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Modibodi Underwear Review

Today we’re talking undies – yes, undies! But not just any old ones, these high-tech pants are part of the Modibodi range.

As you know, I share a lot of personal info on my blog. I didn’t set out to bare all (so to speak) when I started blogging but after sharing my experience of breast cancer with the world, I found it helped me to open up more.

I first heard about Modibodi a year or so ago – my friends were all raving about them! Dubbed the “original period, leak and sweat proof underwear”, at that time they didn’t seem to apply to me.

My period had ceased during chemo and hitting the gym wasn’t on my agenda at all. Fast forward to right now, that’s started to change! My hormones are (kind of) back in check and Aunt Flo has returned (um, yay) and I’ve Joined. A. Gym. I’ve even been a few times too.

Women wearing Modibodi Underwear

I’m doing group coaching sessions because, let’s face it, I’m lazy. I need a class environment, a group to feel part of and a kick-ass trainer to…kick my ass.

But back to pants and period knickers. The coaching classes I’ve been to so far have been hard core for me. I have zero fitness or strength right now and literally everything is hard. But I can only get better, right?

I’m not a particularly self-conscious person but I do really want to take bigger steps to improving my health. I want to keep up with my energetic kids and I want to set a healthy example for them.

But how do period and bladder leak undies help with that?

This Modibodi Underwear review is sponsored by Modibodi and contains affiliate links.

About Modibodi Underwear

Modibodi Underwear Review

Modibodi leak proof underwear has every kind of potential pant-leakage situation covered. Periods, sweat, incontinence, discharge you name it. It all helps with feeling a bit more confident, doesn’t it?

If you’re imagining a pair of super-sized granny pant period underwear, you’d be wrong.

The range includes breathable, functional and pretty pants to suit every shape with patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain resistant lining for periods and bladder leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ which is your go-to to keep your dry and cool with it’s a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting powers for getting sweaty. That’s a lot less to worry about during periods or gym sessions!

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For my first Modibodi order, I chose their Active Air, Sensual Boyleg and High Waist Bikini Briefs – all in Black.

Modibodi Underwear

The Active Air briefs are perfect for the gym (no more sweaty underwear!).

They sit on my hips with good bum-coverage – so no “hungry bum” look. The gusset is wide which also stops them moving around when I’m working out. I’ve tried other sporty style undies before and haven’t found them comfortable but the elastic around the waist on these isn’t too tight and it’s snug enough to stay in place. Note – no sweat in sight!

The Hi Waist Bikinis are particularly fab menstrual underwear for period days. I wore them on the heaviest day of my period which is the second day.

Modibodi Underwear Hi Waist Bikini Briefs

These babies are extra absorbent and for heavier period days, they’re the ultimate reassurance for no-leaks. They have a padded gusset built into the undies, at the front and back, so there’s no way any potential leaks could escape. I wondered if the padding would make the undies feel “heavy” but once on, they just feel like a really snug and comfortable pair of undies. Sheer genius!

My periods are so up and down since chemo – sometimes they’re super light and sometimes the complete opposite. It’s made me anxious because I can no longer predict how they’re going to be so these are my new undie insurance policy! At my age, a period leak in public is the last thing I’d want.

I also love that these briefs cover my tummy in full – so all that extra bloating around period time is given a slightly-sucked in hug. With a pretty lace top so I don’t feel like a nanna.

The Boyleg knickers are my faves for everyday wear as well as period proof underwear. No unsightly VPL and they’re super comfortable.

They sit on my hips and dip slightly at the front but they don’t roll down. They’re super soft and light and I love the pretty lace trim.

Modibodi Underwear

Sizing-wise, I’ve found them all very true to size so would recommend just shopping your usual dress size.

All three look and feel as comfortable as the best underwear I’ve bought before but having the added benefits of Modibodi magic just makes them out-perform any others.

I would love them to design a combination of the Active Air briefs and Boyleg ones.

I think for teens starting their period for the first time, this would really help them feel less anxious too. They aren’t just period undies. In fact, they’re great for ladies of all ages because these undies have a solution for teens, pregnant women, menopause and beyond.

You know what else I love about Modibodi – their website. The women on that website in particular. Because women who get periods or who go to the gym are not all THIN. We come in all different shapes and sizes and the Modibodi range caters to that. Not only that but they shout about that fact in their beautiful images of real women in all different sizes.

Modibodi undies are not a gimmick, not something new on the market to manipulate women into purchasing a product they don’t need. They’re a genius, practical and pretty product designed by women who want to empower and help other women. Thank goodness for women like that.

They work. Try them out for one day of your period and you’ll be a convert too.

Click here for the Modibodi shop.

