7 Reasons you should join Mums and Babies Groups

7 Reasons you should join a Mums and Babies Groups

I hadn’t heard too much about mums and babies groups before I was pregnant myself.  I was aware that some of my mummy friends had made other mummy friends very quickly somehow after they had their babies but I didn’t know where they had found them from.  I think I imagined they must bump prams in the street and just hit it off.  This can happen too I guess!

When I was pregnant with Miss M, I was told by many parenting friends and my midwives to find out about my local mums and babies group and to join as soon as I got the chance.  I’d be able to find out about them from my local health nurse who I should get in touch with after I’d given birth.

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I never really asked why I should join the group but I did intend to do so because I didn’t have many local friends with kids, Mr M would be back at work after a week and I thought it might be nice to have some local mums to meet up with.

Miss M arrived, sleep deprivation set in and chaos ensued.  Big time.

The first few weeks of Miss M’s life were quite crazy.  She slept very little and cried a lot.  She had jaundice and then reflux, had to be carried upright constantly and after the blood loss I had suffered during her birth, I was physically and mentally exhausted.  Very happy but exhausted.

The community midwives visited me for the first week or so everyday at home and were a wonderful support, very reassuring and it was comforting to have them come over.  I hadn’t quite bargained for how isolated you feel after having a baby, especially as I was living in Australia and my mum was in the UK.

We didn’t have many friends locally and spending every day with Miss M, although wonderful, was quite lonely at times.  I especially struggled with the lack of sleep and the cluelessness that came with being a first time mum.

The day came for my local nurse to come and visit to see how I was doing post-partum and how Miss M was doing in her first month or so.  I was desperately looking forward to her visit – someone to let me know professionally how I was doing, to reassure me, to answer my million questions.  I was literally on edge with excitement about it all day.

The nurse called to postpone the meeting until later in the day as she had been delayed.  That was fine.  I paced the house, baby in sling.  And I waited.  And waited.  She was late, later than she said she would be.  Anxiety got the better of me.

The nurse finally arrived and I let her in and cried.  Sobbed, like a baby.  I’d bottled so much up and I’d gotten myself so excited about her visit that it just got the better of me.  She was so lovely, waited patiently for me to calm down whilst between sobs I tried to blub “I’m ok, really” and “I’m just really happy you’re here!”.  She must have thought me nothing less than a weirdo!

I pulled myself together and explained myself and she was so reassuring and lovely.  She checked over me and Miss M, constantly telling me what a lovely baby she was, what a great job I was doing and answering my many, many questions and at the end of the session, I could have kissed her.  She gave me some tips on how to get Miss M to sleep – something she just would not seem to do and before she left she even talked me through how to wrap her differently and put her down.  She slept!  She actually slept.

Before the nurse left, she made another appointment to come and see me a couple of weeks later and it was then she told me more about the local mum’s group.  She gave me the number to call to arrange to join and I finally got my act together and joined up.  My group was meeting at our local community centre about a 15 minute walk away the following week.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the meeting apart from getting to meet some other new mums who lived locally.  The group would be led by one of the community nurses and would be once a week for 4 weeks.

On the day of meeting up, I arrived early.  I had gotten Miss M to sleep in the sling on the way – bonus!  Of course by the time the meeting actually started she was awake and in full stereo.

Eight other mums arrived with their babies.  Some looked a little tired, some looked a little stressed, no-one seemed to look like the utter mess I felt inside!  We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and it was nice to hear that everyone lived very close by, in walking distance.

What amazed me more was that every single one of them said they were struggling in some way.  I wasn’t alone.  Some had breastfeeding issues, some (all) were getting no sleep, some had no family nearby too, there were so many struggles that they were going through that I was too.  And they were going through them now, at the same time as me.

It was a little like a revelation – one that I completely didn’t expect and all of a sudden, I wasn’t alone any more, I wasn’t isolated.  I just desperately knew that I needed these girls in my life!  It was particularly reassuring that some of their babies cried too!

Over the next 11 months, I met up with the girls once or twice a week, sometimes we all made it and other times just a few.  We also introduced our respective partners and we got to know each other so well.  Even now, since I moved back to the UK a year ago, we still speak regularly, sharing our concerns, laughs, fears, tips and stories of how our little ones are developing and growing up.

