Win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack

Win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack

One more giveaway to celebrate my blog turning 3 year’s old! Here’s your chance to win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack!

Win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack - Winter Cold Treating a Cold Kids Cold Kids Health

Winter has arrived in Australia and along with that are the coughs and sniffles of a winter cold – from all the family!

My kids have both had colds already and we’ve been trying out some great Flo Baby Kids nasal sprays to help clear their blocked noses!

Win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack - Winter Cold Treating a Cold Kids Cold Kids Health

Since 2003, ENT Technologies Pty Ltd, who manufacture Flo Baby Kids, has led the way by providing the most innovative nasal and sinus irrigations in the Australian marketplace. ENT Technologies is committed to the latest advancements and technologies in developing effective formulations and easy delivery systems for managing a wide range of common nasal and sinus problems.

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Here’s your chance to win a Flo Baby Kids Winter Healthy Pack (for parents and kids!).

The pack, worth $75, contains:

  • 2 x Flo Kids Saline Nasal Sprays
  • 1 x Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray
  • 1 x Flo Saline Plus
  • 1 x Flo Soft Plush elephant
  • 1 x Flo Inflatable Elephant
  • 1 x Curash wipes
  • 1 x Flo Elephant mobile phone holder
  • 1 x Flo Tissues
  • 1 x Kids Goat Soap

This is such a lovely prize pack that will see you and your family through Winter and beyond.

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  2. Giveaway closes July 20th.
  3. Winner will be announced here on July 21st.
  4. Game of skill, most creative answer will win.


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  1. Trish W
    / 9:15 pm

    I’ve been terrified of my newborn catching a cold, and have been washing my hands religiously, using hand sanitiser and avoiding crowded places. Anything to keep him safe and comfortable ☺️ Flo Baby is also fantastic for keeping away the Melbourne winter nasties!

  2. Laura Scriven
    / 8:49 pm

    Hit the gym over winter time,
    You will stay fit and fine!
    No cold for me,
    So I’m very happy.

  3. Brigitte
    / 8:42 pm

    Eat mandarins x 1000

  4. John Mclean
    / 8:17 pm

    i would like to be a dad

  5. Lyndel Rowe
    / 2:50 pm

    my tip to help keep a cold away is to Embrace oil
    “I’ll use a few drops of lavender essential oil as a natural hand sanitizer on the go.

  6. Sheena Grey
    / 1:15 pm

    Stay away from kids they are walking germs! lol but seriously just keep your hands clean & try to avoid people who are sick

  7. cheryl m
    / 11:57 am

    i try look after my immune system by taking olive leaf extract and multivitamins

  8. Cathy Bowdler
    / 8:42 am

    Avoid crowds, eat lots of healthy fresh fruit and vegies to boost immune system, wash and dry your hands and teach your kids to do the same and give shopping trolley handles a wipe down before you use them.

  9. Benjamin Travia
    / 9:26 pm

    Enjoy the sunshine and (very) fresh air as much as possible. If it’s good enough for the healthy Scandinavians to let babies sleep outside in the cold (wrapped in their prams) then our mild winters are perfect for outdoor fun.

  10. Becky Downey
    / 1:08 pm

    Keep warm, wash your hands often, eat well and avoid ill people!

  11. Cate
    / 12:38 pm

    Teaching my son good hand washing skills with the hope that we keep germs at bay. Also encouraging him to cough into his elbow and to keep his hands away from his nose and mouth-easier said than done! :)

  12. Renee Ballantyne
    / 12:03 pm

    I eat an orange a day as vitamin c is a great deteren

  13. Nichole McKee
    / 9:30 am

    We keep the children’s diet high in vegetables in the lead up to cold season and keep it going with hearty stews, soups and casseroles. So far so good this season..if only they knew all the healthiness that Mummy hides in their meals hehehehe

  14. Cassy26
    / 8:13 am

    I use my Nutri Ninja daily in winter ( ok, all year round lol) but, it’s an amazing way to get lots of vitamins and antioxidants into my kids diets without any arguments – I also add a probiotic! Green juices sweetened with fruit or fruit smoothies with yoghurt and almond milk are winners in my house.

  15. Rebecca B
    / 6:44 am

    I try to avoid colds by just keeping myself well, eating lots of fruit and veggies, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly! It doesn’t always work but i’m trying!

  16. Leah
    / 1:43 am

    Using eucalyptus oil in washing, humidifier /air purifiier

  17. Eva Kiraly
    / 10:13 pm

    I believe it’s the sudden changes in temperature that make us sick as well as contagious people, keep healthy, dose up on Citrus and I think you’ll be sitting pretty!

  18. Kylie B
    / 10:03 pm

    Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, always wash your hands and drink kombucha daily.

  19. Chrissy Roberts
    / 9:50 pm

    I had a flu shot, also we all take one chewable tablet a day of Vitamin C, in winter I make sure we eat a lot of garlic too and citrus fruits. It seems to work.

