Where did you meet The One?

Where did you meet The One?

After I shared the story of how I met my husband recently, I asked you where did you meet The One and I was overwhelmed with your amazing stories of chance encounters, slow-burn love stories and overnight infatuations. I’m such a romantic!

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your beautiful stories of how you met The One with me – and now I’m sharing them all with you.

So grab a cuppa and get ready to ooh and aah at these lovely stories:

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“Oh Mim, I’m the luckiest girl!!! It’s only taken me 40 years to find my dream man….we were in the friend zone for 3 years before a random Facebook message a few weeks ago. Omg he’s already moved in and we’re planning to elope in Bali next year.”

Paula Harris

“My husband and I met in a Christian organisation that we joined in our early 20’s. The organisation is all over the world but each are operated independently. We just happened to get the one with a crazy narcissistic leader who ran the place as a cult. My husband and I worked closely together with other youth and became solid friends over the 3 years I was there. 2 weeks before I was leaving for good, back to my home country, he told me he had feelings for me. He had already left the cult a few months before me but lived locally. I felt like he was breaking the rules because the cult leader had say on when anyone wanted to date and didn’t know about this conversation. I had liked my husband a few months before but felt heartbroken when I thought he liked my friend so healed up and then decided never again. I told him that ship had sailed. But when I returned to my home country he kept in touch and pursued me relentlessly but not enough to be annoying. It took 3 months of woo-ing (phone calls and emails) but eventually I came around. 1 year and 2 months later we were married and I’ve lived in Australia ever since. We definitely bonded over being from large families, and understanding each other’s cult experiences. We now have one child and another on the way. (And live scarily close to cult location).

Jess at Peachy Keen Mumma

“I met my other half when I was dating someone else. I was 18 and at school, he was 37 and running a local clothes shop. I used to pop in on a Saturday, browse the shop and have a chat, sometimes we’d get coffee from the cafe. When my boyfriend and I split up a year later I went there to chat as I thought of him as a friend. Later he sent me a message (which I still have, ah the sentimentality!) to suggest we go out for a drink and a laugh to cheer me up. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t swayed by his age and bank balance! We ended up back at his place and the rest (as they say) is history. It turns out that despite the age gap we have lots in common. We were married when I was 26 and I’ll be 51 next month. (He will be 70 this year – oh how my teenage daughter and I tease him!)”

Naomi at Tattooed Mummy

“I met my husband at a rehearsal for a locally staged musical! I’ve been glamming it up on the stage for many years and fell for his amazing singing voice and sense of humour. Although I was poorly with tonsillitis and couldn’t sing for a couple of weeks after we first met, he first heard me sing during my audition – funnily enough, we were both given the leading roles of a couple who fell in love and got married!”

Steph at Mental Parentals

“My parents met in a really odd way – my mother is from Wales and married young and her husband was an architect and got a job in South Africa so they moved out there to a very small town – they went to Cape Town for a week as a break & she loved the city and wanted to move to somewhere more vibrant but he didn’t want too, as time went on it was clear they wanted different things so they decided to go their different ways while they were still young. When she went to see a divorce lawyer (my Dad) he waited until he whole divorce went through then asked her out (rather bold move) and they had been together for more than 30yrs before he died. So basically my Father literally divorced my mother than married her :)”

Laura at Side Street Style

“I met my husband when we were both being interviewed for the same teaching job! There are several elements to teaching interviews, often with down time in between, and we happened to get chatting in one of those slots. We were both under-qualified for the position, but fate must have been on our side. I got the job, while future-hubby was offered a different position at the school. Within three months we were dating, and six years later we have been married for over a year and have a five month old daughter.”

Jules at Pondering Parenthood

“We met on a chairlift. I had come to Chamonix in the French Alps for a holiday to see some friends, and he was friends with my friends, so we all went skiing together. While on the slopes I was freezing and not on a mood for chit chat. He tried to engage me in conversation. I gave quite short and curt responses and he though I was unnecessarily rude. We parted ways and I didn’t give a second thought to him. The same evening we met up with friends, started chatting at the bar, and spent the whole night drawn to each other. And as they say, the rest is history!”

Sanna at Wave to Mummy

“11 years ago I was a law student in my 2nd year at university. After watching ‘The Notebook’ the night before and swearing off men for the forseeable future (until I met my own Ryan Gosling) I sat down in my student living room to watch Desperate Housewives. Within minutes my twin sister had called me, from the court room whilst getting ready for a moot (mock trial), telling me she had forgotten the wine for the judge (really bad etiquette) and would I pop to Threshers and then walk over to deliver it. Of course I refused until she called me a further 3 times – then off I went! By the time I got there it was dark and late and I didn’t fancy walking home alone so I sat at the back of the court room sulking, waiting for it to be over.

In walked the judge. Boom! I was in love. His hair, his smile, his presence. I loved him. Everything about him. So did the blonde on the other side of the room so I decided I didn’t have a chance – plus, I thought he was a tutor not a student. As it turns out, he was a student and I did have a chance – we’ve been together since that evening and are now happily married with a child.”

Sarah at Arthur Wears

“I met my husband at a ballroom dancing class (several years before Strictly was on TV). He asked me if I’d done many dance classes before and I rather indignantly told him I was one of the demonstrators! We got to know each other through competing in acrobatic rock n roll with different dance partners who are now also married to each other.”

