner.

In the fifteen minutes or so it takes me to decorate my planner, it’s my “me time”. It’s a little bit of time for creativity that also serves the purpose of keeping me accountable and productive.

I plan for everything that I need to do for the next seven days. It includes my plans for work, the family and the personal things I need to do.

Erin Condren LifePlanner - Love from Mim

Why do people use a Planner?

For a million and one reasons! They might like to plan their work week, their family events, their wedding, a blog planner, as an event planner, a party planner, for a specific project or more.

Without my planner, I would be SO disorganised. It’s just impossible to remember everything that needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

Since I started using a paper planner, my productivity has soared!

But how can a beginner planner start to plan?

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first start planning – I didn’t find much help online on planning for beginners. I wondered:

What is the best planner for me? A paper planner, online planner, a diary, a bullet journal or a personal planner?

And what about all of the different paper planners? Should I use an Erin Condren LifePlanner, a Kikki K planner, a Personal Planner, a Happy Planner or one of the many on the market?

How do I decorate my planner? Do I even have to do planner decoration?

Where do I start planning?

What are the rules of Planner 101?

Planner on table - Love from Mim

I remember sitting down with my brand new planner for the first time and feeling a bit lost! I’d watched a lot of YouTube planner organization videos (and even make my own here sometimes) but I didn’t want to mess up!

Over the years, I’ve found a planning style that works for me and I want to help you do the same.

In these ten classes I will guide you on:

  • What Planner is right for you – so you don’t waste money buying the wrong one
  • How to become a Planner
  • Planner must haves and Planner set up
  • How to organise your Planner and Planner decorating for beginners
  • Using a Planner to stay organised
  • What Planner supplies I love and recommend
  • My personal Planner tips and tricks that helped me when I got started

I’m confident that you’ll find a passion for planning too – and you’ll also start to feel a lot less overwhelmed and a lot more organised!

Are you ready to join me in finding your planning style?

Sign up for How to Use a Planner for Beginners here and get your first three modules free! These three might be enough to set you on the planning track for success!

How to use a Planner for Beginners - Love from Mim

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How to use a Planner for Beginners - Free Online Planner Course! Love from Mim Find out what is the best planner, how to decorate a planner and total planner 101!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price you pay.

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