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Skinny Tan Review: Protect and Glow!

Sponsored by Skinny Tan.

In this Skinny Tan review, I’ll share how I’ve been testing it out, the pros and cons.

Throughout my early twenties, living in the UK, a suntan was hard to come by. Which basically meant that at every opportunity or holiday, I’d be in my swimmers faster than lightening, sun-lotioned up and sprawled in the sun.

My skin is pretty olive but even so, I just felt better with a tan. Heathier, somehow or at least a bit glowier.

Despite my longing for a tan, I never went without sunscreen and can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been burned in the sun.

However, in late 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and overnight, I lost all interest in spending time in the hot sun.

Skinny Tan Review
Some of the Skinny Tan range

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Whilst my diagnosis has nothing to do with my skin, I just felt so paranoid about burning and the risk of skin cancer.

It’s only now, a few years on, that I’m more comfortable being in the sun more.

Of course, with two little kids in tow, my sunbathing days are over – so the chances of me getting a tan are slim to none! And I’m even more vigilant than before on ensuring that I’m wearing adequate sun protection. Even though my skin is a bit darker, if I forget sunscreen, I burn every time.

I always go for a minimum of SPF30 but SPF50 is my preferred choice, to protect my skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Skin cancer terrifies me and I don’t want to bring on (anymore!) premature aging either. Australia’s sun is much harsher than what I was used to in the UK so a product that protects me from these elements is a must.

I was chatting to Skinny Tan recently and they asked if I would like to review their range and I said “YES, please!”. I’d already seen some great Skinny Tan reviews online.

You can buy Skinny Tan online at their website, or here in Australia  and here in the UK.

What appealed to me about Skinny Tan

  1. Their range varies from SPF30-50 coverage.
  2. The products are dermatologically tested with no nasties – I have sensitive skin and I’m always cautious of trying anything new.
  3. The word ‘skinny’ is in the title. It intrigued me. Yes please, I’ll have some of THAT.
Skinny Tan Review
Skinny Tan Products

What is Skinny Tan?

Skinny Tan was developed in 2012 by two mums, Kate Cotton & Louise Ferguson. They had, like me, been disappointed through the years that so many products claiming to be the best self tanner on the market left skin orange, streaky, with a “fake tan smell” and were packed with harmful parabens and sulphates.

So they went about creating a product that they hoped overcame these things.

They even went on one of my fave British TV shows, BBC2’s Dragon’s Den in 2013, and presented their Skinny Tan fake tanning products. The Dragons love it and Kate & Louise made the most successful pitch for investment in the show’s global history; they were inundated with nine offers from the five Dragons!

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen and IT businessman Piers Linney invested in Skinny Tan UK – and now they’re a global success.

I had read some really positive Skinny Tan sun protection and self tanner reviews and was excited to give it a whirl.

Because my skin is a bit olive already, I find that many fake tans, even the darkest fake tan, doesn’t show up. Or turns me orange. Not good, not good. I’m always looking for long lasting fake tan that shows up but turns a natural shade.

I was sent three products – the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion SPF 50, the Protect & Glow SPF 30 Daily Gradual Self Tan Spray and the Body Glow Aftersun Cooling Gel.

For this review, I’m focusing on the first product.

You can buy Skinny Tan online at their website, or here in Australia  and here in the UK.

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner Review

For my Skinny Tan gradual tan review, I tested the lotion over three days, applying it every morning after my shower. After three days I then was happy with the colour and left it for a week before applying again. It gradually faded evenly.

I wanted to test the lotion for a few applications because I’ve seen other fake tan reviews where it’s worked great after the first application but then starts to appear less natural. Or it’s patchy.

You can find out how to apply Skinny Tan gradual tanner in this video, along with my thoughts and a before and after pic!

My feedback on it is good – and it’s a product I’ll continue to use for sure. It’s definitely the best natural looking fake tan product I’ve tried so far. Here’s why:

Some pros – it hasn’t streaked, I’ve taken my time in applying it and exfoliated gently every morning before I do.  It’s the best tanning lotion I’ve tried scent-wise too and smells delish! This is because of the coconut oil contained in the Skinny Tan ingredients, it’s so good.

Another plus for me is that it’s multipurpose – and works as both a sun protection product and self tanner too – so less to pack, making it the best fake tan for holiday!

I don’t have the time to go and get spray tans and I’m always looking for the best home fake tan that does a good job but is quick to apply. It needs to be the best long lasting fake tan too – to save me time in constantly redoing it.

Unlike other fake tan brands I’ve tried, it’s a very natural effect and quite subtle. I am exfoliating most mornings though to ensure it’s always even. Perhaps if I exfoliated less the colour might be deeper but I do NOT want streaks.

The packaging is beautiful although as the lotion is quite thin, it runs out if you don’t get the lid on again quickly. Just a small con – hardly a biggie.

Skinny Tan Review

You can buy Skinny Tan online at their website, or here in Australia  and here in the UK.


I’ve thought of some of the questions I had about Skinny Tan – in case you’re wondering the same:

How to apply Skinny Tan application

As mentioned in the video, I exfoliate first in the shower with a gentle exfoliant, then pat my body dry and apply the Skinny Tan spray tan or Skinny Tan lotion. This might suit your routine or you might find a different way how to use Skinny Tan, like applying it before bed if you have more time then.

Can you use Skinny Tan on your face?

If you’re wondering can I use Skinny Tan on my face then the answer is yes! Both the lotion and spray can be used on face and body. However, to apply Skinny Tan for face, you need to spray the Skinny Tan spray on your hands first and then apply. For Skinny Tan face applications, they recommend that you don’t spray directly on to your face. I mentioned that my skin is sensitive and found this the best fake tan for face for me as it didn’t irritate me and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

Do you have Skinny Tan before and after pics?

Yes! Check out the video where I share my Skinny Tan results.

Where can I buy Skinny Tan products?

If you’re wondering where to buy Skinny Tan online, it’s on the website here. For where to buy Skinny Tan in person, there’s also a list of Skinny Tan stockists here.

Where can I get Skinny Tan deals?

Check out the website – they current have double deals and Skinny Tan sets where you can save money.


Skinny Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion
Skinny Tan Gradual Tanning Lotion

Skinny Tan Review Conclusion

I’ve loved testing out the Skinny Tan Self Tan Lotion and I’ll continue to try the spray and after sun – I’ll report back on what I think about them.

I’ve tried other fake tan sprays and mousses in the past as I find them easier than lotions to apply. So I’m interested to see if the spray is the best fake tan spray compared to others I’ve tested.

The product has none of the nasties I’m trying to avoid, it smells good and does a great job of the giving me the best natural fake tan from other sunless tanner reviews and trials I’ve done.

Have you tried Skinny Tan? What do you recommend is the best Skinny Tan product?

For more information about skin safety in the sun, check out Cancer Council NSW’s guide here.

You can buy Skinny Tan online at their website, or here in Australia  and here in the UK.

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