  20. Sonya N.
    / 9:43 pm

    I teach my kids to sneeze into their elbows (NOT their hands!) but I know so many other people don’t do this so I always make sure we wash our hands before eating or touching our faces!

  21. Hellen
    / 9:41 pm

    Keep hydrated, keep warm, wash your hands and eat healthy

  22. Amanda G
    / 7:48 pm

    Eat lots of nourishing foods like veggies and fruits grown in the garden veggie patch! (especially lemons and garlic) Get the kids involved, they love helping to grow their own food and love eating it even more!

  23. Amy Ginis
    / 5:24 pm

    As soon as someone in the house can feel a cold coming on, i squeeze lemon juice into a glass and have them drink it straight down! It’s bitter, but works a charm!

  24. Melinda Bolitho
    / 8:18 am

    When winter comes along, the common cold is hard to beat.
    If we catch a flu we take it in our stride.
    We treat the symptoms till the blue feelings subside.
    FLO nasal spray is used help little ones breathe easy.
    Lots of tissues, hugs & bedtime chest rubs.
    A few days of extra care and we’re back on our feet!

  25. Emily Sanfead
    / 6:50 pm

    Keep rugged up when the cold air does hit,
    Ensuring the air is warm with a candle well lit.
    Socks on the feet and a jumper on the chest,
    A singlet may be needed to accompany a vest.
    Let the kiddies run wild to up the body heat,
    Or snuggle up in a blanket on a warm fuzzy seat.

  26. Sarah Blackaby
    / 9:13 pm

    Daily probiotics and a healthy and active lifestyle for my son and i

  27. Alicia Bardsley
    / 8:12 pm

    I’ve always found practising good hygiene eg washing hands regularly, works well.

  28. Ripeka Kittelty
    / 12:00 pm

    Fresh healthy diet and exersise.

  29. Leanne white
    / 1:33 pm

    Don’t Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs With Your Hands
    keep germs away from your family and friends. Viruses cling to your hands, so don’t use them to muffle your coughs and sneezes.
    When you feel one coming, use a tissue, then throw it away. If you don’t have one with you, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow.

  30. Sharon Markwell
    / 11:06 am

    Since I’ve avoided friends with the slightest sniffle and have been vigilant about washing hands as soon as I return from the shopping centre, I haven’t been a crook chook.

  31. Shannon Wotton
    / 7:41 pm

    Keep colds at bay from the inside out. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will stop those colds hanging about. Washing hands often is another great trick and most importantly stay away from people who are sick!

  32. Rosalie Bernacki
    / 1:12 pm

    Stay snug, dry and indoors on the wild windy and wet days. Stay hydrated and active. Lemon water is great for those young at heart x

  33. mikaela C
    / 9:13 pm

    An orange a day keeps a cold away!

  34. Amanda S
    / 7:44 pm

    Drop and run at school. I make washing hands the first thing to be done when my son gets back home.

  35. Debbie Moody
    / 12:05 pm

    Wash you hands as often as possible, I have wipes in my handbag just in case I can’t find anywhere to wash my hands.

  36. Elisabeth Martins
    / 12:22 am

    Making sure the kids are always rugged up, especially when going outside.
    Beanies, scarves and mittens help to do so.
    Don’t let them go out at night unless needed.

  37. Rebecca Drayton
    / 1:45 pm

    Keep clean.

  38. Sarah Armstrong
    / 3:47 pm

    Wash your hands and disinfect Keypboards and phones regulary at work

  39. Sheree Thorpe
    / 1:19 pm

    Don’t spread the germs…. cover ya mouth when coughing and sneezing… :D

  40. Christy
    / 4:08 pm

    Stay active, even when you feel rubbish – it ‘tricks’ your body into thinking it’s fine, and the blood flow helps speed up the healing process.

  41. Amanda
    / 6:46 am

    When a cold is thrown my way, I purposely DROP IT!
    I can thank my lack of co-ordination!

  42. julie
    / 12:24 am

    washing your hands often

  43. Jen G
    / 9:07 pm

    My 4 little ones love honey and lemon drink during winter. The vaporiser also helps a lot.
    My oldest daughter has asthma and gets worse over winter, but the flu shot has helped dull it down… The only problem is she has a needle phobia so it’s an effort to get it every year!!

  44. Gayle Vos
    / 12:50 pm

    Eat and drink well and the rest will follow including not getting sick in the winter months

  45. Charissa N
    / 10:05 am

    Take Olive Leaf Oil extract every day! The best immunity booster!

  46. Rebecca Conry
    / 8:24 am

    The best way to keep colds away is to create an exclusion zone around the baby permitting only the healthy and thoroughly scrubbed enter! This however is impractical so better we ensure we wash our hands as much as possible and when bub gets an inevitable winter sniffle, to use products like Flo Baby!

  47. Brenda
    / 7:19 am

    Healthy diet, plenty of fruit and veg..

  48. sapna
    / 7:50 pm

    Avoid crowded places , eat vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables and wash hands after you come back home from outside.