The absolute brilliance of mothers groups and the positive impact these girls have had on my life and how I have managed to raise Miss M has led me to constantly promote joining to other new mums and I wanted to share the reasons why with you:

1.  Support, Support, Support

As I talked about earlier, I was without family nearby and all of my friends were at work while I was on maternity leave.  I hadn’t bargained for how isolated I would feel being on my own so much in those first few weeks.  Dr Google became my best friend for a long time!

It was wonderful to have a network of other new mums who I could meet/call/text/email with my (numerous) parenting questions.  There was always someone who would reply quickly without me having to wait until they went on lunch or finished work.

2.  Local Friends

I was without a car and reliant on public transport after I had Mini so getting to other friend’s houses wasn’t too easy in the first few months.  Having local mummy friends who lived up the road was wonderful.  We could meet at local cafes and parks and pop round to each other’s houses so easily.  Walking to meet them also encouraged me to get into the fresh air and exercise and I got to know my local neighbourhood so much more.

3.  Empathetic Friends

I already had some friends who were parents and who had been amazing at supporting me and giving me advice but there’s nothing quite like discussing your parenting concerns with mums who are going through the same issues at the same time.  I have already forgotten about so many things from the early days of motherhood and I can’t recommend highly enough how great it is to have other new mum friends to discuss concerns with, especially those who are first time mums too.  I hear myself now advising new mum friends on things and telling them to ‘do this’ and ‘try that’ as if being a mum is easy – I just forget how hard it is in the beginning.

4.  Friends for your Minis

Miss M loved her new baby friends and has since always been fascinated with other babies.  I really think her being around so many other babies from such an early age has helped her to be the friendly and social little person she is today.  Watching the babies in the group grow up together and start to recognise and connect with each other was just lovely.  When Miss M started daycare locally, 2 of her ‘friends’ from the group started too and it was so lovely that they has each other there – besties.  As mums it was also so reassuring that we could let each other know how each other’s baby was going when we dropped off and picked up our own.  So supportive – we were a daycare team!

5.  Confidantes

I’m quite an open person.  By that, I mean I over share – my friends and family will testify to this.  That said though, there are some things you just don’t want to share with all of your friends all of the time – they might be embarrassing issues, too personal or perhaps you just don’t want to let your guard down or admit you don’t know what you’re doing.  At mums’ group, no topic was off-limits and we discussed everything from sleep deprivation, who had gotten their period back, how weight loss was going, who had braved The Sex.  We discussed everything!

6.  Increasing your Parenting Social Circle

A lot of our socialising pre-Miss M was after 7pm – nights out, restaurants, karaoke (oh how I miss karaoke) and clubs.  Difficult for new parents.  Luckily in Australia a lot of social events also are set outside in the day time – lots of picnics, BBQs, parks etc but it was wonderful to have more friends locally who also had children.  They understood when we turned up late or had to cancel, they forgave our crying baby, they also had spare nappies/wipes/clothes on hand if we ever needed them!  Our non-parenting friends have always been a wonderful support network too but it was great to make so many other new friends who were in the same boat as us.

7.  Getting out of the House

For the first week of Miss M’s life, I didn’t even go downstairs, let alone leave the house!  Well there wasn’t any need to really.  I found having a weekly meet up brilliant – something to really look forward to and a great excuse to get up, get dressed properly, get out of the house and into the fresh air.  It kick-started me to make it my mission to leave the house every single day and I started walking Miss M or wearing her in the sling for a walk in the sunshine daily.  I like routine anyway and it quickly transpired that she did too so it worked well for both of us, especially as I timed my walks with one of her naps.

I know not all mums will have the same experience as me and a couple of other mums I knew didn’t bond with their local group at all but for me, it’s really worth going along to see what you think.  You could literally do as I did and (hopefully!) meet lifelong friends.  I absolutely treasure the relationships I have with my mums group and I hope the girls and their minis will be in mine and Miss M’s lives forever.

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Did you join your local mothers group?  Was it a good experience?  Or not?  Do you have any recommendations for how new mums can get support and make friends?

