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Naturopress Cold Press Juicer Review + Demo | Make Fresh Juices at Home!

We’re a family who loves juices – both fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, even when the kids object to eating certain vegetables off their plates (I’m looking at you, Greens), they’ll happily lap them up in a juice. Magic!

Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to do this Naturopress Cold Press Juicer review and knew the kids would relish it too. A big thanks to Naturopress for sending this to us to try – we’ve been putting it through its paces in the past couple of weeks and here’s what we think.

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Naturopress Cold Press Juicer - Love from Mim

But what IS cold pressed juice?

A little google search led me to this definition where cold pressed juice is defined as “juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables…Without pasteurization or high-pressure processing (HPP), cold-pressed juices can be stored in a refrigerator for up to five days, depending on the acidity of the juice and other factors. This type of juice has been commercially produced for decades, but has gained public popularity since 2013.”

And isn’t that right – because at all cafes, and most restaurants we visit, an array of cold pressed juice recipes feature on the drinks menu.

Fruit juices - Love from Mim

Why we wanted to start juicing

Our whole fam has a sweet tooth and the kids have semi-embraced vegetables with the same enthusiasm. With a juicer, I can add vegetables in with fruit and the combination delights them, rather than send them running a mile.

I’ve always been put off by the high sugar content in some of the pre-made juices but in making my own cold pressed juice at home, I can control what goes in.

There are also many benefits of juicing that I’ve learned about over the years. I recently did a 21-day health challenge with Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer and have so many of her delicious recipes to put to the test that are designed with cancer prevention and good health in mind.

Naturopress offers a lot of tips about the health benefits of cold pressed juices here such as “benefits of adding cold-pressed juice to the diet include prevention or management of chronic diseases as well as numerous other benefits.”

You can buy a Cold Pressed Juicer here.

How to make cold pressed juice

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer - Love from Mim

Their top cold press juicer “extracts more live enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants compared to centrifugal juicers.”

Having undergone my own health battles in the past few years, I’m always keen to hear how changes to my diet can make a difference to my future health. I’m in!

After assembling the machine, which takes about two minutes tops, you simply add the fruit gradually through the chute. I use some frozen fruit but ensure it’s thawed first.

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer - Love from Mim



About Naturopress

Naturopress is a premium Australian natural health brand and the cold press juicer is its flagship product. They’ll be adding to their range to include more juicers, blenders, health and wellness products and I’m excited to see what comes next.

I discovered Naturopress recently and had been looking for a juicer for some time. Although I make a lot of smoothies at home, juicing was always something I wanted to try and we were on the look out for a good slow juicer machine.

You can buy a Naturopress Cold Pressed Juicer here.

Naturopress Cold Pressed Juicer Review


This model has cold press extraction which extracts significantly more antioxidants, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals than typical centrifugal juicers. It has a 65 RPM, 240w motor and a wide chute to add fruit and veggies in.

It’s a BPA juicer that’s compact and high quality.

What’s good about it?

The motor is really quiet – way more so that a traditional blender or coffee machine even. This doesn’t compromise on the power and effectiveness of it though and it blitzes fruit, vegetables and leafy greens really quickly.

If any items of food get wedged inside, there’s a handy reverse feature that brings them back up so they can reposition before starting the juice again. So no need to disassemble the machine.

I’m trying to up my personal intake of leafy greens since going plant-based and it’s the best juicer for greens for juicing them in super quick time.

The machine is compact which means I can keep it ‘out’ all the time, rather than have to put it away. I don’t know about you, but if I put something like this away in a cupboard, it’s rarely going to make a reappearance as I simply don’t remember to use it!

I also love that I don’t need to chop the ingredients into tiny pieces because the chute is wide enough for whole fruits.

Fruit and vegetables - Love from Mim

There’s also a setting to add nut butter, sorbet and ice cream – I haven’t told the kids about the last two so shh.

Watching the juicer in action is therapeutic – I find it fascinating, which might make me sound just a little strange…!

The anti-drop cap helps keep kitchen surfaces clean and mess-free and cleaning the machine is fast and easy too. I love that this easy to clean cold press juicer comes apart from quick and easy and I can hand wash it in no time and leave to drain. Having an easy to clean juicer is essential because if it was a drawn-out process, it would just put me off using it.

Any cons?

There’s a little more to cleaning than simply rinsing under the tap – especially with fruits and veggies that are more ‘textured’ such as pineapple. However, the cleaning brush that comes with the machine is amazing at getting into the crevices. Plus, it has a handy hook on the end to get into hard-to-reach places.

I have no complaints about the functionality whatsoever and we’ve really put it to the test numerous times a day in the past two weeks. It isn’t a cheap machine although it’s incredibly high quality and a great investment piece if you’re considering juicing a few times a week or more.

We’ve juiced all sorts of fruits and veggies including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pear, mango, watermelon, rockmelon, apple, lemon, cucumber, ginger, lettuce, celery, kale, spinach, carrot as well as almond butter, herbs and spices.

Fruit juices next to a fruit bowl - Love from Mim

The kids love cold pressed vegetable juice if there’s something sweet added, like berries!

Fruit juices - Love from Mim

Naturopress Cold Press Juicer Review – Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed testing out this fruit and vegetable juicer and the kids have been delighted with trying out different flavour juices each day. I haven’t been short of taste-testers once – including the hubs.

Juicing is something I’m looking forward to adding to my daily habits and this is certainly the best cold press juicer for me. It’s easy to use and clean and has made juicing so much easier than I expected.

Find out more about Naturopress and buy their cold pressed juice machine here.

You can find out more about the benefits of using a cold press juice extractor here.

I hope you enjoyed my Naturopress review of their cold press juice maker. Do you have any fave juice recipes? Share them with me in the comments!


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This was sent to me in exchange for my review. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Naturopress Cold Press Juicer review!

This Naturopress review was originally published on July 12th 2021.



  1. Sam Thomas
    / 5:15 pm

    Gday, does it seperate the pulp from the juice? Thanks in advance

    • / 5:22 pm

      Yes it does a GREAT job at this :)

  2. Gregg
    / 9:13 pm


    I currently use a good quality cold press juicer but it has a small spout so you have to cut everything up.

    But the real gripe I have with it is when I want just juice juicy fruits like orange and pineapple. It all goes to squish and really doesn’t work unless you put a harder fruit or vegetable behind the fruit in intervals.

    I’m wondering if the Nutrropress is the same or if you can put in juicy fruits just by themselves.

    Thanks for any help you can give

    • / 1:10 pm

      Hi Gregg – it will take big chunks of fruit and veggies for sure. I usually quarter things like oranges.

  3. Raj
    / 10:10 pm

    Hi , what’s the texture of juice extracted by naturopress juicer? Too much pulp? Or it has two different filters options to adjust the texture. Thanks

    • / 2:16 pm

      Hi Raj! It has a little texture but still very smooth. There’s also a handy filter to pop on top of the pouring jug that strains even more, if needed.

  4. Susanne Olsen
    / 11:00 pm


    In this article information that Naturopress Cold Press Juicer Review.
    this is very Interesting and Informative Article.

    What is the difference between a juicer and a cold press juicer?


    • / 11:12 am

      Thanks – this is covered above :) PS so strange, it looked like you were adding a link to another brand with your comment accidentally. I went ahead and deleted that mistake :)

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