Louise at Little Hearts Big Love

“Handy Hubby and I bonded over the dishes when we worked at our local fish and chip shop. It turned out we grew up 500 metres down the road from each other and our mums did canteen duty together at the same primary school (small world, huh?!). That was just over 20 years ago and we still eat fish and chips (it’s our two kid’s favourite food!).”

Tash at Gift Grapevine

“When I was 13 I started going to a theatre group. I liked everyone there, except the son of the organisers, who was a proper teacher’s pet and would tell everyone to be quiet all the time, even when they weren’t talking. He had a go at me on my very first visit, and I got into my mum’s car at the end and said “They’re all lovely, except the leader’s son. He’s a (not very nice word!), I don’t want to see him again”. Ten years, six of which have been spent together, three years living together and one toddler later, I’m marrying him in 2 months!”

Maddy at The Speed Bump

“I met my Aussie husband online in the U.K. He was living in Stamford UK, and I had just moved back from Dubai. It was on a site called “My Single Friend” where your friend writes about you and why people should date you.

We had our first date in London where I nervously had edamame beans flying all over the place as I opened them. Clearly didn’t put him off as he proposed at top of Empire State Building at midnight 6 months later!”

Carrie at Flying with a Baby

“I met my husband in the foyer of a movie theatre. We had both bought tickets to see Juno at the cinemas but got there way too early and both sat down in the cafe to wait. My now husband made a terrible joke on the gigantic 80s style DJ headphones sticking out of my bag and we ended up chatting about David Bowie so long we missed the movie!”

Tory at Minted Rogue

“My husband and I met on holiday. I was 17 and with a friend and her parents and he was with his family. We first started chatting during a quiz and spent the week together. He lived on the south coast and I was in North Yorkshire with my parents (300 miles door to door). We did the long distance thing until I was in my second year at university and then he moved up to be with me. We’ve been together 15 and a half years and married for nine.”

Hannah at East Sussex Mummy

“My husband and I met at my work leaving party! We’d liked each other from afar for a while but never really been in the same place at the same time. He wasn’t sure whether he was going to come to the party – a real sliding doors moment as he decided to go down one street or the other. His friend said to ‘come for one’. We saw each other, I was a bit merry, sat down next to him, said ‘we’ve never really spoken properly, have we?’ The next thing I know we were having a cheeky kiss! The rest is history! ”

Jess from New Mumblings

“I met my hubby when my new housemate decided she wanted to throw a housewarming party for herself at my house. She invited 35 of her closest friends and siblings and I cooked dinner for everyone and because I didn’t know anyone I went to lay on my bed and watch Australia play in the Rugby World Cup. Her brother came to watch too…he’s now my husband and father to our 3 kids!”

Cathy at Life Through the Haze

“We were actually both working on Hayman Island (in the Whitsundays), him as a dishy and me as a public area’s cleaner, glamorous I know :) I actually went up there with my brother to work after six months on Hamilton Island. I had no friends really so I just hung out with my brothers friends all the time and Micka just happened to be one of them. We got on really well but didn’t really chat that much. Then one night we got chatting at the bar (as you do) we started being silly saying we will get married and have a life like princess Jasmine and Aladdin and we have pretty much been inseparable ever since. That night I saved his number in my phone as “Micka my husband” and it has stayed that way! It is crazy to think back to that night now that all of what we talked about has come true :) We have been on many adventures since then and I am sure there will be many more to come!”

Christie at Embraced Mummas

“I met my husband, Tim, at martial arts when I was 18 and he was 21. Initially, I had the higher rank, but he trained more often, so we graduated to black belt at the same time. A group of us would often go out after training. We started dating when we were both junior instructors, and got a lecture from our instructors that training must come first, and if we split up, we had to keep training. 5 years later we lived in Japan for a year and a half to train and learn more about the culture. When we returned to Australia in 2008 Tim started FunFit, Functional Fitness and Self-Defence Centre in Gordon where he still teaches kids and adults self defence and fitness.

Nicole at Practical Research Parenting

Where did you meet your partner or best friend? I’d love to hear your stories too!

Where did you meet 'The One'? lovefrommim.com How to meet The One How to find a Partner How to meet Someone How to find a Husband How to find a Wife



  1. RachelSwirl
    / 9:52 am

    Oh I love a real life love story! Loved reading this post x

    • Mim
      / 12:00 pm

      Oh thank you lovely! I love a love story too :) x

  2. Sarah - arthurwears
    / 12:15 am

    ahhh didn’t realised you’d published this – just found it in my moz links. Thanks for featuring me! :)

    • Mim
      / 9:33 am

      Ah my pleasure lovely, thank you for contributing! x

  3. Paula Harris
    / 4:16 pm

    Oh wow Mim, I’m feeling pretty spesh after reading your article. Hehehe apologies for blurting my heart out in my email….but I just want to shout it to the world!!!
    I’m one lucky girl :)

    • Mim
      / 5:51 pm

      I think it’s so lovely – a real love story! :)

  4. Cat@lifethroughthehaze
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    Love reading all of these stories xoxo

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