7 Reasons you should join Mums and Babies Groups - lovefrommim.com Mums Groups Mums and Bubs Groups Mommy Friends Mommy Group Friends with Babies Mum Friends Parenting Group Why you should join a Mums Group Mothers Group
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  1. Maria @ Surburban Mum
    / 8:20 pm

    Absolutely – mummy friends are a must! You are so right – it can be very lonely in those early days when you are literally left holding the baby! I found some days I was happy to stay at home but others it was just so nice to get out and about with others in the same boat as you and know that you are not alone! #ParentingPicks

    • / 7:23 pm

      Ah thanks lovely! I never expected to feel lonely with a baby with me all the time until I actually did! x

  2. Julie Downes
    / 9:42 am

    I’ve never enjoyed going to the big local playgroups as I’m not so good at making ‘small talk’. However, I did join our local NCT group when I was pregnant and still meet up with two of the other mums every week, now with our 2nd kids, thats been really good as we’ve been at the same stages at the same time. #parentingpicks

    • / 7:03 pm

      Oh that’s brilliant – they really are friends for life :) x

  3. A Moment with Franca
    / 11:29 am

    Believe it or not I didn’t and I still don’t have any mummy friends! I know it sounds strange but I’ve never joined a baby group when I had Bella. We didn’t join the NCT classes because we went to the hospital for Antenatal classes. So I didn’t meet anybody there. And this time around with Sienna I haven’t joined any group either. Maybe because I didn’t have a clue what the NCT classes were from in the first place. If I would’ve known that they were supposed to help me to meet other mummies like me I would probably have joined them since day 1 but I thought they were just Antenatal classes. So now I’m regretting it a lot because I have read so many posts about this lately that i feel now that I’m missing something. Although I think there is still not too late to join one as Sienna is only 14 months! Great post Mim and thanks for hosting!! :-) xxxx

    • A Moment with Franca
      / 11:31 am

      forgot to add #parentingpicks upps … silly me! :-) xxx

    • / 11:31 am

      Well now you have a Mummy friend in me – despite the ‘slight’ time difference of course :) It’s never too late to join I believe and I’m going to try and find one near to my new house – when I get 5 minutes spare ha ha! x

  4. Laura's Lovely Blog
    / 2:58 am

    I actually do not know how I would have coped without my Mums groups, I have made such wonderful friends from it, some of which 4 years later I still see at least weekly. It is my advice to every new Mum – find Mum friends #parentingpicks

    • / 10:47 am

      SO right and I’m so pleased you had a wonderful experience meeting new mums too! x

  5. Laura
    / 7:31 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Baby classes and toddler groups have been incredibly helpful to me. I suffered PND after my son was born and going to groups and making mummy friends was one of the best therapies I encountered! Early motherhood can be such a lonely business and these groups are a great help. I worried I wouldn’t make friends but the common interest of a child makes it pretty easy :-D #parentingpicks

    • / 7:57 pm

      It’s so much easier to make friends when you have children I think – well in my experience – you always have a talking point at least :)

  6. / 12:37 pm

    Great list! My mother’s group was excellent for just having an excuse to get out of the house. We had our bubs in winter, so it would have been so easy to just stay in and deal with it all alone. So thankful for a great mother’s group.

    • / 7:58 pm

      Thanks Maja! Ah yes – they give a great incentive to get out and about :)

  7. Robyn
    / 12:34 pm

    Great post, you’ve really encouraged me to get along to some playgroups. When I had a newborn I felt like I was getting invited to things all the time, but at that stage I just wanted to rest and spend time with my baby. It took me a long time to get used to being able to socialise and pay attention to baby at the same time, whenever I met up with people I’d have a lovely time but feel like I hadn’t given baby 100% and feel guilty about it. We haven’t been along to any groups for several months, but now that baby is crawling he needs to be able to explore new people, places and activities so we are off to a new group on Monday. Feeling a bit nervous but found your list really reassuring. Thanks! #ParentingPicks

    • / 7:02 pm

      I was the same at first, putting it off – I know exactly how you feel :) It really was such a great decision for me to go though, I hope you find a good group near by :) x

  8. Anna Brophy
    / 10:39 am

    Yes, yes & YES (x7)!! My Mother’s Group was bloody priceless! Such an amazing service provided here in Oz and hugely important to bring like-minded (or lost-minded at that point!) women together. Thanks for hosting #ParentingPicks!

