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Interview with Nellie Procopiou

Self-Start Mums showcases mothers who have created their own self-employed business. I’m very happy to share my interview with Nellie Procopiou, Co-Founder of Broth & Co.

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My Interview with Nellie of Broth & Co

1. Tell me about yourself?

I’m Nellie, mum of two and a half year old twin boys and Co- Founder of Broth & Co, my husband is the other half.

In my past life (pre-twins) I was a black belt, yogi and fitness nut, which is how I met my husband. Now my fitness training consists of weight bearing and running after 2 x 15kg toddlers, walking meditation (Pushing the pram).

I love travel and I can’t wait to introduce my little ones to it.

2. Tell us about your self-employed business?

Broth & Co is a family owned/run business and we produce natural, nutritious bone broths that are readily available. We have liquid and powder bone broths that are Australian made, simmered for 24 hours, low in salt and no flavours or preservatives just “naked bone broth”.

Bone broth naturally contains amino acids, gelatine, collagen, glucosamine and minerals in an easily absorbable form.

3. How did you transition to working for yourself?

I am a nurturer, which explains healthcare and also a feeder, from my Greek family – Working in healthcare makes you aware that western medicine also needs a holistic approach. I began a postgraduate in integrative medicine many years ago as I am in awe of the people in that field like Dr Avni Sali and his “Ultimate Consultation”.

Co-Founding Broth & Co was just a natural progression to creating nutrient dense, healing foods for today’s busy lifestyles.

4. What was your previous career?

I am a pharmacist and have worked in hospital and community pharmacy as well as owning my own pharmacy and also worked as a researcher.

Nellie Procopiou, Co-Founder of Broth & Co - Love from Mim

5. Describe a typical day in your working life?

My working hours are dictated to me by my boys, they are my alarm clock at 6am and so the day begins. I have a great day care centre the boys visit most mornings and a dedicated grandma team in the afternoons or as required. I tend to work about 9 hours a day, which means I work late most nights.

6. How many hours do you work per week on your business?

Many Many Hours! I’m always working even on weekends. Luckily for me, my husband is the other half of Broth & Co, and they say not to take your work home with you :)

7. Do you supplement your income in any other ways?

Peter, my husband has a personal fitness studio.

8. How do you manage your family and working for yourself?

Well, it can be a little overwhelming at times, I am lucky in that my husband and I work side by side, it helps that we are in sync. Somehow amongst all the craziness, and with a little bit of help, we manage to balance our family and business life.

9. What challenges did you face in setting up your business?

For us, the most challenging thing was time, as our bone broth became more popular the week we came home from the hospital with our twins. It was a steep and sleep deprived learning curb both personally and professionally.

10. What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

I find that working for myself can be very fulfilling, integrating work life and home life, it’s fun to create products that you yourself like to consume.

Nellie Procopiou, Co-Founder of Broth & Co - Love from Mim

11. What’s your best advice to another mum who is considering setting up her own business?

I think we are all more capable than we know, so even if you are filling a little hesitant just make a start.

Oh and have a notepad handy it’s easy to get distracted when there’s a lot going on.

12. What’s next for you and your business?

I love what I do as I’m always reading and researching and gaining inspiration for Broth & Co Bone Broths there will be Vegan Energy Broths and “flavours of the world” like Asian Chicken Bone Broth.

In the works is also our children’s range of Vegetable Powders for busy parents and fussy eaters, it’s called VegEase.

We’re hosting an incredible conference day filled with the latest business growth strategies and knowledge, networking and a whole lot of inspiration. We’re giving every business-minded woman an opportunity to pitch their business ideas and learn vital pitching for capital skills at our pitch competition.

You can visit Broth & Co here and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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