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Modibodi Australia Period Proof Underwear Review

Modibodi, in my opinion, is the underwear expert when it comes to period proof underwear.

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Modibodi Sensual Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

This post and special offer is kindly sponsored by Modibodi.

I discovered the period undies brand earlier in the year and although my friends had been raving that they’re the best period underwear around, I was so excited to try them for myself.

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Since the very first one, my periods have been heavy. Add to that some pretty nasty period pains and the constant urge to cry during the first few days.

Periods. Not a fan. Although, who is?

I get so paranoid about leaks and before I started using Modibodi underwear, I was constantly going to the bathroom to check all was ok.

It’s stressful – I hated the anxiety it caused and would will my period week to be over and done with.

Modibodi Period Underwear - Love from Mim

About Modibodi Period Undies

It was a game-changer – and now these have become the only period undies I choose.

Here’s why:

Modibodi’s period proof undies have a super-slim 3mm thick lining that can hold up to 20mls (two tampons worth) of period.

There are three layers:

  • Top layer to wick away moisture, fight bacteria and stop smells
  • Middle layer to absorb fluid and lock it away
  • Bottom layer with extra waterproof protection

So, it’s super reassuring that when I’m wearing my Modibodi’s, I don’t have that paranoia that other people can tell that I’m on my period.

I feel good – I’m not anxious – I still hate periods but it’s a vast improvement!

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How do they feel?

All this talk of technology might make you think you’re wearing an adult nappy – let me reassure you that it isn’t the case!!

All this tech is squeezed into a 3mm layer – barely more than standard undies.

The gusset is wider than regular undies and is comfortable, snug and reassuring that nothing is going to spill out onto my clothing or skin.

How do they work?

See for yourself here:

Choosing the right Modibodi undies for you

I love this chart to help pick the right pair of Modibodi’s leak proof underwear for your needs.

So, whether it’s the different flow during your period week or everyday wear, there’s a pair of undies that are up for the job.

Modibodi Modifer Technology - Love from Mim

You can choose to wear Modibodi undies on their own when you’re on your period. Wearing them could save you a fortune on sanitary stuff and, of course, be much better for the environment. Don’t you think that washable period underwear is fab for that? Genius.

Depending on your flow, you can change to a fresh pair during the day – then just rinse them out and pop them in a cold machine wash.

On really heavy days, I use them as a backup and it’s so reassuring to feel more comfortable and have that added protection.

Which Modibodi Undies are Best for Period Week

You’ll have seen from the image above that the Modibodi range lets you go with the flow when it comes to choosing your undies.

For the Heavy Days

In the first couple of days, our periods are generally heavier and I love the Seam free Full Briefs for then. I feel confident that they would always prevent a period leak.

Modibodi Seamfree Full Briefs - Love from Mim

If I think I might come on my period overnight, these are also great for that. The thicker, protectant layers are extended through the back of the briefs right up to the waistband so if you’re moving about in bed, you’re still protected from leaks.

They’re seam-free (bonus!) and comfortable – check them out here.

For Bloated Days

I always feel bloated during my period and it just adds to my paranoia. For days when I feel bloated, I love the Contour Hi-Waist Full Brief undies.

Modibodi Contour Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

I would wear them as a back up on the first couple of heavier days but alone on lighter ones. They suck in my tummy without being too tight and they’re also easy to wear and remove.

Trust me, I’ve tried out a lot of shapewear in my time and I can do without the time it takes to wriggle in and out of the stuff!

Modibodi Contour Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

They’re more “structured” than every day underwear and they stay in place. They do show a bit of VPL at the back but under jeans it isn’t visible. I would love them to bring out a seam free version of these.

Find out more about them here.

For Every Day

I’ve loved the Sensual Hi-Waist Briefs since my first Modibodi underwear review.

Modibodi Sensual Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

However, I recently got them in my fave colour, Teal – so I’m even happier with them!

Modibodi Sensual Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

I know a lot of us tend to wear black undies during our period, just in case of spills and leaks. With Modibodi underwear, it need not be the case and I love that they’ve injected some colour into their range recently.

Modibodi Sensual Hi Waist Briefs - Love from Mim

If you’re feeling confident, why not embrace the colour! Undies aside, I’m trying to wear less black and more colour generally – it’s a work in progress.

I’ve written previously about how Modibodi underwear is ideal for protecting more than period leaks, such as incontinence issues too. You can read more about that here.

You can find out more about them here.

To find out more or find Modibodi stockists near you, head to their website here.

Exclusive Modibodi Coupon Code

Use the code MODIROCKS  here for 15% off! [expired]

I hope to add a new Modibodi promo code for you soon for the Modibodi Australia range.

I can’t recommend the Modibodi range enough and I would love you to let me know if you try them too. They’re the only period knickers I buy now.

Please feel free to share any Modibodi discount code in the Comments below.

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