15 Hacks To Save On Online Shopping

What if I told you that you’ve been missing out on loads of savings when you shop online? Of course, online shopping is convenient, and there’s nothing like the feeling of waiting for a parcel to be delivered, but did you pay too much?

To save on online shopping, whether it be for your groceries, a gift, homewares or new clothes, it’s not just about waiting for the sales. Here are 15 hacks that’ll help you save on online shopping.

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15 Ways To Save Money Online Shopping

1. Loyalty rewards

When you remember to swipe your card, rewards points can add up; think Coles FlyBuys or Woolworths rewards. But instead of buying homewares or similar with your points, consider that you can save on foods when online shopping by exchanging your points for gift cards to use on your next grocery shop.

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2. Abandon cart

Abandon cart is a sneaky trick you may not have heard of before. The idea is that you add the items you want to your shopping cart and then leave it overnight or for up to two days. For many online retailers, this triggers an email to you reminding you that you still have items in your cart, but you haven’t checked out yet. What many businesses do is offer you an incentive to check out, for example, a discount. If whatever you’re buying isn’t urgent, give it a try.

3. Coupons

Keep a lookout for coupons. You might get a 10% off code for subscribing to an email; there could be a unique code tied to an event like back to school or coupon code may have been sent to your email so, check first!

4. Cashback

Websites like Cash Rewards and Shopback are a win-win for the consumer, the retailer and the rewards site. The consumer (you) gets cashback on a purchase, the retailer obtains loyal, returning customers, and the rewards site gain a commission from your purchase. Plus, if you sign up and refer your friends, you can earn commissions when they shop too!

5. Comparison shopping

Taking a little bit of extra time to make comparisons can add extra money to your pocket. Use Google Shopping to find different listings for the same product and compare prices.

6. Foreign currency

Converting US dollars to Australian Dollars can put a big hole in the wallet. Add on shipping, and it’ll often leave you questioning if it’s worth it. I have to say; when it comes to my Erin Condren products, it most certainly is worth it.

A smart way to avoid this sting is by having a Travel Money Card and locking in a great exchange rate in your chosen currency. You can use this Travel Money Card to make international purchases instead of relying on the exchange rate on the day you make the purchase. You can also avoid paying foreign transaction fees this way.

7. Insurance membership discounts

Insurance can often be a set and forget arrangement, but if you’re keen to save on foods shopping online, or even appliances, clothes or homewares, it pays to re-open your insurance file to check out the member benefits your insurer offers.

8. Classified sites

Let’s say you’re keen to buy a new Apple iPhone. You’ll likely be paying a premium price at a well-known electrical retailer, so why not consider the classified websites. Websites like eBay, Gumtree and Amazon often have the same item but for a fraction of the price.

9. Newsletters

I know, I know, newsletters clog up your inbox, and you get too many. Well wait a sec, what about all of those special offers you’re missing out on if you don’t receive them?

Many businesses consider you, the subscriber, a loyal customer and they want to reward you for that with special offers and discount codes. Maybe it’s time to reconfigure your inbox and send your newsletters to a folder which you can search for offers before you go online shopping.

10. Free trials

So, there’s this one item you want to purchase for your nephew, but on top of the item cost, shipping costs an extra $19! Let’s pretend this website is Amazon. To get free shipping, you need Amazon Prime, but you don’t have the membership. Not to worry, they have a 30-day free trial, no upfront costs. Sign up, send the gift with free shipping and set a reminder to cancel your membership before the 30 days is up. Simples.

11. Unsubscribe

Going against my suggestions of NOT unsubscribing, this time I’m telling you to UNSUBSCRIBE. There’s a method to my madness, though. What I’ve found is that when you unsubscribe, some businesses try to keep you subscribed by sending you an offer or discount. Not everyone does it but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

12. Tell them your birthday

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your birth date when you sign up with a retailer, it might not be such a bad thing when they send you discount codes on your birthday. Some retailers give considerable discounts too!

13. Know the Sales Calendar

It pays to be prepared for sales, Finder.com.au has one here that you should bookmark and study well!

14. Happy hour sales

Virgin Australia does Happy Hour Sales well. Every Thursday from 4-11 pm AEST the sale runs, and it’s easy to remember. Take note of your favourite retailers that do this and get a great deal.

15. Go incognito

For the last money-saving hack, it’s all about going undercover. No, you’re not required to put on a wig and hide in dark shadows, it’s about using your private browsing function on your smartphone or computer. When you browse in incognito mode, the websites you visit cannot tell that you’ve visited them before and you’re treated as a new customer. When a website can tell you’ve visited before, some put up their prices or remove deals.

I bet you’re itching to see how much you can save when you shop online now that you’ve got these hacks on hand. Why not start a spreadsheet and see how much you do save on online shopping over the next quarter.

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