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67 Top Tips for Buying Baby Clothes & Kids Clothes

I recently asked my community (you all!) for their top tips for buying baby clothes and kids clothes and they came up with SO many!

Online shopping for kids, or shopping instore, can be such a fun time but we’re all conscious of not wasting money or buying clothes that don’t get worn.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby, wondering how many clothes do I need and in what sizes. Friends who had little ones already shared their baby clothes tips – how not to waste money and buy the things that I really would need.

I was blown away by the 300+ tips you all shared with me on how to buy baby clothes and kids clothes – you are all so savvy!

I’ve pulled together some of the best and most common themes into one list so you can check them out before you next buy kids clothes:

67 Tips for Buying Kids Clothing

  1. Buy off the end of season clearance rack for the next year. Also I find it helpful to buy a whole seasons clothes at once so it all coordinates (however it is a lump sum outlay ?) – Sarah P
  2. Buy clothes easier to get on and off. Most kids just hate sitting still, and especially when it comes to putting clothes on – Naomi S
  3. Buy clothes on sale when the kids are at school. Moreso if you find jeans on sale as they are a great buy, so many different styles can be done with jeans – Lexi M
  4. Don’t bring them or the hubby – Rebecca C
  5. My top tip is I always buy clothes at the end of season mark downs. Ready for next year, it has saved us so much money – Ebony A
  6. Just like many adults, having staple pieces that can go with many things got me through my first daughter and I still have them for my 2nd baby. Buying better quality rather then cheaply made means it can stand kids being kids – Melissa J
  7. Top tip – never buy white ? – Gemma H
  8. I “pay it forward” with my pre loved kids’ clothes and in turn my friends do the same! Lauren S
  9. I love to find big brands clothes with great prices , so I joined many favourite brands newsletters , so I cannot miss any sale season – Shu-Ching
  10. Buy several good quality essential pieces, keeping in mind what matches the clothes they already have. That way you can mix and match with no trouble. You can always accessories with bibs, socks, shoes, hats, beanies etc. It’s the same concept I use to buy for myself. Don’t spend rediculous amounts on clothes as already mentioned, they grow out of them way too fast! Amandina G C
  11. If you like something buy it then and there in the current size and next size up because it’s never there when you go back for it! Cianne Mcardle
  12. I lay buy the next seasons clothes as soon as they hit the shelves (which is usually mid season) and I make sure if buying for winter I buy clothes that can be layered and buy in most cases the next size up, I also look for clothes that work with the shoes she currently has. Alysia S
  13. A good pair of jeans is essential for kids, so versatile and practical, can be dressed up with a shirt or top or just used for everyday. Lucy H
  14. I buy staples in base colours that work together, that won’t show stains too badly (ie. grey, navy). Then I can mix these basics with fun pieces to have different looking outfits all the time. Naomi R
  15. Take only one child at a time (less stress) and make sure they try them on. (Less waste and tears) – Pamela S
  16. Grey hides both light and dark coloured pet hair, dirt and an array of food stains ?Kate JC
  17. I buy suitable clothing that will work for a few seasons and can add tights or sleeves under. Sales are a plus and affordable. Best and less have gorgeous kids clothes and affordable too! Tracey C
  18. I always think “is this practical?”, my baby girl has lots of cute outfits but they’re all breathable and allow movement. Natalie O
  19. Afterpay ??? get them when you need them and pay them off lol. Courtney M
  20. Purchase comfortable clothes over cute clothes. Friends and family definitely cant pass up the cute outfits as gifts! Laura P
  21. Set yourself a limit and only take that amount in cash with you, leave all other cash and cards at home!!! Best and less have THE CUTEST clothes and it’s way to easy to buy the whole store! Sarah H
  22. Buy the essentials and let family and friends buy the cute ‘good clothes’ otherwise there will be too many ‘good’ clothes and not enough of the every dayers – Katie M
  23. Make sure to have an outfit planned before buying an item! Example, buying a top you love but then realise you don’t have pants that go with it in that size! Keira G
  24. My top tip is remember that kids don’t care how much money was spent! Nicole B
  25. I like to mix in cheaper labels with some branded labels. It gives the impression of full designer wear but you know you have paid well under half the price. Especially when it comes to weddings, engagements, special occasions etc. Kerrie Tullipan
  26. Always go shopping with a good idea of what they already have, that fits, for the season. That way you know what they actually need and you will have a good range of clothes that will mix and match and create outfits without doubling up or having lots of items that don’t match up! Nicole D
  27. Make sure they like them before buying .. otherwise they might sit in the cupboard – Rachel F
  28. Try all types of styles on your kids ‘cos they’re only little once and they won’t fight you on the outfit choice, at least for a couple years. You might get some amazing little pics that you can look back on too! Peg Z
  29. Buy cute outfits that can be worn for multiple occasions and in multiple seasons – Gemma K
  30. My top tip is DO NOT waste money on good clothes for daycare/preschool! Cheap essentials only. Or is it just that my kids are *particularly* good at staining everything?? Loz J
  31. I love to buy a few different body suits that can go with any type of pants/skirt/shorts for more versatile Outfits. The same body suit that can be worn in summer and winter with a few variations. Nikki W
  32. Don’t spend a fortune on clothes when they are little. Have a few good quality nice outfits and then buy cheap. They grow so quick and are so messy (which equals stains ?) You could go broke – Ange R
  33. If in doubt size up! And save the pants they grow out of because once they’re out of nappies they may drop back down a size in bottoms – Megan H
  34. Buy clothes early in the season. You might not get them on sale but you get the pick of what’s in stock. And usually actually buy less because you have more choice to put sets together that match and get the most out of the pieces. Alicia S
