33 to 40 – Out With The Old And In With…

How was your Easter weekend?

We didn’t go away in the end and it was lovely and relaxing with the kids – but also really productive!

We’ve been in our “new house” for a year now – so it’s about time I stopped calling it that. But it was also about time I finally unpacked what was left. A year on – our garage still had unpacked boxes, mainly because we didn’t have the room in the house to store anything else.

So I went a little bit cray this weekend and decluttered my son’s room, our bedroom and our main storage areas. Then I roped Mr M in and we overhauled the garage and WE HAVE FINALLY UNPACKED EVERYTHING! Sorry for the caps but I can’t better demonstrate my excitement!

Our wardrobe doors finally don’t ping open when I close them. The main storage cupboard in the hallway actually has empty┬áspaces and my son now genuinely loves playing in his room. It’s finally ready for decorating this month too – yay!


Declutter your Digital Life - Love from Mim

This post isn’t all about house stuff though, as much as that was a big accomplishment.

I feel as I get older that I just need less stuff to make me happy. In fact a simple lifestyle is what I want the most. “Simple” is my word for 2018.

I want to do less, be less busy, waste less.

And I don’t think I realised how much the full cupboards and cluttered house was mentally weighing me down. But it was – and now it’s a bit better.

Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is so freeing. Does that makes sense?

Since a young age, I was a shopaholic. It’s something I fall back into at times – buying unnecessary stuff. Decluttering this weekend was so confronting – the amount of clothing I had with tags intact – so bad. I now have two piles of it all – one to sell and one to donate.

So out with the old…but I don’t want to bring anything else in. If anything, I want to keep discarding the unnecessary things I don’t need.

And I don’t think I want “Simple” to be my theme for this year only – but for my whole life.

By the time I’m 40, in 33 weeks time, I hope I’ve made even more progress.

Have you done any decluttering recently?

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