6 Things I Do to Improve My Mental Well Being

I’ve shared many times that anxiety issues have been a bigger part of my life in recent years. Looking after my mental well being has become a daily consideration now.

My Mental Health Struggles

It wasn’t always the case – and I just didn’t really ‘get’ it when people talked about anxiety.

I mean, I’d undergone times of stress and certainly times when my mental health was affected. In fact, since I was about 18 years old, when I do go through stressful times, my hair falls out.

It affects my mental and emotional health so much when it happens – well, inside and out. I feel under-confident, paranoid and scared that my body and brain isn’t working properly.

I’ve consulted so many medical professionals, including alternative medicine professionals, over the past few years – asking them how can I improve my wellbeing. They’ve shared their advice with me and some things do help.

Mim Jenkinson

I suppose I have a “go-to” list now – when I’m feeling mentally and emotionally drained or tested, I do these things.

It’s about happiness too – when I’m feeling down or sad or angry even, I want to push those negative emotions aside. It isn’t easy though – you can’t just “cheer up”, can you?

Sometimes, it’s really small things that get me down – the kind of things that a few years ago I wouldn’t have wasted a second of negative emotion on.

But now I’m quite sensitive – overly-sensitive in many ways.

I’ll feel like I’m picking up things in the tone of someone’s voice or email. I have a paranoia that people don’t like me – even though the rational ‘me’ knows not to give a shit about people who don’t like me. Because I have plenty of lovely people in my life who do make me feel good about myself.

Or I’ll compare what I’m doing to what someone else is and feel inferior. Or I’ll feel like I’m not doing the best I can be – as a mum, at work or with my weight loss struggles. (I just put 3kgs on, I’m feeling like crap).

But I have these tried and tested ways how to improve mental health that have worked for me and continue to. As you know, I’m not a medical professional and this is just what’s working for me. I do recommend you speak to your GP to discuss your own mental health x

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6 Things That Help My Mental and Emotional Health

1. I Blog

Writing is my outlet – my therapy. Even writing this post helps – by getting the confusing or negative thoughts out of my head and on to ‘paper’.

Writing or journaling is a really popular way to boost positive mental health and well being – have you tried it?

2. Sunlight

Apart from the benefits of Vitamin D, I just find sunshine really cheers me up. Do you?

Woman with sunlight behind her

When it’s sunny, my mood lifts, we can do more outside and get fresh air. But working from home means that for hours at a time, I’m stuck in my dark office. I can’t even have the blind open much because the light shines on my screen.

Getting out more helps me break up the day and the sunshine improves my emotional health and wellbeing in every way.

3. Talking to friends

And by talking, I mean actually talking – not just messaging or texting. Having a great chat with one of my besties cheers me up no end. Laughing, chatting, sharing what we’ve been up to – it lifts my mood so much.

Again, working from home means I can go hours without seeing anyone else – it’s a bit of a downside to it.

4. The Calm App/Meditating

The Calm app is my current favourite app for meditating and I listen to it before bed.

I’ve had issues with insomnia for as long as I can remember and find it really difficult to relax and wind down at bedtime. My mind won’t stop and I know that getting more sleep is one of the best ways to improve mental health.

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5. Drinking more water

I don’t know why – I probably should look into it! – but if I’m even a bit dehydrated, I just don’t feel good.

Since I got a SodaStream Power I’ve been making my own sparkling water from tap water and try to drink 2-4 litres per day. It’s HARD though isn’t it, to drink that much. But I know when I do, I feel much better physically and my head feels less foggy so I can concentrate more.

You can grab a SodaStream Power here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

Woman pouring glass of water

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6. Exercise

Urgh, exercise. And I don’t want to feel urgh about it – I want to be one of those people who LOVES to go to the gym or go for a run. But I’m not. Not yet anyway.

I know that exercise can improve well being and is so good to take care of your mental health. I just struggle to do enough of it – but I’m slowly working on it.

Exercise is going to be essential for good well being for me because I need to lose some weight and get more active.

I want to feel stronger and when I go to the gym, I feel so great afterward. I mean, physically, I feel knackered! But emotionally, I’m so proud of myself for going and working hard – and it really boosts my mood.

So clearly, I know I need to do it more. It’s just getting there!

Do you have any tips to improve mental health or to lift your mood?

Yuo can find out more about mental health here.

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Are you looking for how to improve mental well being? These are my six best ways to improve mental health and wellbeing that work for me. I would love to know what you do to improve positive mental health too! Love from Mim

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  1. Danny T. Schneider
    / 9:37 pm

    Hey Mim,

    just a small comment from Germany on #6: I’ve been working as a fitness instructor for 18 yrs and I can tell you: People love what they’re good at. It has a lot to do with delayed gratification, because you are putting in a lot of work at the beginning without having immediate results and all the super fit people around you seem to enjoy something that is just a lot of work to you.

    Best advice I can give after working out for 25 yrs (gee, I’m old) myself: Never blame yourself for not investing enough time – that’s a game you just can’t win, because it will unavoidably come to a conflict with other priorities in your life. Time is the least important factor. Try to workout smart and efficient. If it is two hours per week: get all the energy you can into those two hours and set your mind at peace (don’t really know how to write this in English), knowing you have made the best use of your time.

    If you need specific help, just let me know.

    • Mim
      / 11:05 am

      I really appreciate your advice so much, thank you :)

  2. / 11:03 am

    Journalling is something I often suggest my own clients try as there’s so much research now into its mental AND physical health benefits, and I always tell them I use it and love it – but that I also use it in a very sporadic sort of way, writing when I need to and not when I don’t. For me, I know that my mental health suffers if I’m not doing something creative and not getting outside enough. It’s been an adjustment figuring out what that looks like with a little bub (goodbye, free time), and I guess will continue to change with each chapter and season of our family life. My best friend, who is an artist and a couple of years ahead of me in the parenting journey, tells me that as they get a bit older, you start getting some of your me time back!

    • Mim
      / 11:23 am

      Oh I’m looking forward to that :) and yes, journalling is just so wonderful as therapy, isn’t it! x

  3. Lisa
    / 1:25 pm

    Hi Mim. Thank you for sharing things that are helpful to you. Reading your blog continues to be one way I work through my anxiety. I also try to wake up early enough to get cozy and have a cup of coffee in the quiet before my family is up and the chaos of the day ensues. That quiet time can help ground me and start my day on a peaceful note. I wish you peace of mind and relief from fear and worry

    • Mim
      / 5:33 pm

      Thank you lovely and I hope you’re doing well – in fact, I’m going to email you RIGHT NOW!! x x

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