Now Then Never – Week 2

Ah thank you so much for your lovely feedback on last week’s posts. I’ve made it back for another!

So here is a little recap of the things that have been happening in my personal, family and blog life over the past week:

Now, Then, Never


I’m so excited about the weekend – we’re heading to Sydney! Two of my besties from the UK got married last week and they’ve arrived in Australia for their honeymoon and party.

I have nothing to wear. No surprise. I used to have a wardrobe full of ‘going out’ clothes. I can’t think of another way to describe them! Now, well, since kids my going out days are few and far between. I need to shop – maybe tomorrow if I can get some more work done in the morning.

Speaking of work, life has been busy blog wise. I’ve partnered up with Britax for a series of posts about car seat safety. I LOVE Britax seats – they’re our all time fave. Click here to find out why and catch a cute glimpse of Mini in his minier days.


My Facebook group for busy mums has also been a lot of fun in the past week! We’ve all being getting to know each other and find out a little more about each other’s challenges in keeping our families organised and finding more time for ourselves.

Last Sunday we were invited to a friends’ house for a family BBQ and it was sooo much fun! Great food, awesome company, a splash of wine and the kids had a great time occupying each other. I’m so excited about the sunshine we’ve been having and doing more BBQs and trips to parks in the coming months.


Last week I shared that I have given up meat and I’m still set on that. I have no interest in eating meat whatsoever now. In fact over the last couple of months, I only had one moment of feeling like I missed it but I actually think it was salt that I was craving.

I’m finding that there are some fab alternatives to meat though – away from soy stuff. I have no interest in eating fake meat but instead I’ve upped my use of chickpeas, lentils and beans in a lot of my recipes.

I wish I could put “eating chocolate” as something I would never do again. But I love it so so much. I’ve reduced milk chocolate to very special occasions but raw chocolate and dark chocolate is so good these days!

How has your week been? And what on earth do 38 year old women wear on a night out these days??



  1. Kylie T
    20th September 2017 / 6:19 am

    Thanks for a great post; yes nights out become few/far between and as for chocolate I wish I could say never too but it is more like quite often, have a lovely week.

    • Mim
      20th September 2017 / 9:57 am

      I wish I didn’t like chocolate sooo much! x

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