  35. Buy clothes your kids will be comfortable in and be able to wear over and over again! With jumpers and coats in the winter go a size bigger to layer more – Belinda J
  36. I buy slighter larger sizes in the off season and sale times throughout the year and store away some things for ‘Santa’ to give at Christmas. Amanda P
  37. Top tip – take your child with you (one on one) and let them choose what they like. they will ALWAYS love deciding what to wear each day and the clothes get used all the time instead of having clothes sitting there that never get worn. Paige W
  38. When you see a good deal/special in clothing get one of the size you need and then another a size larger, and another a size larger than that…so you are ready for next year. Corinne P
  39. If you buy clothes that all have similar colour theme then everything will go together and create a nice outfit. So you’ll never be left with an item you never use! Emma G
  40. I always buy on sale at the end of the season for the next sizes up or even go the op shop route. It’s great for the environment, the clothes are great quality, and bargain prices. I still shop ahead for sizes even in op shops. Sarah L
  41. Hold up two things and ask them which one. They will love getting to choose for themselves while eliminating to many options overwhelming them and picking everything – Bernie A
  42. My top tip is go a size bigger. Kids grow quickly, and it’s no hassle to tuck an over sized shirt into the child’s pants. Kerry S
  43. I always buy the next size up when stuff is on clearance. And buy a top that goes with each bottom so you have a full outfit ? Claire B
  44. Check your sleepsuits! No matter what my kids wore during the day, I would always reach for the pyjamas with two zips. Changing nappies in the middle of the night is much more efficient when you can unzip from the bottom and save yourself from fully undressing bub (and beginning the dreaded sleep routine, for the third time that night). Maddison S
  45. I like to buy winter clothes that you can layer so they can still be worn in the warmer weather. We have a very short winter here so I try to get the most out of our clothes – Adrienne S
  46. Check for reviews & see what materials are used in making the clothing & the size of the footprint left behind whilst making the clothing. Never be too afraid to ask another parent when out & about where they got their child’s clothing from. And local markets always come up with unfound treasures – Fawn H
  47. Even though it is hard, don’t buy too many clothes for the kids. I wash everyday and they seem to wear the same two outfits all week. So now we have a maximum of 5 outfits at any one time and replace them as they grow out of them or they get too ratty. Tanya C
  48. Buy clothes that will suit multiple kids. Kathryn C
  49. Stick to basics for children’s clothing and customise outfits with cool accessories – Natalie F
  50. Know the exact measurements of your child as they GROW way to quickly because when your there its hard to get them to try on so many so plan plan plan!! Emzee F
  51. Keep a list of ages (especially when buying for extended family), what they already have, preferences and reason for purchase of the item. It is also helpful to have some extra cash incase it becomes overwhelming and you need a time out coffee or something stronger. Caroline K
  52. One word: ADJUSTABLE. Adjustable waist. Adjustable leg length. Helps to accomodate growth spurts. Saves time and money. Mandy C
  53. Don’t buy white haha! Belinda F
  54. Buy well made and clothing made of comfortable fabrics – Louise P
  55. Keep a note in your phone of the family’s clothing sizes and a card cutout of their foot in your purse, so you can “try on” shoes without them present – Alicia S
  56. Buy on sale out of season, buy secondhand, hand down to siblings as much as possible – Amanda P
  57. I like to let Miss 4 choose some frocks herself. We take them to the change rooms and pretend to be fairies. The make believe element adds a fun, new dimension to going shopping ? – Izabella D
  58. Only ever pay full price for items of clothing you are in love with. Invest in some storage tubs – 1 for each size. Then buy everything thing else when it is heavily reduced and sort it straight into the tubs so you know exactly what you have in each size. This way you don’t end up with 20 singlets in 1 size and 2 in another. Shelly M
  59. Buy basic bottoms and colorful tops that all match so that no matter what is in the cupboard/drawers, you know that your kid will look put together (of course, that’s the day that they pull their PJs out and want to wear those!) Bex G
  60. Go through their wardrobe and work out what is needed before looking at the shops – Danielle D
  61. I always buy clothes on colours/prints that will hide marks or that can be bleached! Elle R
  62. Buy clothing that can be worn across at least 2 season’s, a pinafore is a great example, work with nothing underneath during summer, but now that it’s autumn, adding a simple skivvy and tights underneath means it’s now a warmer outfit. Helps stretch their wear longer. Zippers are a busy (and tired) parent’s best friend – Abby C
  63. Buy your baby all the same colour/pattern socks….that way, when the washing machine eats some or your baby peels them off mid shopping trip and chucks one out of the pram, you don’t have to throw out the odd ones cause you’ll always have a pair. Belinda S
  64. My Top tip is to trace around a shoe that fits your child. Then use that as a guide when buying shoes… Without your child in toe. Alyse B
  65. Take advantage of all stores member club offers, saves coin and usually you get a little insight of what stock is to come in store before it hits the rack so you know what your looking for. Always have your staples, so for my daughter I always have A pair of jeans, a pair of tights, a jacket and closed in shoes(ballet flats) you can always find tops, long or short to layer or dress up or down, especially for local current weather. For my son, same rules only instead of tights we go with the baby chinos or track pants. Always get your winter stock in the summer months(saves money) just adjust your sizing accordingly, usually up a size is plenty for little ones buying in advance – Nikita M
  66. Pay attention to the fabric, you can usually tell what will fade, pill, stretch after a few washes – Belinda B
  67. Buy things that don’t need to be ironed – Samantha D

I hope these awesome tips for buying bab clothes and kids clothes helps you.

Do you have any tips to add? Comment below!
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I’ve loved sharing these tips for buying baby clothes and kids clothes and hope they help you save money and have more fun shopping!


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