5 Fabulous Self Care Gifts for Mum

I’ve shared recently some lovely self care activities for busy mums but I know that finding time to prioritise ourselves is never easy. So it got me thinking, what about self care gifts for mum for when she needs a little hand in putting herself first?

I’ve teamed up with Biome to bring you some of my faves.

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I love the Biome range of earth-friendly products. It’s just so beautiful and vast too – with everything from skin care, pampering goodies, books, food and lunch boxes! Three of the self care gift ideas for mum suggestions below are available at Biome.

Self Care Gift Ideas for Mum

1. Kindness: The Little Thing That Matters Most Book

I know taking the time to read is one of the most popular self care strategies for many. It’s our chance to get lost somewhere else and is also a great way to relax before bed.

I adore this book by Jaime Thurston and it’s aim to motivate and inspire readers about the positive impact of being kind to others.

Plus, how beautiful!

Kindness The Little Thing That Matters Most Book - Love from Mim

Kindness The Little Thing That Matters Most Book - Love from Mim


Find out more and purchase: click here.

2. Bodecare Dry Body Brush

I’ve recently got into dry body brushing as had read so much about the benefits such as improving circulation, draining the lymphatic system and, of course, exfoliating.

I found dry brushing a bit weird at first but now it’s one of those super quick activities that can be done a few minutes every morning that has a big impact!

Dry body brushes range so much in how they look and feel and I find this one from Bodecare very easy to use. Plus, is has very soft bristles that don’t scratch my skin.

Bodecare Long Handled Dry Body Brush - Love from Mim

If you don’t already use a dry body brush, give it a try as one of your quick daily (or even weekly) self care practices.

Find out more and purchase: click here.

3. Alter Ego Vegan Organic Chocolate

Yes yes yes, of course I have chocolate in my gift guide – I’m all about building a healthy mind and body but we need the occasional treat too.

This delicious chocolate is vegan and organic and tastes sooooo good! I love Biome’s range of fair trade chocolate and I know it will be popular with many mums.

Alter Ego Dark Salted Almonds Organic Chocolate - Love from Mim

Find out more and purchase: click here.

4. An Early Night or a Lie In…or both!

This one can be the one of the most difficult self care ideas to actually pull off but it is budget friendly! I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity to have a really good lie in.

However, having more sleep is possible with an early night.

Try to have an early night as often as you can manage it. Or if you see one of your friends is exhausted and needs to catch up on the zees, offer to watch her kids so she can.

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5. The Power of Planning

My all time favourite of self care ideas is taking the time to use a paper planner. Even if for just a few minutes each week, planning is a fantastic way of:

  • Getting thoughts out of your head and on to paper
  • Organising your life
  • Getting creative!
  • Finding more time in your week for “me time” by organising everything else you need to do better.

The ultimate paper planner I always recommend is the Erin Condren LifePlanner. I love how beautiful and well made they are, the quality is exceptional and they’re so customisable for what you need from a planner.

Erin Condren LifePlanners - Love from Mim

Pop a planner on your self care list!

Find out more and purchase: click here.

I hope my self care tips have given you some inspo – whether you want to treat yourself or a mum friend. I can’t stress enough the importance of self care – it’s so necessary for us to look after ourselves so we can be strong and supportive for our families too.

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Self Care Gifts for Mum - Love from Mim

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  • 1 x Bodecare Long-Handled Dry Body Brush
  • 1 x Alter Ego Vegan Dark Salted Almonds Chocolate Bar

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  1. Sarahmary
    / 9:52 pm

    An aroma Diffuser! I love relaxing woth scents that soothe, especially of a night. It’s the perfect way to relax.

  2. bexdey
    / 10:39 am

    Corrynne’s relaxing bath salts…. I need to unwind!

  3. Bella Ri
    / 3:19 pm

    Bath salts – I would love to come home and unwind after a long day in a bath with these beautiful scented salts.

  4. Kate Slack
    / 1:35 am

    The Corrynne’s Relaxing bath salts i love to have a relaxing soak in the bath.

