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5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Had Kids

5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Had Kids

5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Had Kids is a guest post by Roxy at Kids in Adelaide!

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I possibly wasn’t the most prepared new mums out there. But, seriously, I feel like someone really should have made sure I knew about some of these things!

5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Had Kids - Kids in Adelaide Parenting Advice Parenthood Becoming a New Mum

  1. Get ready for GINORMOUS boobs! When my milk came in (about the 3rd day I think) my chest felt like it had grown two gigantic volcanoes that were ready to explode with the slightest breeze. I had been told about this, but nobody REALLY mentioned just how ENORMOUS and rock hard they go. Having been pregnant I was used to not being able to see my feet, but I felt like I could no longer see my feet, belly button or the TV from the hospital bed at one point they got so big.
  1. Your hair falls out – like LOTS of it! I think that someone did actually mention this to me, but once again I have to say whoever it was certainly did not put enough emphasis on HOW MUCH hair we are talking about! I was getting apple sized balls of hair every time I washed it, and it scared the crap out of me… until I spoke to a few of my friends who all said that’s “just normal” and not to worry. Apparently it’s just the extra hair that you grow when you’re pregnant all falling out and you actually just go back to having the same amount of hair that you did before you got pregnant. This sounds a bit made up so that I feel better, but it’s about right I suppose, I didn’t go bald (even though I definitely felt like I was going to).
  1. After the aforementioned hair all falling out saga, get ready for the part where it all grows back kinda weird, and you get a tufty rim of baby fluff new hair around your head. My husband said I might end up a skirted egg……I didn’t know what that meant, and then I googled it. Thanks babe, you’ve always had such a fine way with words.
  1. I cried a lot and then I cried some more. And actually I just generally cry more these days since having kids. It’s not always a sad cry, sometimes it’s a happy cry, sometimes proud cry, sometimes it’s a weird ‘this ad on TV is really cute’ cry, but yep a lot of the time it’s more of a ‘What the HELL am I doing? Why are you crying? What does this mean?’ type of cry. Don’t worry, trust us when we say you’ll work it out, but you’ll probably cry trying.
  1. POO! So the first poo after childbirth is quite a dilemma. Let me just say girls, you’ll be terrified of this moment no matter what type of birth you end up having. Nobody tells you about this shit (pardon the hilarious pun) but it is so true! After my emergency caesarean my first post-baby poo involved my Mother in Law, huge ‘bum lollies’ and what was the first poo in way too long. MIL lingered for a few minutes before we both decided that this scenario would play out much better if I was on my own. Let’s just say trauma of the bum lolly was made bearable only due to the fact that it worked (very quickly). I pooed, my scar didn’t burst open (like I thought) and then I’m pretty sure I cried (I’m certain I cried).

Roxy is mum to a now 4 year old daughter and part of the Kids in Adelaide team who constantly deliver fun, informative, honest and reliable info on anything and everything to do with kids in Adelaide!

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5 Things Someone Should Have Told Me Before I Had Kids - Kids in Adelaide Parenting Advice Parenthood Becoming a New Mum


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