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My Chemotherapy Update – AC Chemotherapy

Well it’s been a while since I posted about a chemotherapy update and so I thought I’d update you on how things are going.

The good news is, AC chemo is done! Finished. I will never again have AC chemo. Oh thank everything for that. I can’t say I was a fan, did you already get that impression?

So now I’ve moved on to the second half of my chemo treatment, Paclitaxel. I’m having a weekly session of these for 12 weeks and I’ve had 3 already.

It’s a much lighter dose than the ‘Red Devil’ AC chemo and although it has similar side effects, I’ve been told by many that it shouldn’t be as harsh. Another bonus is that the time to administer is it about 1/3 so less time at the hospital.

After the first 3 sessions, it’s already so much easier in many respects. I’m having almost all of the side effects as before but, as promised, they are so far not as bad.

The only two things that are worse is firstly how tired I am now. By that I don’t mean that I want to sleep, I mean body-tired.  A bit like when you have flu.  The second thing goes along with that and it’s the bone pain.

I just ache pretty much everywhere. It’s like a constant dull throbbing painful ache that gets worse as the day goes on.

It isn’t nice but it’s manageable so far and I’ll take this over the other chemo any day!

Hair update – I THINK the hair on my head is starting to grow a tiny bit. At the same time, more of it is still falling out so not sure what’s happening.

Today I had to pluck my eyebrows! YES!

I’ve been warned not to get toooo excited at hair growth at this early stage as I might end up losing all of my hair again a couple of times. Some people even lose it after chemo ends and even 6 months after it ends. That’s not very fair really, is it?

So I’m on single figures now and only 2 months of chemo to go!! Can you believe the end is almost in sight??

After this it will be radiotherapy of course but I’ve been told by my doctors that it’s much easier than chemo.

I bloody hope so!

I’ve never had much stamina for physical things. I was always the kid at school with a sick note for PE. I’ve never enjoyed sports. In fact the only exercise that I’ve ever truly loved is zumba. I can’t wait to zumba again when this portacath is removed!

I can’t wait for a LOT when this portacath is removed. I’m grateful for it but it’s uncomfortable and makes me feel very claustrophobic.

But as I was saying, I’ve never had much stamina for the physical but with this treatment, I have no choice. I feel like I’m running a very slow, very annoying and very lonely marathon at times.

Nearly there though.

9 more weeks. NINE!

I’m getting there, the finish line is on the horizon :)

My Friend Has Cancer eBook by Mim Jenkinson
My Friend Has Cancer eBook by Mim Jenkinson

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  1. / 9:35 pm

    Hi thеre colleagues, good pieϲe of writing and gooԀ arguments
    commented at this place, I am actually enjoying by thesе.

  2. You Baby Me Mummy
    / 3:43 pm

    You are amazing and a total inspiration to so many people. Love you huni xxx

    • / 3:46 pm

      Oh thank you lovely lady x x

  3. Honest Mum
    / 4:13 am

    Nearly there Mim, you are a warrior, lots of love to you xxx

    • / 10:24 am

      Thank you beautiful, another one down now too! x

  4. Mummy Fever
    / 7:46 am

    Keep going, keep going, keep going. It sounds like a marathon but you’ve got a great attitude which is so important and hooray for the eyebrows!!! Xxxx

    • / 11:17 am

      Oh thank you lovely – I will! x x

  5. Vicky Charles
    / 7:24 pm

    Love the comment about plucking your eyebrows!
    You’re such a legend Mim, and you’ll probably find you’ve got much more stamina for the physical things when you get to the end of the chemo. I mean, if you’ve kicked cancer to the kerb then you can do anything!
    PS I love the site redesign. Lovely colours.

    • / 7:33 pm

      Ahh thank you lovely on all counts! x x

  6. Donna
    / 8:15 am

    I am counting down those weeks with you Mim. Lots of love as always x

  7. Katy (What Katy Said)
    / 8:04 am

    Oh Mim, I just cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through but I tell you what, you are an absolute inspiration. xxx

  8. International Elf Service
    / 7:42 am

    I am so happy to read this and I can’t tell you enough how very well I think your’e doing and you are so nearly at the end of the chemo!! Which you know already but I’m so excited for you and nine weeks is NOTHING compared to the rest of your life. I lost the link but I stumbled upon someone’s blog – she was diagnosed with triple negative cancer pre kids and was still going strong years and years later with grown up kids… I’m so cross for losing the link because I thought it would be one you’d like to read! You may have done already but either way – you’re doing very well. Very well indeed. Much love as always xxx

  9. Kim Carberry
    / 7:33 am

    You are amazing! It sounds like things are going well…Well as well as they can be expected.
    Keep on going! xxx

  10. Hannah | Hannah Spannah
    / 7:32 am

    Yay yay yay! Mim, you are such a strong and inspirational woman. I am so happy for you that the countdown is here- you are bossing this!
    I’m sorry that you are so tired and sore. It is the hardest thing to push through but by the sounds of things, you are. Take care of you.

  11. John (@dadyougeek)
    / 7:08 am

    Let’s just get this out the way ….. You’re bloody amazing and sounds like your doing very well!!

    The hair will come back when your body is ready! Rest up over the next couple of months and keep us updated! We are all cheering your on!

    Oh and hell from the past it’s still 1st April here ! ????

  12. Plutonium Sox
    / 7:04 am

    Oh you really are such an inspiration Mim. I do hope you start to feel better soon. Keep strong, you’re brave and amazing.

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