    • / 7:01 pm

      Ha ha thank you! It was so wonderful to meet such amazing friends :) x

  9. / 8:49 am

    Really good post! I wish every new parent could read it to know the importance of getting out and finding friends in a similar situation. Like you I have no family nearby and no friends either prior to making new parenting friends at NCT & groups.
    My post is along the same lines re: finding friends and getting support – so, so important!

    • / 7:00 pm

      It really is – it completely transformed my life at the time :)

  10. Helen - Mess Stress and Fancy Dress
    / 8:48 am

    I would have drowned without the mummy friends I met through various groups. You are so so so right. I have no idea how people cope without local mum friends to compare notes, cry and laugh with. Great post.

    • / 7:00 pm

      Oh thank you – I feel exactly the same! x

  11. Toni @ Gym Bunny Mummy
    / 10:28 am

    I tried baby & toddler groups with my little man but it always distressed him so much so I gave up going and never really made any ‘mummy friends’. I now realise it was due to his Autism why he didn’t like the groups so I’m going to start looking into special needs groups as you’ve made me realise I’m really missing that grown up interaction & support #SundayStars

    • / 3:35 pm

      Ah I really hope you find a group that you both love :)

  12. Alex
    / 9:09 am

    Baby groups are hugely important when you become a new mum. I suffered terribly with the baby blues and if it wasn’t for these groups I would have ended up in a really bad place. I recommend baby groups to any new mum I know. It’s good for both mum and baby.

    What a lovely post xx


    • / 3:35 pm

      I can imagine and I’m so glad they helped you :)

  13. Hannah Mums' Days
    / 8:46 pm

    I could never quite get into baby groups – I did go to a fair few but never really made friends. I did, however, do NCT and am still best friends with 2 of the girls and see the others frequently too – so I 100% agree with making mama friends. I don’t know what I would have done without them!!

    Thanks for linking lovely xx #TheList

    • / 3:34 pm

      Oh I’ve heard of NCT and I need to look into it more – my friends have said great things too :)

  14. jenny
    / 8:05 pm

    This is fantastic and so true. I wouldn’t’ have hoped well having no family and at the time no friends in this country when I gave birth without my mommy group friends and supporters. They were amazing. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme

  15. Something Crunchy Mummy
    / 7:40 am

    I love this! It’s so true that we need baby groups. I was lucky that I joined Nct as they were by baby community and one of the other baby’s is now my sons best friend xx

    • / 6:56 pm

      Oh thank you! I’ll have to see if NCT do anything in my area this time around :)

  16. Katie
    / 10:09 pm

    That mother and baby group sounds great, we don’t have anything run quite like that here. We have playgroup though with children from birth up to school age on Thursdays. I even ran my own Welsh playgroup for 8 years. I love getting to gossip while the kids get to play and socialise :) Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars xxx

    • / 6:55 pm

      Good point – you get some actual adult chat while the kids are playing! :)

  17. / 12:02 pm

    Great tips! I was so anti baby groups before I had my kids, I even managed to dodge them with my now 13 year old as I was at work so my lovely mum went instead. Second time around and I still often pop to the local baby and toddler group held at my 3 year olds nursery, even though he goes to it automatically as part of his nursery. It’s a great way for us to have fun together (and I can leave him there afterwards woohoo!) and I even found his nursery and a new village to live in through the baby group, plus some lovely friends for the both of us.

    • / 6:55 pm

      Ha ha that’s brilliant – it’s a bit of a break for you too! It’s so nice to make more mummy friends :)

  18. Luisa @ Looking for mama me
    / 12:04 am

    I desperately wanted to join a mothers group but we moved interstate when bub was a couple of months old and I called up the local Maternal and Child Health nurses and they said I couldnt get into one until April! My bub would be over 6 months by then and the groups are for bubs up to 6 months. She said I could put my name down anyway, so I did. But then a few days ago I got a call asking if I was still going, I said yes but my baby was 6 months, then she told me my baby would probably be too old as all the other babies were only a couple of months old! I am sooooooo disappointed! Now I’m in a new town with no friends :( I’m going to have to find one else where but its so hard to find a mums group when your baby is older!

