MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet Review

MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet Review

Since I first met with my midwife at the 12 week appointment, I was given a booklet that contains all of my medical and personal pregnancy notes.

It is advised that pregnant women should carry these notes around with them at all times because in an emergency situation, a medical professional can check all that they need to about where you are in your pregnancy and any key information.

The kind of information that these notes contains are:

1.  Demographic Information – Your name, address, contact details, next of kin details
2.  Medical History – Any serious or ongoing illnesses, allergies and medications that you take
3.  Obstetric History – This is a brief overview of past pregnancies, births etc.
4.  Antenatal Visits
5.  Any Antenatal Admissions
6.  Your Birth Plan
7.  Blood Results
8.  Scan Results

I was given a plastic envelope to keep these notes in at my first appointment but I found it quite flimsy and it quickly became torn in my bag but MAMA Academy kindly sent me one of their Wellbeing Wallets!

Mama Academy Wellbeing Wallet Review - Pregnancy Folder Pregnancy Notes Midwife Notes

About MAMA Academy

MAMA Academy is a registered charity working alongside The Royal College of Midwives.  The aim of MAMA Academy is to equip all expectant mums and healthcare professionals with vital knowledge and education to give every baby the best chance of arriving safely and healthily.  They want to help mums have healthy pregnancies and support midwives to aid consistency of maternity care right across the UK.

Their team consists of various mums and healthcare professionals whose passion is to educate to help see the numbers of baby loss decline.  They aim to reduce the numbers of stillborn babies in the UK by:

  • Raising awareness of baby loss.
  • Educating expectant mums and on health in pregnancy, complications and how to reduce the risks of stillbirth.
  • Assisting healthcare professionals by keeping them up to date with the latest practices, guidelines and research to provide consistent maternity care.

The Wellbeing Wallets are a brilliant idea and are only £2 which includes postage and packing.

Mama Academy Wellbeing Wallet Review - Pregnancy Folder Pregnancy Notes Midwife Notes

They keep your scan photos and leaflets safe whilst you educate yourself with pregnancy knowledge in the waiting room.  A MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet is full of colourful, easy to understand key pregnancy information to support you right through your pregnancy.

The wallets have a space to write your hospital contact number so that in the event of an emergency, whoever sees this can call and speak to your healthcare provider.

They also have key information for expectant mothers on foods to avoid in pregnancy, signs of labour, how to look after yourself and exercise during pregnancy as well as ideas for questions you might like to ask your midwife at your appointments.

The wallet also fastens with a ziplock which means your documents are kept safe and secure yet easy to get to!

You can order your own from their online store and there is also the option to fund one for another mum to be – a lovely idea!

For more information on MAMA Academy, contact them here:

[email protected]

07917 162 306

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