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Top Tips on How to Use Gumtree to Sell Things!

When it comes to making a bit of extra cash while you’re decluttering, one of the questions I’m most asked is how to use Gumtree to sell things you no longer need. Because I do it ALL the time!

I’ve found it a great place to get rid of the things we no longer need and make a bit of extra side cash.

This is not a sponsored post by the way :)

I thought I would let you know the simple steps on how to advertise on Gumtree so you can get started too.

I’ll use the desktop version of their site as an example but the mobile Gumtree AU app or mobile site is super easy to use too.

We’ve sold everything from baby stuff we no longer need to unused furniture and more.

Find out how to use Gumtree to sell your unwanted things! - Love from Mim make money on gumtree by selling items from home. Sell second hand or sell preloved things! #gumtree #gumtreereview #buyandsell #makemoneyonline #sellongumtree #buyongumtree

How does Gumtree Work

Gumtree describes itself as “Australia’s local marketplace”.

They have more than 2.5 million listings across hundreds of categories where you can buy, sell and find just about everything in categories like:

  • Home & Garden
  • Baby & Children
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Clothing & Jewellery
  • Cars
  • Jobs

Buyers can pay in cash on collection or delivery or via PayPal.

Here are my tips on how to place an ad on gumtree to sell your things. I actually have a load more so let me know in the Comments if you want more tips on getting quicker sales and maximising your profits?

How to Sell on Gumtree

1. Click here and go to Post an Ad

How to Use Gumtree to Sell - Love from Mim

The Gumtree Post ad button will then take you to the Gumtree Sign Up page. Here you can either Sign in or Sign Up as you need to create Gumtree account before you can list anything for sale.

2. The Gumtree Australia Login page allows you to log in login in with your email address, Facebook or Google account. I tend to use email to log in to my Gumtree account.
See the My Gumtree login au screen here:

How to Use Gumtree to Sell - Love from Mim

3. You’re taken to the Gumtree Place an Ad page next and it’s time to get started! Add the title of what you’re selling, e.g. “White Baby Cot RRP $300” and then click the arrow.

4. Select a Category that fits the item you’re selling. Gumtree generally recommends the most relevant category to you to make things easier.

5. Now complete all other details about that item and add images of it.

How to Use Gumtree to Sell - Love from Mim

6. Include a price (you can even select FREE if you want to give away your item), a thorough description of what you’re selling and your contact details.

7. Choose the type of ad you want – I always go for free. There are extra options for you to pay to get your item highlighted in searches and increase your chance of selling the item.

How to Use Gumtree to Sell - Love from Mim

8. Click “Post Ad” and you’re done!

Your item will be listed on Gumtree immediately and you’ll be sent an email to confirm this.

My Tips on How to use Gumtree to Sell Things


When people are interested in your item, they can reach out to email you through the private message system. This also sends the email to your email inbox too.

I would recommend that if someone emails you, you reply to every message as soon as you can to lessen the risk of you losing that potential purchaser.

Some people will email you asking if you will reduce the price further – if you’ve been inundated with interest in your product, tell them that. Let them know that you’ve received a lot interest and you’re not going to reduce the price at this stage.

If they feel like there’s a lot of competition, they’re much likelier to make you a really good offer to secure the sale for themselves now.

Find out how to use Gumtree to sell your unwanted things! - Love from Mim make money on gumtree by selling items from home. Sell second hand or sell preloved things! #gumtree #gumtreereview #buyandsell #makemoneyonline #sellongumtree #buyongumtree


When it comes to the photos you include in your listings, make the images clear and really showcase the features and benefits of the item.

If I’m selling an item with any damage or marks, I like to highlight these on the images to help the purchaser make an informed decision


Do a bit of research on the item you’re selling before you list it – you don’t want to underprice or overprice your items if you can help it.

I check both Gumtree and eBay to see what price others are selling similar items and then decide on my price.

If you overprice something, you risk no-one being interested and it never looks great if you have to relist with a lower price – you risk looking desperate and prospective buyers might try to take advantage of that and offer you less. Well, I would if I was them!

You can place Gumtree free ads and I do this a lot when I’m trying to declutter items that are not worth much in value but that someone else can really benefit from. Just choose the Gumtree post Free Ad option in the Pricing section, as shown above.

Gumtree buy and sell options and the things that people are looking to buy is endless. When we’re decluttering, I will go from room to room listing everything I can see, taking images at the same time and listing them as I walk around the house! It’s so quick and easy to do and some of the things I’ve listed has sold in the same day!

Buying on Gumtree is a great option if you’re looking to save money too.

I hope my tips on how to sell on Gumtree Australia have helped you and happy selling!

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Find out how to use Gumtree to sell your unwanted things! - Love from Mim make money on gumtree by selling items from home. Sell second hand or sell preloved things! #gumtree #gumtreereview #buyandsell #makemoneyonline #sellongumtree #buyongumtree

I hope my tips on how to use Gumtree to sell things have helped you!


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