When Your Husband Isn’t Organised (And You Don’t Want To Be A Nag)

When they say “opposites attract”, I couldn’t agree more. My husband, Mr M, couldn’t be more different to me in so many ways: my husband isn’t organised.

Whilst we share the same values, parenting decisions and love for chocolate, there’s a lot that we differ on.

  • He (funnily enough) doesn’t agree with me that Jamie Fraser from Outlander is the most attractive man on the planet.
  • At the end of the day, I put my clothes in the laundry basket/wardrobe/drawers. He kicks his to the edge of the bedroom.
  • I open letters on the day I get them and action them/file them/bin them. He occasionally opens them later that week. (Or sometimes not at all).

I’m organised and he most definitely is not.

When Your Husband Isn’t Organised is sponsored by Bridge.

I Wish My Husband Was More Organised

Our differences of opinion keep a nice “spark” in our relationship but that last point is the reason for most of our disagreements.

When it comes to organisation, we just couldn’t be more different and it does bother me that it’s the primary cause of our quarrels. The words “lazy” and “nag” are often thrown between each other and I think we both agree that neither of us are either of those really. We just do things differently.

That said, when it comes to his work, he knows something has to change. Mr M is a tradie (and a bloody good one). The feedback he receives on his attention to detail, his creativity and his quality workmanship is always so positive. He qualified as a tradie later in life and prior to that was an animator and artist. His talent for creativity and design transfers so well to his job now as a carpenter.

Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping the business side of his job in check, there are times when he struggles. Admin just isn’t his strong suit. Delivering high quality, bespoke solutions to his customer’s requirements is where he’s at his best.

Man and woman looking at paperwork

The Impact On Our Relationship

The problem is, admin is a necessity for anyone running their own business. I have to deal with it for mine and I’m not about to start doing his too. Putting together quotes, lists of parts needed for a job and sending invoices are just some of the admin tasks he deals with on a daily basis. What tends to happen is that when the kids are in bed, out comes his laptop and work diary. Then he can spend a few hours a night trying to keep on top of it all.

It doesn’t impact on the kids, as they’re in bed. It does however impact on our relationship because instead of chatting about how our day went, his head is down trying to make sense of his work admin.

I’ll just add that on Outlander night, that works out quite nicely as I have no inclination to talk to anyone else when Jamie Fraser is in view.

Mr M hates admin and I don’t blame him – most people do. It’s time-consuming and, most of the time, it’s really boring.

We’ve been together for ten years now and it’s time to find a better system that works for him when it comes to work admin. Less time on that and more time together. Not on Outlander night, only the others ones.

Introducing Bridge

Bridge is an app designed with tradies like Mr M in mind. It simplifies the whole admin process and has been purposely built for sole traders who need to stay organised. Bridge App is intuitive, easy to use and streamlines work admin for tradies. Less time spent on paperwork, more time doing…well, anything else.

The added benefit of it being an app means that it’s also a way for tradies to manage their business on-the-go. You can find out more about Bridge here.

Mr M loves his job and he’s proud of his work but his paperwork just doesn’t match up to that quality. I know from chatting to the partners of his colleagues in the past that it’s the same for them.

We don’t agree on everything and that’s perfectly healthy for a relationship. Ten years on, it’s a pretty good sign that we want to spend more time together, not less! So this is just one of the ways we can claim back a bit more “couple time”.

My husband isn’t organised (and he isn’t Jamie Fraser) but we both want him to spend less time doing admin.

Do you think opposites attract too?

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What do you do when your husband isn't organised? This is my experience and how I help him be more organised without nagging him (hopefully!) #organisation #relationships #productivity #organisationfortradies

What do you do when your husband isn’t organised like you are?



  1. Kylie T
    / 5:16 pm

    Opposites do attract but there is just so much to do day-to-day therefore how amazing are apps and techniques we can find that help reduce the workload. Thanks for a great article!

    • Mim
      / 2:11 pm

      Oh I know – I love apps that make life easier! x

  2. Heidi O'Day
    / 11:07 pm

    Thanks so muck for this article,I thought for a minute you were talking for me!

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