  49. carly
    / 5:56 pm

    i try to boost immune systems by adding more garlic and vitamin c to our diets

  50. Eva @ The Multitasking Woman
    / 11:49 am

    Actually, in our family we wear face masks wherever we go. We get strange looks but at least we won’t pick up other people nasty germs! Haha…just kidding!!!! Inevitably germs will always be spread from other people so we try to stay warm, eat healthy, keep up the fluids and always wash our hands. Hot chocolate always goes down a treat, too!

  51. Scott Crumlin
    / 6:50 pm

    Be juicy and enjoy a squeeze, be it orange juice or another you please, just so long as it’s full of Vitamin Cs!

  52. Kirsten W
    / 1:30 pm

    Stop running!

  53. Xzavia green
    / 10:59 am

    Eating healthy whole foods, washing hands and getting plenty of exercise!
    Even in winter it’s good to rug up and get outside in the fresh air. Staying inside with other sick people spreads germs.

  54. nicole larsen
    / 10:35 am

    A healthy well balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies

  55. sarah
    / 9:36 am

    Olive leaf extract is amazing. A spoonful a day is what I take during winter when there’s a lot of colds and sickness in the air.

  56. Ashley Beech
    / 9:31 am

    I love Flo products
    for a good nights sleep
    on those cold winter nights
    not a soul will peep


  57. Linda Courtney
    / 11:29 pm

    Eat healthy and practice good hygene

  58. jane gardam
    / 7:37 pm

    Washing your hands regularly and avoiding being around people with colds or flu. I also swear by eating heaps of garlic, I hardly get colds or flu.

  59. Teresa Clark
    / 4:16 pm

    Hand hygiene!! and teaching hygiene to my children.

  60. Kristy F
    / 7:46 pm

    In life you have to go with the flo but sometimes you get a runny and blocked nose. Cover you mouth when you cough and wash your hands when the sneezing stops and then get some flo to help get you back on the go.

  61. Claire Evans
    / 3:37 pm

    teach great handwashing from an early age.rub a dub dub

  62. Chont
    / 9:49 am

    Teaching our children the importance of washing hands after coughing or blowing their nose. Keep the kids rugged up and don’t send them to school to infect others if they are sick.

  63. jodie harvey
    / 1:15 am

    my children take multi vitamin tablets and were very big on hygiene, hand washing/sneezing and coughing into tissues and an endless supply of antibacterial spray and wipes!

  64. Kasey Evans
    / 3:08 pm

    Have vitamin C tablets regularly.

  65. Lisa
    / 12:48 pm

    Run faster! No in all seriousness, teaching kids good hygiene. Hand washing, cough and nose blowing etiquette and looking after yourself when you start to feel run down all play a huge part in keeping and staying healthy. When all else fails, there’s Flo Baby! :)

  66. Kathryn
    / 8:00 am

    Wash your hands regularly and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with plenty of vitamin C ????

  67. Anthea Cornish
    / 11:21 pm

    A great pack for kids
    Thanks Flo Baby and Love from mim
    To help with winter
    A great treat

  68. Deborah Bolam
    / 9:21 pm

    My tip would be to teach the kids from a early age to wash their hands and cover their mouths when the cough

  69. Catherine
    / 8:14 pm

    Best tip for avoiding a cold it’s lots of good nutritious (and comforting) food, plenty of rest, practicing good hygiene especially when around large groups. If the unfortunate happens, grab some flo saline spray to minimise the impact of a sniffly nose.

  70. Karina L
    / 5:50 pm

    Stay away from daycare. It’s a haven for germs!

  71. Ern
    / 3:43 pm

    Consume lots of garlic & start each day with a glass of warm water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Works a treat.

  72. Sonya N.
    / 3:07 pm

    Simply avoid closed spaces and coughing children!

  73. Bridget
    / 11:25 am

    Take it easy and if you feel the start of a cold take time out to rest and recover. Don’t try and be a hero and power on – this will only make it last longer and 10 x worse!

  74. Monique
    / 11:00 am

    Teaching little kids about germs and hygiene!! Which is pretty hard when you have a toddler who thinks its the most exciting thing in the world to taste everyone else’s dink bottle hehe ;)

  75. Toni C
    / 10:37 am

    Saline spray! Hooray! You get excited about the strangest things when you become a mum ???? Thanks for another awesome comp

  76. Mary
    / 10:28 am

    This would be ideal for keeping sniffles and ills away.

  77. Mandi Smith
    / 8:34 am

    my best tip would have to be wash your hands often, and get plenty of sleep

  78. jody buhagiar
    / 7:23 am

    Washing hands regularly is the plan
    Keeping the flu away, making a stand!
    Hate being sick and always in bed
    stuffy nose and fuzzy head!
    Definitely my number 1 tip
    washing, wipes and lots of water
    to sip :D

  79. Paula Harris
    / 7:09 am

    I’ve had a flu shot for the last 4 years and have gone from having bronchitis or pneumonia each year to not so much as a sniffle. Happy, healthy days :)

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