  5. Erin Duff
    / 3:37 pm

    The earth loving chocolate.
    I mean, it’s /chocolate/.
    It’s delicious, mouth-watering chocolate.
    There’s no other reason, other than it’s CHOCOLATE.

  6. Isabel
    / 10:34 pm

    The loving earth chocolate as an indulgent treat, that’s what I’d call self care.

  7. Ben T
    / 7:58 pm

    The Mindful Thoughts for Cyclists book. It would help provide some zen on my cycle to the train station, hopefully replacing my current thoughts like ‘will this helmet really protect me?’ and ‘is that bus driver going to run me down?!’.

  8. Careen P
    / 8:47 am

    Earths parities magnesium recovery gel- strawberry because my muscles ache after comforting my toddler who has come home with another delightful virus after just starting daycare, only wants Mum and is very heavy!

  9. / 7:36 am

    I think the bath salts would be amazing. I hate waste, so I’d definitely make time to have a just-for-me bath and therefore, enforced relaxing time. Of course, about 10 minutes after I get in, I guarantee the kids will ask to join me, but I’d for sure enjoy those 10 blessed alone time minutes! :)

  10. Karli Hose
    / 11:34 pm

    The Olieve salt scrub (lemon, mandarin and peppermint) sounds amazing! Seems really popular too, as it’s sold out!

  11. Kristy F
    / 10:12 pm

    I love mim-inal and it’s the little things that matter most. I love the Evohe Gift Pack – I See The Beauty In You as having great skin makes me feel free and confident with pure beauty.

  12. Jean Lim
    / 1:02 pm

    Just a cup of tea and 10 minutes to myself. Sometimes you need that time out to get back into the zone of being the mother with so many hats.

  13. Sallyann Silver
    / 6:09 pm

    Self care wish list includes a warm bath, a good book and a great nights sleep……..oh and maybe for someone else to cook tea and do the dishes!!

  14. Anna
    / 4:24 pm

    “The Little Book Of Slow” would be my pick of the bunch. It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of a fast-paced life. It’s so important to sit back & not only smell the roses but enjoy them too.

  15. Amanda S
    / 11:05 pm

    I need Corrynne’s relaxing bath salts. In fact every time my daughter insists I carry her ‘because she’s soooooo tired’ I am going to visualize myself pouring these into a lovely warm tub.

  16. Maggie Karner
    / 8:02 pm

    I love the Akhal The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials. An aging body means aging skin but skincare is just as important as it was when I was young. Cleansing, toning and hydrating my skin is so very important.

  17. Tracy Monahan
    / 3:03 pm

    Oh I love to cook so my favourite item would be the Camphor Laurel cutting board – freeform large…gorgeous.

  18. Danni
    / 11:58 am

    Something I always struggle to get there
    With lack of sleep, starting to age me
    Coffee has not saved me
    Mokosh Elderberry Chia Seed Beauty Serum would be my pick
    Promoting youthful skin, hopefully will do the trick
    Luck I love my kids more than I can bare.
    Now to figure out what to do with the grey hair

  19. Paula H
    / 7:21 am

    Wow what a selection!! I was totally stumped on a decision until I saw the Mad Millie artisan cheese kit. How cool to make your own cheese?!?!?! I’d be making it until the cows come home hahaha

  20. Hayley
    / 7:05 am

    I’d love the 500ml stainless steel water bottle to keep on my desk at work or to take with me when I travel. No chemical nasties using this as opposed to drinking from plastic water bottles and better for the environment too.

  21. tamra
    / 3:52 am

    The Lemon myrtle body cream by Olieve because I just love the scent it would give you a little hug to your senses every time you used it I reckon.

  22. Samara McRae
    / 7:49 pm

    I would put the Akhal The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials at the top of my list. I love these products and am definitely in need of some pampering.

  23. Lea
    / 2:19 pm

    I would love the Olieve salt scrub – lemon, mandarin and peppermint, to revitalise myself

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