A Toddler Lunch Box Idea they will love to eat!

Today I have a toddler lunch box idea with Organix snacks for you! This post is sponsored.

My 1.5 and 3.5 year old  both go to daycare and we try and give them a good mix of all of the important food groups. We’re always looking for new lunch box ideas for them.

Toddler Lunch Box Idea - Love from Mim

A Toddler Lunch Box Idea!

We’re currently loving these Large Light Lunchboxes from Smash – they’re from the Nude Food Mover range and you can find out more here.


A Toddler Lunch Box Idea!

Here’s a little video of what I put into my kids packed lunches each day.

For this particular day, the kids enjoyed ham wholegrain wraps. They also had an apple, grapes, rock melon, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumber and some yummy Farm Biscuits and Cheese & Herb Corn Puffs from Organix as a little treat!

Organix Corn Puffs

The Organix Goodies Corn Puffs, available from Woolworths and Coles come in 3 flavours. They are Carrot, Cheese and Herbs and Saucy Tomato. I’m a bit addicted to the tomato ones for me!

Organix Fruit Puffs

Organix Fruit Puffs

These yummy baked snacks come with the Organix No Junk Promise. My two kids love their crunchy texture and how they dissolve in their mouths. They’ve been perfect since Mini started solids at 6 months old.


Organix Farm Animal Biscuits

The Organix Farm Animal Biscuits are lovely and tasty and the perfect size for a quick snack. I always keep a box in my changing bag too for a quick snack on the go.

Organix Farm Animal Biscuits - Love from Mim

Organix Farm Animal Biscuits

They’re made with wholemeal wheat flour, grape juice and added vitamin B1. My kids love their little animal designs. Mini is learning his animal names and sounds so these are adding to the fun of that!

Organix Mini Oaty Bites


We also love Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites for a snack on the go when we’re out and about at the weekend. They come in Raspberry & Apple and Apple & Orange flavours. They’re packed full of juicy raisins and wholegrain oats.

Organix Mini Oaty Bites - Love from Mim

Organix Mini Oaty Bites

We try to provide our kids with a balanced diet. When we do give snacks, we like to ensure that they’re nutritious and made without junk. Organix is perfect for that. The brightly coloured packaging and tasty treats are such a bit hit with the kids – and with me!

Toddler Lunch Box Idea - Love from Mim

Looking for some yummy Organix snacks for your baby or toddler? You can check out the full range of toddler snacks at Woolworths and Coles.

What are your favourite lunch ideas for kids?




Toddler Lunch Box Idea - Love from Mim


Disclosure: I wrote this sponsored toddler lunch box ideas post as an Organix Brand Ambassador. I wanted to share some of the ways we incorporate Organix snacks into our toddler’s lunches! Affiliate links above.

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  1. 7th December 2016 / 11:16 pm

    I love those lunch box ideas. I have to make 5 lunches each day so keeping them free of unhealthy snacks is often fraught with complaints from disgruntled children complaining the so-an-so is ‘allowed chocolate and crisps’ … Its so hard sticking to your sugar-free guns sometimes, isn’t it?!
    Love the Organix range.
    Anna x

    • 8th December 2016 / 11:58 am

      Ooh yes I know what you mean – these snacks keep them happy – and me too! x

  2. 5th December 2016 / 9:05 am

    Love, love, love organix. Is it bad that I use their rice cakes as a bribe sometimes? My daughter absolutely loves them. I love your lunch idea and the box is fab too. x

    • 5th December 2016 / 4:21 pm

      Ha ha I’m all about the healthy snack bribes here too! x

  3. 2nd December 2016 / 7:08 pm

    I don’t why have kids but loving the lunch boxes and these snacks too. Great for my nephew as he loves his snacks

    • 2nd December 2016 / 7:21 pm

      Oh he’d love them – I eat them too ha! :)

  4. 2nd December 2016 / 4:36 pm

    Great lunch ideas and they also look very yummy. Healthy snack are very important for children. I like Organix too.

    • 2nd December 2016 / 7:23 pm

      You’re so right – we have the occasional treat but these are guilt free for me :)

  5. 1st December 2016 / 5:45 pm

    Awww I loved organix goodies when the little ones were younger. I actually saw yesterday that they brought out a selection box too, such a great idea. Some great ideas there for little ones to enjoy :) the animal biscuits look yummy and handy for trips out with a hungry toddler in tow xx

    • 2nd December 2016 / 8:45 am

      They’re so handy for on-the-go snacks yes! x

  6. 30th November 2016 / 7:22 pm

    These are fab, Boo loves them too. Like you I am a fan of the tomato ones. I love that they are a great snack for on the go and that there isn’t anything nasty in them!

    • 30th November 2016 / 7:30 pm

      They’re such a perfect travel snack aren’t they! x

  7. 30th November 2016 / 5:59 am

    The mini oaty bits looks wonderful. I remember us using these organix snacks with some of the kids and they loved it!

    • 30th November 2016 / 11:30 am

      I eat them too ha ha! x

  8. 30th November 2016 / 1:45 am

    These look like a great snack idea. I can see that younger children would love them! They look so cute!

    • 30th November 2016 / 11:31 am

      They’re so colourful too – the kids do love them :) x

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