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ParentTV Review – Parenting Advice On-Demand

Have you checked out ParentTV yet? I was introduced to it recently and loved the concept so much I had to check it out and do a ParentTV review for you!

Plus, I have a really special offer for you too – so keep reading.

ParentTV is parenting advice, on-demand.

Whether you need assistance or info in the day-time, or during those middle-of-the night baby feeds, ParentTV has you covered.

It’s an online library of parenting videos for parents with kids aged 0-12. These videos are from top worldwide parenting experts the library is updated daily.

So, if you have a question about your child, you can search for the answers on ParentTV and watch quick videos to help.
ParentTV Review

Review of ParentTV

Getting started on ParentTV is super easy.

  1. Head to and click Join to Create your Account.
  2. You will then receive an email with easy instructions on how to create a profile for your kids.

It’s important to set up profiles for your kids and the particular challenges or issues that might be relevant to them. This way, ParentTV can show you super relevant content specific to those issues.

For any other questions you might have, you can head to Ask an Expert where you can submit questions for ParentTV experts to answer for you.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that no matter what challenges you might be facing with your kids, an expert is there to help you.

How ParentTV Helps Parents

The content on ParentTV isn’t all kid-centric. You can create a profile for you and your partner too and search for content that can help you be the best parent you can be.

ParentTV Parent Profile - Love from Mim

After setting up profiles, you can then choose to watch recently added videos, search for specific topics or choose from one of the videos that are more relevant to your needs.

Videos vary in length and there are even online courses with multiple bite-sized videos on topics such as talking about sex with your child and building resilience in them.

What’s great about ParentTV?

I love the variety of topics covered for two main reasons.

Firstly, I can find answers to questions that I might not want to discuss with my mum friends. (although really no topic is barred in our group!).

Secondly, I can watch videos on parenting topics that I didn’t even know I wanted to know more about!

I spend a lot of time on my phone for work, on-the-go and when the kids have gone to bed. As much as I love to pick up a book, watching videos is much quicker and way more accessible for me.

I watch a lot of YouTube but videos are hit and miss – it’s difficult to know who’s a genuine expert on a subject and who to trust.

On ParentTV, I can see the credentials of the experts and I trust that the quality of education and information is really high.

So, rather than scour YouTube or Google for the answers I need, ParentTV can be a one-stop place for advice instead – for our whole family.

What kind of Experts are on ParentTV?

I’ve seen videos from Behavourial Specialists, Dieticians, Technology and more.

ParentTV Toddler Eating Issues Video - Love from Mim

The experts give clear advice and help and sometimes ask for further information so they can really get to the cause of the issue the parent is facing.

The advice doesn’t come across as patronising or judgmental – it seems like a completely safe place for parents to share and learn. Parenting can be so overwhelming – I’ll take any advice I can when it comes to my kids. Well, I’ll at least listen to it before I make up my own mind.

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This ParentTV review is not sponsored and, as always, I share my honest opinions only.


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