    Get in early is my tip!

    • / 6:54 pm

      Oh that’s such a huge shame :( I really think they should have done more to help you out :( Maybe there are play groups or hopefully other places you can meet people with babies the same age :)

  19. Zena's Suitcase
    / 11:45 am

    Baby groups can be a huge lifeline can’t they. If they are friendly, supportive and not cliquey they can be a huge help. Even if one puts you off keep going until you find one you’re comfortable with as being a Mum can be a pretty lonely place sometimes #sharewithme

    • / 6:52 pm

      Oh they really can! You don’t think you’ll be lonely with a baby but it really can be quite isolating sometimes.

  20. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks
    / 10:48 am

    yes yes and yes! And the beauty of there being so many groups, especially in the UK, is if at first you don’t find what you are looking for try another! I love my antenatal girls even though we have spread round the globe now!xx

    PS still hanging in there?!x

    • / 6:52 pm

      Good point – I hope I can find some where I live now – I need to start looking! I’m sooo uncomfortable and complaining is at an all time high ha ha! How about you?? :)

  21. enny
    / 8:47 pm

    Completely agree! I love our local groups, there are some mums I’ve made great friends with and others I don’t get on so well with, but that happens, the kids love running around and we get to chat a lot. :) x

    • / 6:50 pm

      That’s brilliant! It’s so nice to meet lovely local people :)

  22. Caro | The Twinkles Momma
    / 7:21 pm

    I didn’t join any parenting groups — I’m lucky that I live in a village where I have quite a few good friends and I didn’t feel the need to. That said, I totally agree that new mamas need support and if you don’t have good friends nearby a mother and baby group could be just what you need.

    I occasionally take the boys to a toddler group every once in a while, now they’re older, but that’s probably more for their benefit than mine!! ;) x Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

    • / 6:50 pm

      Ah that’s so lovely that you had friends nearby! :)

  23. Sam
    / 2:25 pm

    I went to baby groups after I had my first but never really got on with them. The friendship groups were already well established and nobody new could infiltrate. Now, 4 kids down the line, I wish I had time to get to baby groups. Getting out the door is a monumental challenge in itself!
    I’m glad you found a good group of people and have stayed in touch

    • / 6:49 pm

      Ah that’s hard when you’re the ‘new’ one I bet. I can imagine it’s a struggle to find time with 4! :)

  24. Mama, My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows
    / 11:32 am

    It took us ages to find a mum group because we live abroad and I’m much to shy to just talk to strangers pushing buggies in the street. Now that we have I’m so happy though! I have friends from before I was pregnant but they don’t have kids and have no interest talking about pureed food, birth or teething gels. It’s great to know your not alone in your struggles!


    • / 6:49 pm

      Ha ha so true! It’s lovely to have friends who are going through the same as you at the same time :)

  25. Faye Porter
    / 10:24 am

    Mum and baby group was my saviour with my first daughter. I didn’t know anybody with children, and our local mum and baby group provided us with friendships that we both still have nearly five years down the line. I couldn’t agree with you more on your reasons to join. #twinklytuesday

    • / 6:54 pm

      Oh thank you – I’m so glad you loved your group too! :)

  26. / 9:44 pm

    Thanks Heather! You don’t realise how isolating it is until you’re in the situation yourself.

  27. Nikki Frank-Hamilton
    / 12:12 am

    Wow, this is a great concept, I am sure that it reassured each of you that you were not alone, and as you lived closely you could visit whenever you needed company. I have never heard of something like this. My children are older, so I have no need of it, but I really like the concept.

    • / 3:42 pm

      It really did reassure me Nikki, did wonders for my confidence too! :)

  28. / 1:57 pm

    I did with my first but I wasn’t overly keen on them, I might give them another go this time around when I can. Great post :-)

    helen – #maternitymondays

    • / 9:47 pm

      Thank you so much Helen!

