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33 Super Fast Things to Declutter Right NOW!

If one of your goals is to have a clean and tidy home, here are 33 quick and easy things to declutter right now to get you started!

Is the thought of decluttering your whole house in one day, or even room by room, overwhelming for you?

Then start here with these easy ways how to declutter fast.

It will get you into action, with some quick results that will give you the motivation to declutter even more.

Plus, you really don’t need these things! They’re taking up space in your house, technology and mind – so let’s get rid of them.

Getting rid of clutter has an effect on your mental health in a really positive way.

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Some of these items can be sold for some extra cash, given away to people who need them more or even discarded altogether.

Here are 33 quick things to get rid of and easy ways for you to learn how to start decluttering quickly:

33 Quick ways to Clear the Clutter in your home

  1. Unwanted gifts
  2. Clothes you no longer wear
  3. Makeup – expired, broken or unused
  4. Broken cutlery and crockery (or ones you don’t like/use!)
  5. Old keys
  6. Phone images and videos
  7. Dust!
  8. Broken decorations
  9. The JUNK drawer
  10. Social media followers
  11. Magazines and books you won’t read again
  12. Unmatched gloves
  13. Email newsletters – unsubscribe!
  14. Old insurance documents
  15. Expired food
  16. Expired coupons and gift cards
  17. Cracked glasses or bottles
  18. Herbs and spices you don’t like
  19. Samples size products you’ll NEVER use
  20. Chargers/adapters for old technology
  21. Used notebooks
  22. Unmatched socks
  23. Old remotes
  24. Medicines you don’t need or expired ones
  25. Phone apps
  26. Spare tiles/flooring you’ll never need!
  27. Old computer Desktop files and folders
  28. Unused, old bedding
  29. Ratty towels
  30. Old manuals
  31. Undies (you know the ones)
  32. Expired/unused skincare
  33. Unnecessary files and folders

Want to do things the Marie Kondo way?

Buy the book here in Australia, here in the US and here in the UK.

I hope these quick ideas get you started – many only take seconds but can have a big impact on decluttering your home.

Check out my weekly cleaning schedule here.

Want more tips on decluttering? Click here or on the image below to join the group now!

Decluttering Mothers - Love from Mim

Let me know if you want more tips on how to declutter quickly?

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I hope my ideas for fast things to declutter gets you started too!


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