5 of the Best At Home Mother’s Day Gift Experiences


Your local shopping centre likely resembles a ghost town at the moment, with many boutique stores closed until the Covid-19 pandemic runs its course.

But unless you’re planning on buying your mum a bouquet of toilet rolls for Mother’s Day or the crowd favourite, pyjamas and slippers, you’ve definitely got fewer choices than usual.

So, what do you do? My tip is, think outside the box. More specifically, consider Mother’s Day gift experiences that can be enjoyed at home; I believe experiences are better than things. Don’t you?

In fact, science backs me up on this experience being better than things idea. Researchers Gilovich, Killingsworth and Kumar even expanded on this idea in the Journal of Psychological Science stating that experiences provide more enduring happiness.

The notion that an experience introduces anticipation is particularly interesting. For example, when you give a Mother’s Day gift that is an experience, that mum will also get to enjoy the anticipation of the experience right up to the day she gets to enjoy it; it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So, what at-home experiences for Mother’s Day will mums love to anticipate? Here’s my top five from RedBalloon.

Perfect gift ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day at home

Have an Italian Inspired picnic at home

There’s nothing better than enjoying quality time with your mum, especially when you don’t have to worry about food preparation, and all you have to worry about is relaxing in the comfort of your own home. This Brisbane only Mother’s Day gift experience is a pre-made Italian picnic delivered to your door, simply set yourself up in the backyard (with social distancing in mind) and enjoy the moment.

At Home Online Asian Cooking Course

Are you or your mother a fan of Asian flavours but can never get them right when you cook yourself? Well, then this is the perfect gift. This online cooking course covers 12 weeks or 12 lessons covering cuisines from Japanese to Chinese and Thai to Indonesian.

Cheese Making

Know a mum who likes her cheese more than chocolate? This Italian Cheese Making Kit is a whole lot of fun and makes 6kg worth of cheese!

Cheese Making Kit

At Home High Tea

You don’t have to miss out on the decadent experience of a Mother’s Day high tea when you can bring the experience home. Sweet and savoury catered delights delivered to your mum’s door, ready to enjoy with a pot of tea (or glass of champagne if that tickles your fancy).

High Tea

Mother’s Day in lockdown calls for gifts that support mental health

Social distancing rules and at-risk age groups mean many of us will not be able to visit our mother’s this Mother’s Day, that’s why getting creative and thoughtful is the key in the type of gifts we give.

But it’s not just about our mums; creative and thoughtful gifts are essential for us – the stay at home mums, the single mums, the essential workers, the mum who’s been made redundant. The mums who are overwhelmed because they have been living, parenting and working through unprecedented times. Now more than ever, it’s essential that Mother’s Day Gifts are memorable and reduce the mental load.

A gift that reduces the mental load need not cost anything; it’s the perfect gift to give alongside an at-home gift experience. A busy mum at this very point in time has her mind full of plans and lists of what needs doing. Her mind is packed with home school schedules, work tasks, meal plans and shopping lists and so lifting the mental load by doing some of these things for her makes a huge difference. Remember though; it pays to take notice of the extra cognitive work a mother does so you don’t even have to ask what she needs help with. The process of her having to think of the specifics of what she needs help with is equally as stressful.

Mother’s Day gift experiences take on a whole new meaning this year; mothers deserve both the thought and the effort. Avoid throwing it in the too hard basket and using Covid-19 as an excuse; your creativity and compassion will speak a thousand words.

What are your ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? I would love to know how you’re doing things differently!

You can find out more about RedBalloon by clicking here.

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  1. elkyra
    / 8:04 pm

    My mom and dad can’t go out to buy their essentials so I am going to send them food and stuff that they can eat and use for a month. Will have food delivered to them, too. I think this is the best Mother’s Day gift that I can give for her this year.

    • Mim
      / 12:17 pm

      That’s a great idea!

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