  29. Julia @ rainbeaubelle
    / 10:56 pm

    I really felt for you reading this and I know how hard it is as a first time – and second time! – mum when you don’t kmow what to do. I found groups really useful and made lots of friends through them. With my second I found it harder to get to groups though as my son was in school so I was tied to school run and nap times! I’m sure this post will inspire new mums to get out there xx #sundaystars

    • / 3:41 pm

      Oh thanks so much Julia! :)

  30. Farmerswifeandmummy
    / 7:50 pm

    Im going to have to join. I did with boo but I’m just so tired and the thought of going out if I don’t have to doesn’t inspire me :( I think I will after reading this. Mothering a newborn can be very lonely xx #MaternityMondays

    • / 9:48 pm

      Ha I was the same although I ended up looking forward to going out after I went the first time – it was the push I needed :)

  31. Sarah Howe
    / 2:49 pm

    Totally totally agree! I used to meet my NCT friends once a week after my little one was born and it really helped. I’m so glad it helped you and gave you a well deserved boost xxx #maternitymondays

    • / 9:47 pm

      Thanks Sarah and I’m glad you loved your group too! :)

  32. Gemma Louise (@sunshineblogxo)
    / 10:13 am

    A great post, it is a really informative post. I didn’t really give baby groups a try when my boy was little. At the time I was only 17 so there was a specific young mums one as all the other groups were unfortunately judgemental older ladies so I would be left feeling upset when I went. However, I was to mature for the young mums group. It was a hard situation at the time. I had lots of friends with babies already so we were a group. But now I missed the chance of meeting other fellow mums who could possibly of still been friends now. I will be sure to give them a chance next time I have a baby!!

    thank you for linking up to #mummymonday – Love Gemma – host xo

    • / 9:46 pm

      Thanks so much Gemma! Definitely give them a try next time around :)

  33. Helena
    / 9:20 am

    This is something I’m struggling with right now. I really need mummy friends, but am struggling to connect with anyone at the baby groups I go to. Then I’ve got this terrible shyness about keeping in touch with people too.

    • / 9:46 pm

      It can be so hard to walk into a room of strangers although just remember that they’re all in the same boat and they’re all there to meet other mums like you :)

  34. Tickle Fingers
    / 9:07 am

    I think it can feel overwhelming to think about going out and joining a group, but my advice would be the same as yours: go, go, go. In my experience, no one minds what sort of state you’re in, but it makes so much difference to your day to have shared some of it with people going through exactly the same thing. My 2 are now 5 and 3 and many of the Mums I met in those early crazy weeks are now friends for life. They saw me at my worst and accepted and supported me. I will never forget that. #MummyMonday Over from http://www.cookwithtoddlers.com/community

    • / 9:45 pm

      I totally agree! I’m so happy you had such an awesome experience too! :)

  35. Yanique
    / 8:54 am

    I did join a moms group and it was very supportive. I felt less isolated and it was nice to have other adults to interact with. Great post!

    • / 9:45 pm

      I’m so glad you enjoyed your group! :)

  36. Betty and the Bumps
    / 8:04 am

    I’ve never been to anything like this, apart from one toddler group when Gwenn was about 18 months which wasn’t a good experience and I never went again. I was lucky that my best friend and I were pregnant at the same time and then a girl
    I used to work with had her first baby about 6 months after me, so I had people to go and visit who were in the same boat. The thought of going into a room full of people I don’t know makes me feel physically sick. Gwenn goes to nursery one full day a week, when I’m at work, and fingers crossed some of her socialising needs are met through that?!



    • / 9:44 pm

      Oh that’s so handy that your bestie was pregnant at the same time! :) And nursery is BRILLIANT for socialising – it makes such a difference for them, in my opinion! :)

  37. Ally Messed Up Mum
    / 8:01 am

    Unfortunately I haven’t made any friends through my groups, I hide at the back because of my anxiety. But I still think they’re the best thing ever! They get us out, and as you pointed out teaches our kids to play with others. I struggle going to mine every week because of my mental health but usually feel better having gone. I have quite a few posts myself on the matter if you ever want to look… Glad you’ve had such a positive experience from them x

