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MAM Teether Friends Review

MAM Teether Friends Review

Mini M has spent the last week conducting a review of the MAM Teether Friends.

In this highly scientific study, he has completed a series of tests on the device including sucking, licking, grabbing, missing and one of his favourites, hitting Mummy in the head with it!

I’m unsure as to whether he is teething too much yet as he’s only 3 months old but he seems to have his little hands in his mouth, sucking away, a lot of the day so we thought we’d give him an actual teether to try when MAM kindly asked if we’d like to review it.

MAM Teether Friends Review - Teething Baby Product How to help a teething baby

We were sent Lucy the Snail as she is perfect for babies over 1 month old.

MAM Teether Friends are handmade developmental toys, they’re soft and easy to hold and once Mini M has it in his clutches, he isn’t letting go!

As well as letting him chew on it, we’ve also used it during tummy time.  When he’s on his tummy he’s still learning to lift his head and I use it in front of him as encouragement and something to focus on.

The snail is lovely and bright but small enough for him to grip on to, with a friendly smiley face :)  It has a variety of textures and is made from 100% rubber so is soft and gentle for babies.

Mini M also received a very cute Certificate of Adoption with his snail friend – how lovely!

Miss M didn’t get her teeth until much later than her friends but they tended to come in clusters so we seemed to get off lightly with teething – not too much fuss and over with very quickly too.

MAM Teether Friends Review - Teething Baby Product How to help a teething baby

I HOPE Mini M has the same experience and I’m sure Lucy the Snail will keep him company while we’re waiting for that first little tooth!

You can buy your own MAM Teether Friends from Amazon here (affiliate link).

How did you know when your baby was teething?

MAM Teether Friends Review - Teething Baby Product How to help a teething baby

Disclosure:  I was sent the MAM Teether Friend in exchange for our honest review.



  1. Suz
    / 8:00 am

    Aww this looks great! We love MAM products! We used tethers but little one never really took to them, didn’t stop me buying a shed load though! Haha! Great review and lovely read! Suz x

    • / 8:22 am

      They’re so lovely aren’t they! Love that they’re age specific too :) x

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