Mim Loves Blogs – Run, Jump, Scrap!

Mim Loves Blogs – Run, Jump, Scrap!

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Mim Loves Blogs recommendation!

We had a lovely, sunny weekend as a family and yesterday was Mini M’s 8 week birthday :)  You can read my 8 week post partum update here.

Life as a family of 4 is just lovely and Miss M adores her little baby brother so far.  It’s a funny time for her – she’s such a chatterbox now and talks constantly (don’t know who she gets that from).  She’s also learning more about pushing boundaries, hmm and of course she’s getting used to having a new brother and learning more about sharing.  It’s an interesting time.

She’s always been an independent women (throw your hands up at me!) and just gets more and more so every day.  Again, no idea who she gets it from!

I really enjoyed reading Sarah from Run, Jump, Scrap!‘s post this week about her daughter and nodded the whole way through – she was describing Miss M to a T as well!

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The post – Why is my Daughter so Peppa Pig Headed? – is so funny and describes all the ways throughout the day where her little one wants to ‘do it herself’.  They want to do EVERYTHING themselves, don’t they!  Which, of course, is wonderful but, oh my, it is time-consuming, messy and often results in, as Sarah puts it, “carnage”!

That said, I agree that we have to let them learn, to run free, to put their shoes on the wrong feet and generally cause chaos and it will all come good in the end :)

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Do you have an independent toddler too?  How do you handle the stubborn situations that Sarah describes?

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