    • / 9:41 pm

      Well done for going – it must be so hard sometimes with not knowing people there but I hope you can slowly make friends there :)

  38. You Baby Me Mummy
    / 10:21 pm

    Great post, yes I joined a weekly group and actually set my own group up too. Think it is important in those early days. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    • / 9:40 pm

      Thanks lady! That’s so awesome that you also set up your own group! :)

  39. Joanna @mumbalance
    / 8:39 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with you! I was very lucky that my wonderful midwife got all the email addresses from mums attending the pre-natal class and got us to contact each other once babies were born. Out of 20 or so mums 7 of us met up and we still do. Now it’s only once a month or less, but we have a what’s app group, so we are in touch regularly. We all live in London, but none of us are local to each other, which makes things tricky.

    • / 9:39 pm

      That’s so brilliant that you still see so many of them! Even if only once a month, it’s still so lovely to keep those connections and WhatsApp is brilliant for keeping in touch! :)

  40. Sim @ SimsLife.co.uk
    / 6:19 pm

    I was a bit wary of the baby groups at first but thoroughly enjoyed taking my daughter when she was a baby. We also signed up to baby sign which was fantastic – still have friends now from those days! :) Over from the Weekend Blog Hop. Sim x

    • / 9:38 pm

      Oh I’d love to try baby sign, I’ve heard great things! :)

  41. Claire @ life love and dirty dishes
    / 12:37 pm

    Love this. Some of the mums I met in baby group 5 and a half years ago are now my best friends. Our kids are best friends and I would be lost without them.

    • / 9:37 pm

      Hurray! Thanks Claire, I’m so glad you met some awesome mums too! :)

  42. Catherine
    / 9:36 am

    My Tuesday morning group was a lifesaver and despite the fact that our children are now at school we still get together for coffee and ladies’ nights. I met my best friend through the group and her daughter is my daughter’s best friend. Definitely worked for me :)

    • / 9:37 pm

      Aww that’s so lovely! :) :)

  43. / 12:49 pm

    I have to admit I hated going to our local baby groups because the mums there were very clicky and because I had 3 children in 3 years, I seemed to carry a lot of bagage around with me, just getting in the door with a double stroller and hyper toddler in hand was a challenge but I have learned so much since then and often go along with friends and their babies to them now and often comment on how awful I felt coming alone myself, its a much nicer place to go now.

    • / 9:36 pm

      3 in 3 years – you have your own group right there! :) I’m glad you get to go with friends now, I bet it’s much easier :)

  44. Natalie Ray
    / 12:15 am

    Great post. I sort of wish I’d read it three years ago. I didn’t go to any groups before or after having either of my children. Now, we traipse round the various playgroups, ballet classes etc. etc. which the girls love. But I don’t talk to the mums to do any more than pass the time of day and I have no mum friends at all. Probably a mistake really, although I don’t really think I have time for socialising but I don’t want my daughters to end up total loners because of me, so I’m hoping they will be able to integrate properly despite my inability to do so.xx

    • / 9:35 pm

      Thanks Natalie! It isn’t too late at all though and kids are a great conversation starter – I hope you meet some lovely mums at the groups you go to now :)

  45. Louise
    / 11:39 pm

    These are all good reasons to go to mum and baby groups – they were a lifesaver for me particularly in the really sleep-deprived stages – just knowing that other mums were going through the same and being able to have that empathy made a big difference. It’s lovely to see the little ones playing with the other children too.

    • / 9:34 pm

      I’m so glad you had a great experience too! :)

  46. Jenna
    / 5:51 pm

    I’ve tired various baby groups and had some quite bad experiences from them – cliquey mums etc. I go to a few now but only for my daughter’s sake. I’m glad it’s not the same for everyone though. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • / 9:34 pm

      Ah I’ve heard that can be the case with some :(

  47. Muddlethroughmama
    / 1:09 pm

    I love this – yes yes yes to all of the above! Meeting people who are in the thick of it at the same time as you are is a lifesaver. It totally transformed my maternity leave and I can safely say I’ve made friends for life.

    • / 9:32 pm

      Thanks lady! Ahh it really made such a difference for me – those friends are priceless. As are older ones too :) :)

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