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In this Modibodi underwear review I share why I think these are the best period underwear and how they've changed my life a bit! These are the best underwear for preventing any kinds of leaks. #modibodi #modibodiunderwear #periodpanties #periodunderwear #leakproofunderwear

Disclosure: this Modibodi underwear review and giveaway is sponsored. This post contains affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase, I receive a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.



  1. Naomi
    / 12:34 pm

    Take the “I feel pretty approach” and believe in yourself, if you project it others will see it

  2. Laura S
    / 6:41 pm

    Perfect posture makes an instant tummy tuck!

  3. Laura S
    / 6:31 pm

    Perfect posture for an instant tummy tuck!

  4. Kylie T
    / 1:31 pm

    Embrace our differences & uniqueness intrinsically part
    Along with personality and femininity felt deep at heart
    Shine like a star that twinkles in the night’s sky
    Don’t let Modibodi’s beautiful range pass you by!

  5. Allmaree
    / 7:09 pm

    Know that you are worth the investment and can continue to grow as you learn.

  6. Rachel K
    / 3:49 am

    To me feeling “desirable” is the key to self confidence and it’s about more than just myclothes or how I do my hair or makeup. It’s an entire lifestyle. It involves interacting with people in the right way, giving off an air of self-confidence that infects others with my presence causing them to follow in my self-assuredness, personal judgment, and ability. This is the secret to becoming involved with everyone around you and getting people to like you from the second they meet you.

  7. Jordana Hodgetts
    / 1:27 pm

    Having a visible physical deformity or looking a bit different in some way can be a bit of a blow to self esteem and confidence so when my young toddler points and asks questions about these things in public, I like to use it as an opportunity to teach him to find something “nice” to comment on instead, rather than just running away or shhing him in embarrassment.
    At Coles he saw a lady with a large birthmark on her face so pointed and asked “what that” the lady looked embarrassed and tried to hide behind her hair. So I told my son, “that is a beautiful lady, she has lovely hair doesn’t she” so he chipped back “nice smile too”. The lady smiled and had a little chat to my son before she went about her shopping…I want to think that it made a small difference to her confidence and brightened her day. I think it was a better reaction on my part to give a compliment than to quickly rush off after my curious toddler pointed out her birthmark

  8. Tanya
    / 12:53 pm

    I think Dr Seuss nailed self confidence when he said: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.

  9. Isabel
    / 4:50 pm

    These would definitely be very comfy and convenient

  10. Gayle Vos
    / 4:14 pm

    Don’t listen to “haters” or negative comments, feel proud

  11. Adenoble
    / 8:49 pm

    get on a train or bus and just look at the other people and realise we are all fundamentally the same, then realise that everyone is on a journey and that it is important to everyone else that you fulfil that destiny, smile, fake it till you make it with confidence

  12. Bryony
    / 2:49 pm

    I think that confidence and self esteem definitely get easier with age – if I could tell my younger self one thing it would be not to worry about what other people think as much. If there’s one thing you can depend on it is change – and that is true for your appearance and the way you see yourself too. My tip would be to hang in there and know that nothing stays the same!

  13. Karina Lee
    / 1:29 am

    Mental note: Everybody is unique and we all come in different shapes, colours and sizes!

  14. Erin
    / 9:53 pm

    Remember that everyone else is too busy worrying about their own life to be judging you on trivial things like your appearance or how you act. I have to remind myself frequently and it definitely helps my social anxiety and low confidence.

  15. Mel
    / 2:53 pm

    Wear what makes you feel beautiful and don’t compare yourself to others!

  16. womblywoo
    / 2:30 pm

    My tip for confidence is to always imagine you’re the only one there, no body is watching! Dance/run/have fun like no one is watching,

  17. Jaimi Elle
    / 1:52 pm

    Step out of your comfort zone, practice self love each day even if it’s just taking 5 minutes to sip a cup of coffee in peace and start doing things purely because they make you happy x

  18. Paula H
    / 10:49 am

    Make an effort to look good every day…..even if it’s just trying to hide the bags under my eyes :)
    Looking good makes me feel good

  19. Louise
    / 12:39 am

    Sometimes you just have to let go of the fear and jump :)

  20. Samara McRae
    / 8:35 pm

    Love the skin your in. Accept your flaws they make them you.

  21. wendyhatton
    / 8:15 pm

    Keep good people around you and avoid the toxic ones

  22. Charl
    / 8:00 pm

    Don’t compare yourself to others and be proud of your own achievements, no matter how small!

  23. Dianne
    / 7:44 pm

    Excellent timing Mim! Just discovered the company I used to buy from is out of business. I love high waist bikini’s so Sensual ones you tried would be my pick. Maybe down the line they will have them in a colour other than black. My best tip for improving confidence is being organised – when I’m organised it frees me up to be focused on the now and enjoy ‘the moment! Thanks

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