“My Positivity Project” for 2018 – Will You Join In?

As you know, I bang on about positivity and positive thinking quite a bit. (That, and Jamie Fraser Outlander!) Well this is My Positivity Project.

It just isn’t always that easy to feel positive or be positive. There are some days (many of them) when the kids will do everything except what I need them to, the hubs is in a strop for no apparent reason and the stress of deadlines makes me want to curl in a ball and hide.

Whether it’s every day stress or life-changing events, some days I just feel damn negative. Whiny. Miserable.

How I Become More Positive

I start by acknowledging that life is sometimes bloody hard. I’m justified in feeling down, sad, angry, hurt, knackered, stressed and more. That isn’t to say I want to wallow in it but I’m not about to pretend that life is rainbows and unicorns.

Mim Jenkinson at Love from Mim

I teach my kids that too – life can be tough and challenging at times. Sometimes Mummy cries. Sometimes Mummy lets off steam. (and sometimes Mummy hides behind the cupboard door to eat chocolate. We all “deal” in our own ways, okay!).

So many of you have told me about your own challenges. It might be lack of money, health, balancing work and family life or not finding the time for the things you love to do.

I feel your pain and I know it isn’t always easy for any of us. Motherhood alone, as amazingly rewarding as it is, is a constant challenge. Certainly to me.

Do you know my friend Kate?

Kate, who blogs at The Less-Refined Mind, is someone I talk to every day. We share our highs, lows, everything awesome and everything crap about our lives as mums.

Mim Jenkinson and Kate Tunstall

Both of us has our own health/mental health challenges and we share them with each other and to the world on our blogs.

We disagree on a few things too, parenting decisions particularly. But we do so respectfully and we understand that our family goals and dynamics are very different.

One thing we do agree on though is the power of positive thinking.

Kate often writes lists of all of the things she is grateful for. She calls it Thankful Thursday. I LOVE it. In fact she inspired me to start writing my own. I loved taking just a few minutes to think about and reflect on the lovely things that had happened in my life recently. It instantly made me stop focusing on anything negative and instead flooded my mind with happy things.

Which in turn made me feel…positive!

Because doing positive things makes you feel good. It breeds more good stuff. It distracts from the crap and brings everything lovely, awesome, fun and happy to the front of our minds.

Where is this going?

Well, I’ve teamed up with Kate to bring a bit more positivity into our lives for 2018. We would love you to join our positivity project too.

We’re calling this “My Positivity Project” because the goal needs to be helping ourselves have a more positive and happy life.

We’re going to support each other with monthly reminders, simple and fun challenges to create our own happiness and share in each others.

We want to share our supportive friendship with you too.

How do you join My Positivity Project?

Simple! Just sign up here and you’re in the club!

Every month, you will join us in an easy challenge to help bring a bit more zing into our lives. We’re doing it with you – we’re not just telling you what to do.

Every challenge is easy, simple and fun and I think you’ll be surprised at how small changes can lead to big happy results.

We’re not life-coaches, psychologists or know-it-alls. We’re just two mums who face the same everyday challenges that you do.

So if you’re a mum who wants to find more time for positivity, fun and happiness in 2018, sign up now!

Join My Positivity Project – I can’t wait to find out what makes you smile :)


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Please feel free to comment below, I love hearing from you :)

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  1. / 7:49 pm

    As you know I have a bumpy relationship with positivity, but I’m in. I’ll give it a go. I really like your take on it and I can so relate to hiding with the chocolate?.

    • Mim
      / 7:54 pm

      And you definitely don’t have to stop hiding chocolate to play along :) we can do this thing! x x

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