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4 Most Used Baby Products I was Gifted + Free New Baby eBook

The 4 Most Used Baby Products I was Gifted is sponsored by Britax.

As a new mum, I received so many lovely gifts from generous family and friends. We were very lucky and so grateful.

At the same time, I was pretty clueless as a new parent. I had no idea, before I actually became a mum, what babies really needed. In fact, other than clothing, I just didn’t know what to say when people asked what I needed. I know the result for many mums is piles of new baby clothing that either doesn’t fit or isn’t to the parent’s taste.

My best friends very generously organised an awesome baby shower for my first baby and it was so much fun! I was also blown away by the gifts that everyone bought too – they were so beautiful and practical. And definitely not expected! Everyone else seemed to know what we needed, even if we didn’t.

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Baby holding blanket

4 Useful Baby Products I was Gifted:

1. Baby Bouncer

One of my lovely best friends, who lives overseas, sent us a Baby Bouncer and it was such a useful baby product.

A comfortable and supportive baby bouncer was great for when I needed to put them down to do some chores, nip to the bathroom or even eat my lunch! I quickly learned as a new mum that these simple everyday pleasures could be difficult to manage.

The bouncer was also great for daytime naps.

Britax Steelcraft Denim Rocker & Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Capsule

2. Baby Capsule

When we holidayed at my parent’s house overseas, they treated us to a baby capsule. As we were there for a month, it was so handy to have. The capsule was a comfortable, safe and snug seat and was used from the day they picked us up from the airport to when we returned home again. That was an emotional day to say the least!

Having a baby capsule meant we had a comfortable seat for our baby from the airport. It just made the whole holiday so much easier and less stressful than it could have been. It meant we could get around easily in the car and do a lot of travelling.

3. Baby Bath (filled with Baby Skin Care and Toiletries)

As mentioned, I had no idea as a first time mum what babies needed. This had us covered with everything while we worked out what newborn babies need and what we would actually use!

We received two lovely “hampers” one was this baby bath and the other was filled with baby and mum goodies.

They both had newborn baby products from different brands which meant we could see which we preferred before finding our favourites. It also meant that when we bought my baby home from the hospital, we were all set up to do bath time from week one!

4. Voucher for our Local Food Delivery Shop

As well as receiving some lovely and useful gifts for our baby, we were so delighted to receive a voucher for us too!

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It meant that for a couple of evenings, in the early weeks, we didn’t have to stress about cooking when we were exhausted or time poor. We were SO exhausted! I don’t think any amount of warning can realistically prepare you for sleep deprivation from having a newborn baby.

I also thought it was a lovely touch that this friend had considered us, as well as our beautiful baby, too. It’s a perfect gift idea for second time parents who don’t need any more baby things as well.

If your friends are asking you what they should buy for the baby, you’ll love this baby essentials list. It can be such an awkward conversation but needn’t be. They, as much as you, want to make sure you don’t end up with unwanted or unused items or duplication of gifts.

We decided to buy a new Britax Car Seat (the Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia™ Car Seat is the new version). For us it’s all about safety and knowing a new seat is rigorously tested and not involved in any car accident is so important for us.

You can grab your FREE New Baby eBook with a baby essentials list of everything you need in this free Resource Library.

Then when family and friends ask what you need, pass them the newborn baby items list! You could also give it to whoever is organising your baby shower too as they are often asked for gift ideas.

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These are the 4 most used baby products I was gifted! If you're looking for new mum gift ideas, you'll love this list of useful baby gifts. #newbaby #newbabygiftideas #newbabygifts #newmother #giftideas #usefulbabygifts

What were your most used baby products? Or what best baby products do you love to buy for other new parents?



  1. Kylie T
    / 12:45 pm

    A great article, I love to buy a range of baby skin care/products for new mums to try and there are other wonderful idea’s here as well. Thanks!

    • Mim
      / 5:34 pm

      That’s a great idea :) x

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