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8 BEST Ways How To Get More Traffic On Etsy + FREE CLASS!

Want to know the best ways how to get more traffic on Etsy without spending money on ads? I have you covered.

Of course, we would LOVE to just set up our new Etsy shop and have customers chomping at the bit to buy from us – but that isn’t often the case. We need traffic – the right traffic.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve had your Etsy shop for a while, these tips are for YOU.

We hear how important is it to grow our audience but that doesn’t mean we have to spend a fortune on paid ads. These include Etsy ads, Facebook, Google and more.

Etsy Shopping

8 Ways How To Get Traffic On Etsy

Here are eight free things for you to try if you’ve been looking for how to increase Etsy traffic to your shop:

1. Master the power of SEO and Keywords

If you’ve never heard of ‘SEO’, or ‘keywords’ before, let me explain. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is what determines where your products show up in search results.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn about Etsy SEO and how you can use it to your advantage – because without this knowledge, it’s likely your shop and products won’t be found in Etsy search results. Or they’ll be waaaaaay down at the bottom.

A ‘keyword’ can be made up of any number of words, not just one. e.g.: “stickers”, “planner stickers”, “pink cat printable planner stickers” – these are all keywords.

When a customer types a keyword into the Etsy search bar, Etsy fetches back a list of the most relevant products to the search. So we need our listings to contain the keywords that customers are searching for.

I go into a LOT more detail about SEO, keywords and how to use them in my course, Sticker Shop 101.

2. Build an email list!

Put together, with their consent, an email list so that you can email existing and potential customers each month with changes in your store, special offers and new products.

Remember, your social media accounts can be lost or closed down at any point – so don’t rely on traffic from your social media posts alone.

Always try to find a way to connect directly with your customers and communicate with them directly to their inbox.

3. Collaborate with other shops

Can you team up with other shops to get your Etsy shop in front of their customers or social media followers. Perhaps you can send them some samples of your products so they can add these in as bonus freebies in their orders. Or you might collaborate on a joint offer or giveaway that asks participants to visit your shop or join your email list.

This can be a great idea for how to boost Etsy traffic with brand new customers!

4. Share something valuable!

If all of your social media posts or emails are about promoting your products, this can be boring to your current and potential customers. Switch up your content and share more value.

It might be some quick tips, new ways to use your products and get more out of them, a behind-the-scenes story and more.

5. Start your own community

On the subject of content, perhaps you could start your own community on Facebook. Again, don’t feel that ALL shops need to have a VIP group or community – only do this is you feel the group can really add value to the lives of the people who join. No-one wants just another FB group or one that only ever promotes products.

But think about how you can create a buzzing, interacting community that could also give you ideas for how to drive traffic to your Etsy shop too.

6. Encourage your existing customers to come back

When I used to sell printed planner stickers, I would often include a little freebie sticker sheet in with each of my orders as a ‘thank you’. This is a lovely way to encourage my customers to come back again – and they did!

You can also encourage your existing customers to add your Etsy store to their Favourites list and to keep checking back to see what’s new.

Or you can create a ‘Thank You’ coupon promotion in Etsy that automatically sends them a discount code when they place an order that they can use on a future order. Give this a try!

7. Get referrals from others 

Over time, as the word spreads about your new shop and range, your customers will start to recommend you to their friends and in groups.

While it takes some time for referrals like this to build up, you can encourage your customers to help promote you by asking them – and perhaps offering them an incentive like a discount code for them and their friends.

8. Focus on the right traffic only

It’s really important to bear in mind that the traffic you’re sending to your Etsy shop is made up of the right people – this isn’t just a numbers game! Make sure that the people you’re targeting are looking for products like yours so that there’s a stronger chance that the traffic will convert to sales. An Etsy store that has high traffic and low sales isn’t going to pay the bills!

I hope my tips on how to get Etsy traffic to your shop have helped you.

Comment below and let me know what your biggest traffic source is for your Etsy shop.

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