I got a Tattoo!

I got a Tattoo!

Well actually I got FOUR tattoos!!

Ok, apologies, I couldn’t help with the clickbaity title of this – it had to be done!

I DID get 4 tattoos though as today I went to my planning and preparation appointment for radiotherapy.

I got a Tattoo! lovefrommim.com Radiotherapy Tattoos Radiation Tattoos Treatment for Breast Cancer Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Image Source: Pixabay (These are NOT my tattoos!)

I had a CT scan where they basically pin pointed and marked on me exactly where they needed to do the treatment.

I’ll be having 20 daily sessions of radiation which only take about 15 minutes to do but one of the reasons they are so quick is because they mark my body up with these tattoos so they know exactly where to do every time.

I was a little bit anxious about the scan because I get really bad claustrophobia but they were so so nice to me and when I had a couple of ‘moments’ they let me pull myself together and take a break. I think I’ll be ok for the actual treatment.

It probably didn’t help though but you have to wear this snorkel thing while you’re having the radiotherapy! It’s like a snorkel in your mouth to breathe which is attached to a button which stops and starts the air flow. Oh and I have to wear a nose clip so I can only breathe through my mouth.

So basically I have to hold my breath for 25 seconds during the radiation. Something about puffing my chest up so the radiation doesn’t hit my heart or something like that. I zoned out a bit during the education session. I don’t need those details, I’ll just do as I’m told.

Thank goodness for hypnobirthing and meditation, I’ve had a lot of practice with deep breathing. Not so much practice holding my breath but I seem to be a pro at that too. Hidden talents, everywhere.

Now, on to the tattoos. There is one either side of my chest, one in the middle of my boobs and one on top of the no-longer-cancery one.

I won’t be posting pics of my “ladies” on this blog.

However the tattoos are literally TINY. They are no bigger than a full stop. Like this one>>> .

So really, there is nothing to see here anyway. And apparently they’re really easy to remove afterwards if I don’t want to be dotty forever.

Tattoos are not essential though and if I had objected for any reason, they would have just Sharpie’d me instead. The only possible problem with that is that they will need to keep redoing it and there’s always the risk over time that they’re not as accurate. The main reason I opted for the tats (I’m so cool saying that, aren’t I?!) is that it speeds the whole process up for each session. I’ll be in and out of the door in about 20 minutes.

So I started the day with no tattoos and now I have 4 of them – I am totally hardcore!

Anyhoo, I start radiotherapy next week and I must say, I’m not worried at all about it. Apparently the side effect is fatigue which is a bit laughable as I’m sure I can’t get any more fatigued than I already am from the chemo.

If I can stay awake, I’ll let you know how next week goes!



  1. Hannah Budding Smiles
    / 7:06 am

    Oh Mim you are a tease with the title, you’ll have to get a tattoo of your choosing once you finish radiotherapy! Best of luck lovely, keep remembering your breathing techniques and hopefully you can go to a calm place in your mind during the sessions xx

    • / 4:02 pm

      Hee hee couldn’t help myself! Thank you lovely x x

  2. RachelSwirl
    / 9:48 am

    You brave lady xxxx

    • / 9:56 am

      Oh thank you lovely! x x

  3. Hannah | Hannah Spannah
    / 5:13 pm

    Click bait!!! I’m thinking Dolphins, naked ladies, roses…….you tease! I’m glad to hear it went ok, and it’s always interesting to read the ins and outs of what you have to go through. The snorkel thing doesn’t sound great. I’ve had a lot of MRI’s and have no worries about them but you are super strong as it sounds like a whole new level. Hardcore you are Mrs

    • / 1:22 pm

      Hee hee I know, right! You are hardcore being ok with MRIs, I’m so scared of them! Thanks lovely x x

  4. Em @ snowingindoors
    / 3:59 pm

    And there was me picturing you with a massive tattoo of a dolphin leaping across your back ;-) Good luck with this next stage of treatment xx

    • / 4:09 pm

      Hee hee there’s still time for one of those! Thanks lovely :) x x

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