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Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review – Worth The Investment?

I’ve raved before about the Motorola baby monitor we had after the birth of our first baby and how much peace of mind it gave me. So we were so delighted to do a Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor review recently.

I had heard great things about this Wifi Baby Monitor!

There are so many benefits of baby video monitors – for both you and your baby. Although we’ve never lived in a huge house, we do like to close the bedroom door when our baby is in bed. They get a peaceful sleep but it often means we can’t hear them if they wake up.

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review - Love from Mim
The Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

The baby monitor means that we can keep a close eye on our baby when he’s in bed. We can then relax and enjoy our evening!

The Motorola Wifi Baby Monitor isn’t like a baby monitor with camera. You simple use your smartphone or tablet!

How it Connects

The Motorola Wi-Fi HD Video Baby Monitor (affiliate link), as the name suggests, connects up to our home Wi-Fi – so has wireless connectivity. It literally turns your smartphone or tablet into a baby monitor!

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review - Love from Mim

It was so easy to set up by plugging in the camera. I then positioned it on the top of my baby’s cot. The camera is lightweight and it also can be fixed to a wall to get the best angle. We decided not to fix it because we travel a lot and take our baby monitor away with us.

The Hubble App

When the camera was turned on, I searched for the Hubble app in my iPhone app store. I downloaded it for free. I then searched for the camera on my phone! Hubble is a secure cloud service. It gives free streaming and notifications to from the camera to your smartphone or tablet.

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review - Love from Mim

The picture on my screen was in colour in daylight and infrared at night and so clear and I loved the fact that it was on my phone. I pretty much carry my phone everywhere with me – yes, I’m a bit odd. It’s great though as it means whichever room I was in the apartment, I could view my baby on the monitor!

Our previous Motorola baby monitor could not be connected to my smartphone. Although the monitor device was not overly big, it did have to be recharged often. This was an extra device to pack when we travelled.

I have an iPad too and Mr M has an iPhone so if we want, we can download the Hubble app on to any of these devices and view our baby.

Even more features!

Another great feature that I’ve tested out is the video streaming recording option. Just to capture a little video of Mini M sleeping :). It would be a great option to try if your baby wakes up at night a lot and you want to work out why. You can also take a cheeky image shot of your baby sleeping to add to the collection.

There is a two-way communication feature. We can ‘shhhh’, speak softly or hum nursery rhymes to sooth without having to go into the room where Mini is sleeping. Sometimes if he stirs and we go straight in, it just ends up waking him up more. Wrong result!

On the Hubble app screen, I can also see the temperature in the room where the camera is. I can also control the angle the camera is pointing. If Mini has a wriggle around while he’s asleep, I can move the camera around from wherever I am, again without having to go into the room and disturb him.

For me, a baby video monitor camera is a ‘must-have’ and an essential item for new parents who are looking for peace of mind. I used to get anxious just having a shower after I had my first baby in case I couldn’t hear her cry. With the monitor, I can keep a close eye on them when they’re asleep wherever I am in the house. I can get on with chores knowing they’re ok.

Baby video monitors are not cheap, however they really do last. It’s the kind of item that you can use for years with multiple children and then either pass on to a friend or resell.

You can get your own Motorola Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera here.

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Disclosure: we were sent the Motorola Baby Video Monitor return for our honest opinion in this Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Review.



  1. Catherine @ Parentinn
    / 7:03 pm

    Good camera and monitor. Love the remote feature of the monitor where you can get a 360 degree view of the whole room. the hubble app is really good too allowing you to view on your smart phone too.

    • / 3:07 pm

      It’s so clever isn’t it – the Hubble app is great :)

  2. Robyn
    / 9:48 am

    This looks great. We have a Motorola baby monitor and I’m so happy with it, but I’d love one with a video now that baby is quite mobile. It would be handy to see whether he’s standing up in his cot (i.e not going to sleep any time soon), or just lying down making noise. It would make it so much easier to decide when to go into him and when to let him settle!

    • / 11:13 am

      That’s such a good way of using it! Most of the time they just settle themselves don’t they – you don’t want to risk them seeing you checking on them ha! x

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