When to stop using the Baby Monitor

Have you wondered when to stop using the Baby Monitor?

When to stop using the Baby Monitor

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We had a wonderful weekend staying with friends in the North. As we packed up to leave we accepted the inevitable that we would forget something.  We always do.

And we did – we forgot my 17 month old’s sun hat.  Not a huge drama – it’s a bit small for her anyway. Plus given the change in the UK weather, there probably won’t be much need for it. Plus she has others.

I thought I’d gotten off lightly until my friend texted me later to say we’d left behind the charger for the baby monitor.  Argh!  We do not have a spare (who does?) and she lives 2 hours away so panic set in.

Since my daughter, Miss M, was about 2 months old, the baby monitor became my survival mechanism.

It kept me sane throughout the night knowing I could see her and hear her at any given second.  Sorry, make that every second – slightly paranoid mother.

It allowed me to relax and watch her while I got ready and showered and let me judge by her sleepiness whether I had the chance to wash my hair or not!

In recent times it has continued to keep me relaxed at night, knowing I can constantly hear her little snores and singing to herself when she wakes up in the morning.

How’s it going without the baby monitor?

So how will we survive not having the monitor for a few days whilst my friend posts it to us?

Well I’m happy to say, so far so good.  Of course I’m sleeping on a knife’s edge because I’m so scared that I won’t hear her in the night if she needs me.  It turns out that she doesn’t really need me – she’s happy to sleep.  She woke up once last night as she has a cold and her wails were so loud I expect the neighbours were alerted too.

It’s been good for my confidence actually, knowing that I can just relax a bit without the monitor and knowing that our lives won’t crumble without the aid I have become so dependent on.

Now that said, I’ll be happy for it’s return!  Although I do feel more confident that she is getting to the age where we do not have to be quite so paranoid about her.  We’ll always be vigilant and check on her of course but we can probably afford to turn the volume on the monitor down a bit at the very least.

But not all the way down, because listening to Miss M hum ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ every morning seriously makes my day!

How about you – when did you stop using the baby monitor?  Or perhaps you never used one?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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